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Podnapisi :: House of Flying Daggers

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film House of Flying Daggers v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 12.824 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{739}{770}CHINA 859 A.D.
{776}{812}After 241 years of prosperity,
{818}{882}the Tang Dynasty is in decline.
{888}{948}The Emperor is weak and incompetent.
{954}{1003}His government, crippled by corruption,
{1009}{1057}no longer controls the land.
{1063}{1110}Unrest sweeps the country.
{1116}{1152}Village by village,
{1158}{1203}an underground alliance forms...
{1209}{1253}'The House of Flying Daggers'.
{1259}{1301}Based in Feng Tian County,|near the lmperial Capital,
{1307}{1356}The House Of Flying Daggers|moves in the shadows,
{1362}{1403}Stealing From the rich to give to the poor,
{1409}{1448}they earn the support and|admiration of the people.
{1454}{1493}At the same time,|they are feared and hated
{1499}{1535}by their bitter rivals...
{1541}{1609}the local deputies,
{1929}{1981}Captain Leo, Captain Jin.
{1987}{2054}We're heading out on patrol.
{2298}{2331}We're going to be busy again.
{2389}{2442}The Provincial Office|has given us ten days
{2448}{2498}to catch the new leader|of the 'Fl


{25}{65}Thank you for all you've done for me.
{10837}{10862}It's you.
{15735}{15830}You said the wind could not stop.
{15849}{15937}A playful wind stops at will.
{16018}{16047}You shouldn't have come back.
{16085}{16122}I came back,
{16179}{16211}for you.
{18039}{18092}Mei, you're back.
{18435}{18492}Who will believe|the madam of Peony Pavilion
{18498}{18545}is the leader of the Flying Daggers!
{18574}{18649}I behaved badly that day.|Please forgive me.
{18655}{18758}Did I look like a real madam?
{18766}{18831}Very much so.
{18952}{19000}What do you think of Mei?
{19032}{19087}What do you mean?
{19142}{19245}I mean her personality, of course.
{19292}{19348}She's passionate.
{19383}{19420}Go on.
{19451}{19523}She may be blind, but she's very bright.
{19593}{19655}Hardly anyone can match her.
{19665}{19723}Not even I.
{19804}{19880}Do you care for her?
{19888}{19950}You are asking...?
{19956}{20003}A man and a girl traveling all alone,

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