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Podnapisi :: I Am Sam (15)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film I Am Sam v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 40.851 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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I Am Sam.cd1.txt

{2631}{2720}Decaf double tall|nonfat capp for Bruce.
{2747}{2782}You got it, buddy.
{2785}{2851}That's a wonderful choice,|Bruce.
{2853}{2923}Thank you, Sam. Take care.|It certainly is.
{2926}{3033}One Caramel Macchiato.|It's very hot.
{3036}{3080}Good morning.
{3081}{3126}Vanilla grande no-foam latte.
{3128}{3167}That's a wonderful choice.
{3170}{3220}Thanks, Sam.|Yeah.
{3255}{3307}Hey, Sam. They called.|It's time for you to go.
{3309}{3369}Oh, yeah, it's time.
{3372}{3393}It's time, buddy.
{3396}{3492}It's time for me to go now.
{3493}{3560}It's time for me to go now,|George!
{3563}{3589}Good luck.
{3591}{3646}It's time.
{3735}{3763}It's time now.
{4013}{4099}Hurry up. The first floor|is two more floors.
{4102}{4157}Hurry up.
{4160}{4240}The second floor...|one more floor.
{4242}{4328}I have to go to Room 324|on the third floor.
{4490}{4531}You the one responsible|for this?
{4534}{4568}I'm sorry.
{4569}{4624}Too late for sorries

I Am Sam.cd2.txt

{8}{107}Let me make sure|that I'm clear here.
{108}{159}Are you telling me|neither of you...
{161}{196}...wants custody of your child?
{197}{255}Well, he has created a monster.
{257}{296}He is exactly like him.
{298}{364}Here we go again.|It's the same old story.
{365}{416}The tears and the tears.
{419}{475}Oh, my God.|Are you really...
{477}{512}You cannot stand emotion.
{514}{577}I'm right here with you.|Excuse me.
{607}{642}I'm sorry.
{645}{745}Hi! Did you get in touch|with your friend?
{746}{807}Because I need legal advice now.
{834}{875}You said|I couldn't afford you...
{876}{930} I have to talk to somebody.
{1074}{1188}That's why I told you|I would be your lawyer pro bono.
{1191}{1303}I don't understand|exactly what you mean.
{1304}{1365}You told me|that you would be my lawyer?
{1366}{1393}Sam, I'm your...
{1394}{1464}Golly, because|I must have misunderstood.
{1465}{1514}I told you that|when we first met.
{1516}{1582}You said|you would be my lawyer?

I Am Sam.cd3.txt

{11}{124}Ya, I look up to myself as a father.
{126}{250}Mr. Dawson, you have|the capacity of a 7-year-old.
{252}{316}What makes you think you have|the ability to be a father?
{318}{355}Your background, your IQ...
{357}{398}...your friends|who can't even testify...
{400}{458}Objection.|Compound questions.
{502}{548}They love Lucy, see.
{550}{632}Even if Rita didn't think|they were smart enough...
{634}{701} testify, they love Lucy.
{703}{764}Yeah. I love Lucy.
{766}{832}Even if Rita thought|you'd wipe the floor with them.
{834}{896}Mr. Dawson,|your lawyer just objected.
{898}{954}You didn't have to answer|that question.
{956}{983}You can't even follow|simple rules...
{985}{1026}'ve been observing|day after day.
{1028}{1079}Objection. Your Honor...|Overruled.
{1081}{1164}What makes you think|you can raise a 7-year-old?
{1166}{1207}A 10-year-old? A 13-year-old?
{1209}{1245}You know what that means?
{1247}{1338}She'll be six years|more a

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