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Podnapisi :: Jarhead

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Jarhead v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 33.783 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{645}{671}A story.
{700}{761}A man fires a rifle|for many years...
{785}{819}...and he goes to war.
{844}{916}And afterward, he turns the rifle in|at the armory...
{925}{987}...and he believes|he's finished with the rifle.
{1016}{1088}But no matter what else|he might do with his hands...
{1099}{1164} a woman, build a house...
{1195}{1242}...change his son's diaper...
{1260}{1304}...his hands remember the rifle.
{1333}{1452}You are no longer black,|or brown, or yellow or red!
{1472}{1518}You are now green!
{1520}{1606}You are light green|or dark green!
{1610}{1658}Do you understand?
{1664}{1696}Sir, yes, sir!
{1738}{1763}Sir, yes, sir!
{1769}{1834}You the maggot whose father|served in Vietnam?
{1835}{1860}Sir, yes, sir!
{1862}{1933}Outstanding!|Did he have the balls to die there?
{1934}{1960}Sir, no, sir!
{1962}{2028}Too fucking bad!|He ever talk about it?
{2035}{2118}Sir, only once, sir!|Good! Then he wasn't lying!
{2149}{2215}Are you eyeballing


{8}{78}I'm not going to the other side|of this camp for my morning glory.
{108}{145}Stick that fucker back in there.
{327}{361}I'm waiting.
{548}{595}I left you a little gift in there.
{596}{650}Not too hard, not too soft.
{721}{759}Thank you, sir.
{768}{810}Happy holidays, Private.
{2165}{2217}How many is that, Cortez?|Twenty-six in a row.
{2218}{2267}What would you say if I told you|I was gonna kill you...
{2269}{2294}...for fucking me over like that?
{2296}{2329}I already told you,|it was an accident.
{2331}{2357}An accident.
{2372}{2419}Right.|Like when this trigger slips.
{2454}{2505}Of course, your nice little|mom and dad are where?
{2520}{2570}Cottonwood Falls.|Cottonwood Falls. They'll be sad.
{2572}{2626}They won't have their little boy to|send fucking cookies to.
{2628}{2664}I'll say it was|an accidental discharge.
{2665}{2705}I might even spend so

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