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Podnapisi :: If You Were Me.2003.DVDRip.BiFOS

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film If You Were Me.2003.DVDRip.BiFOS v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 18.158 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 3

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1}{72}/SubEdit b.3918 (
{1901}{1929}Lee Sun young?|Yes
{1944}{1968}Lee Cho long.|Yes.
{1989}{2024}Shin Young hwa?|Yes...
{2042}{2126}Song Eun mee? ls Eun mee here?|No.
{2146}{2193}Kang Min ji!|Yes.
{2222}{2263}You got eyelid surgery?
{2317}{2367}Looks great!|Where'd you get it done?
{2434}{2474}Next, Yoon Ah young?|Yes.
{2505}{2532}Did l forget anyone?
{2575}{2610}Straighten out your desks.
{2694}{2749}Who's this?|Teacher!
{2778}{2853}Song Eun mee?|l'm sorry, the traffic was bad...
{2887}{2909}Are you really Eun mee?
{2948}{2973}l couldn't recognize you!
{2982}{3035}What happened?|How many kilos did you lose?
{3058}{3084}Okay, quiet down.
{3124}{3171}Up until you graduate
{3178}{3241}studying for work certificates|is important.
{3250}{3302}But to be realistic, other|things are more important.
{3334}{3420}The first is body care.|The second is also body care.
{3464}{3558}Always look in the mirror|and groom yourselves,
{3567}{3607}and you'll


{1}{72}/SubEdit b.3918 (
{326}{376}What's wrong with this?|lt's not working.
{395}{479}Did you charge the batteries?|Of course!
{499}{554}Let me see.|You still got the lid on.
{611}{650}Speak low, why don't you.
{673}{722}Where's our Jong woo?|Over there.
{732}{762}Where?|There! There!
{775}{900}Who does he take after|to be so handsome?
{912}{942}You, l guess.
{1090}{1150}What's he saying?|He's got great pronunciation.
{1184}{1224}Sure, it's his native language.
{2088}{2150}That guy! lsn't our son great?
{2167}{2233}l think l'm going to cry. Honey,|you filming all of this?
{2242}{2287}Don't worry, l'm getting it all.
{2299}{2399}See, it's good we sent him here.|And you said it was too expensive.
{2408}{2436}Did l?
{2452}{2504}What, you don't remember?|No.
{2609}{2650}Don't touch. lt'll be shaken.
{2793}{2919}TONGUE TlE
{3332}{3435}You look like a strong boy.|Watching White Dog?
{3455}{3526}lsn't it cute? You're cute, too.
{3541}{3568}Want t

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