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Podnapisi :: Into the Blue

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Into the Blue v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.024 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Into the Blue.cd1.txt

{1708}{1766}Stay on the beacon!|Manolo, we lost the beacon.
{1770}{1816}My God! My God!
{1841}{1891}What's our heading?|I don't know.
{1895}{1936}We lost all navigation.
{1960}{2009}Pull the nose up!|I can't!
{4994}{5045}Come on, pool is closed, everyone.|Out of the water.
{5049}{5087}Stow that gear and get out of here.
{5091}{5186}Get these divers out of the water.|Let's go, let's go. Come on, back here.
{5190}{5242}Taking too long.|Watch your step. Here you go.
{5246}{5310}Assholes and elbows, that's all.|You all right?
{5314}{5393}Where's that fat guy's weight belt?|That's coming out of your pay, Jared.
{5398}{5436}Would you shut up for two seconds?
{5440}{5499}If I wanted that kind of lip,|I'd drop my fly. Let's go.
{5503}{5572}What about my weight belt?|Those are 60 bucks a pop.
{5576}{5624}You want me to take that out|of your paycheck?
{5628}{5689}I'll tell you what, Bob.|I got him in, you get him out.
{5861}{5952}Here at the Atlantis, we have the|largest marine habitat in

Into the Blue.cd2.txt

{68}{156}Okay, let's gather around here.|You wanna stay away from the ropes.
{160}{229}Now, you guys know what these are?|No.
{233}{272}They're called "mailboxes."
{382}{420}Hit it.
{424}{453}Now, watch this.
{473}{553}We use the mailboxes to deflect|the prop wash, right?
{558}{672}To blow away sand and debris|so we can find sunken ships.
{676}{748}All right? Now... Hey.|Oh, my God, what is that?
{753}{800}What is that?|It's a pirate.
{804}{840}It's a pirate.|It's a pirate.
{844}{892}What does he have?|Treasure.
{944}{977}There we go.
{996}{1045}Yeah, enough chocolate|for everybody.
{1074}{1139}Like I told you,|I'm not a treasure hunter, I'm a...?
{1143}{1222}Treasure finder.|Finder! Yeah.
{1226}{1290}Bye, pirates.|Bye.
{1324}{1404}Bye. Thank you.|Hey, absolutely. lt was a blast.
{1408}{1473}I hope you guys come back.|Thank you.
{1487}{1555}See you guys later.|Bye.
{1559}{1589}Have fun back at school.
{1622}{1696}Hey, Jared. What's up, man?

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