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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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In America (ENG).sub

{764}{836}There are some things|you should wish for...
{856}{912}and some things you shouldn't.
{1006}{1084}That's what my little brother|Frankie told me.
{1206}{1268}He told me I only had just three wishes.
{1327}{1377}And I looked in his eyes.
{1413}{1461}And I don't know why I believed him.
{2379}{2480}-Remember, we're on holiday, all right?|-Knock it off, Christy, love.
{2508}{2587}All those with U.S. passports,|use the two left lanes.
{2761}{2847}-Passports, please.|-We're on holidays!
{2868}{2955}-Are you, little girl?|-Yes. And my dad's not working.
{3289}{3337}What are your purposes|in visiting the U.S.?
{3339}{3364}We're on holidays.
{3366}{3431}-How long have you been in Canada?|-Just visiting.
{3433}{3473}Listening to my mom and dad...
{3475}{3524}We got the car in Canada.
{3526}{3609}...l was scared we weren't gonna|get across the border.
{3624}{3739}And if I didn't talk to Frankie,|how were we going to get into America?
{3793}{3868}'"Please, Frankie. Please.

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 In America

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