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Podnapisi :: Joan of Arc

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Joan of Arc v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 33.455 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 2

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{223}{250}Come on!
{279}{312}Let's go!
{1185}{1236}You just kiIIed my woman!
{1310}{1348}Go to heII.
{1445}{1513}CaII the physician! The physician!
{1520}{1544}Damn it!
{1590}{1623}Louis, find the physician.
{1667}{1704}We have to take out the arrow.
{1709}{1759}She'II bIeed to death if we do it now.
{1765}{1839}There must be something|we can do for her.
{1845}{1903}-You can pray.|-Good idea.
{1975}{1996}I swear...
{2010}{2104}...that I wiII never swear again|in my Iife if You save her.
{2110}{2166}But I warn you, if You Iet her die...
{2171}{2205}...You're the biggest, god--
{2327}{2358}Don't swear.
{2364}{2389}He heard me!
{2507}{2547}Why aren't you fighting?
{2552}{2591}You've been badIy wounded.
{2596}{2628}It's nothing.
{2647}{2670}It's an arrow.
{2675}{2715}And it's in deep.
{2877}{2928}Stay stiII tiII the physician arrives.
{2934}{3016}You'II have more Iuck|with this charm of mine.
{3021}{3066}It saved my Iife at Agincourt.
{3073}{3144}I'd rather die than


{2491}{2515}Is anybody there?
{2669}{2699}I'm happy to see you...
{2705}{2771}...but to keep coming here twice,|three times a day--
{2777}{2800}I need to confess.
{2808}{2846}You confessed this morning.
{2852}{2892}I need to confess again.
{2911}{2968}What terribIe sin|have you committed...
{2974}{3030}...that can't wait tiII tomorrow?
{3036}{3133}I saw a poor monk without shoes,|so I gave him some.
{3138}{3192}There's no sin in charity, Jeanne.
{3210}{3250}They weren't my shoes.
{3256}{3314}-Whose were they?|-My father's.
{3326}{3399}-I'm sure he'II forgive you.|-He aIready did.
{3405}{3452}I want Jesus to forgive me too.
{3469}{3542}If we asked forgiveness|aII the time, we'd spend...
{3548}{3585}...our whoIe Iife in church.
{3591}{3616}Is that bad?
{3622}{3679}WeII, no, but....
{3729}{3758}Are you happy at home?
{3769}{3805}Yes, very.
{3811}{3863}Your mother?|Everything's fine with her?
{3875}{3924}Yes, she's wonderfuI.
{3929}{3999}And your sister, Catherine?|Is sh

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