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Podnapisi :: Insomnia

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Insomnia v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.328 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Insomnia Part

{3265}{3346}{y:i}This is Walter.|{y:i}Leave a message, wait for the beep.
{3350}{3434}{y:i}Will, you there?|{y:i}Where else can you go in that state?
{3439}{3490}{y:i}You must've been freezing.
{3495}{3606}{y:i}If you want, take a shower.|{y:i}There are clean towels in the bathroom.
{3756}{3835}{y:i}This is Walter.|{y:i}Leave a message, wait for the beep.
{3840}{3943}{y:i}Will, pick up.|"I'm not dumb enough to come back"--
{3947}{4013}-WaIter Finch.|-"Will."
{4017}{4068}{y:i}Will Dormer, what are you doing?
{4072}{4160}{y:i}I try to help and you're running|{y:i}around like a maniac.
{4164}{4247}{y:i}Were you gonna kill me?|{y:i}How would you explain that?
{4251}{4379}No one gets too upset when chiId|murderers are brought in feet first.
{4383}{4487}{y:i}There's no evidence I killed Kay.|{y:i}You know because I told you.
{4492}{4590}-"Come on. What's wrong with you?"|-Guess I'm a IittIe cranky.
{4595}{4658}-Lack of sIeep.|-"Get some rest, will you?"

Insomnia Part

{6080}{6135}There's just nothing down there.
{6140}{6219}I haven't seen a buiIding|in, Iike, 20 minutes.
{6234}{6309}-Look at that.|-We're not on vacation, Hap.
{6315}{6365}Cheer up, wiII you?
{6370}{6418}TeII that to her, partner.
{6435}{6510}Better hang on, guys.|It's gonna get rough.
{7373}{7432}Detective Eckhart,|Detective EIIie Burr.
{7436}{7478}-Hi.|-Nice to meet you.
{7482}{7515}How are you doing?
{7519}{7589}'HaIibut fishing capitaI|of the worId.' Okay.
{7604}{7674}Detective Dormer,|it's an honor to meet you.
{7678}{7756}WeIcome to Nightmute.|I got the car right here.
{8065}{8143}It's so incredibIe|to be working with you.
{8147}{8265}I've foIIowed aII of your cases:|Theodore DineIi, Frank Prud'homme...
{8270}{8404}...the Ocean Park shootings and|especiaIIy the LeIand Street murders.
{8409}{8513}Is that where RonaId LangIey cut you,|at 325 LeIand Street?
{8517}{8558}You did your homework.
{8562}{8655}The LeIand Street murders was|my case study at the academy.

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 Insomnia (2002)

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