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Podnapisi :: King Kong

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film King Kong v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 25.805 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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King Kong.cd1.txt

{2903}{2930}Move along.
{4485}{4555}That's a funny one.|Isn't that funnier?
{4557}{4586}It's hysterical, Manny.
{4588}{4622}As long as we're laughing...
{4623}{4658}...we won't cry|over the box office.
{4659}{4697}Talk about depressing.
{4699}{4784}Twenty girls in feather boas|prancing around like circus ponies.
{4786}{4822}That's depressing.
{4824}{4880}I love a good chorus line.
{4929}{4990}What's this?|It's a play.
{4992}{5028}Who wrote it, Annie?
{5030}{5073}Some guy. Driscoll.
{5115}{5160}From the Federal Theatre.
{5162}{5242}Don't knock it, honey. At|least they got an audience.
{5258}{5329}It'll pick up.|Isn't that right, Manny?
{5418}{5454}It always does.
{5476}{5502}See you tomorrow.
{5504}{5602}The trick is to start to build|right from the back of your throat.
{5643}{5691}Works well|out through the nose, too.
{5693}{5736}Have you eaten today?
{5768}{5823}I'm not hungry.|Don't worry about me.

King Kong.cd2.txt

{2}{20}She's gone!
{288}{330}Carl, what is it?
{489}{526}You saw something.
{701}{769}You can take Hayes and 15 others.
{785}{852}I'll put a guard on the gate|until you return.
{852}{912}The rest of you|stay with the ship.
{984}{1021}Not you, Jimmy.
{1024}{1075}Come on, Mr. Hayes.|Look at them.
{1076}{1119}None of them knows|which way to point a gun.
{1120}{1152}Stay here.
{1164}{1224}Miss Darrow needs me!|No!
{1340}{1397}Bring the tripod and all of the film stock.
{1399}{1443}You wanna go with the 6-inch lens?
{1468}{1526}The wide-angle will do just fine.
{1671}{1741}You got guns. You got food.|You got the ammo.
{1753}{1796}And you got 24 hours!
{1807}{1841}24 hours?
{1847}{1899}This time tomorrow,|we haul anchor.
{2461}{2498}Miss Darrow!
{2664}{2697}Miss Darrow!
{2911}{2945}Miss Darrow!
{3065}{3099}Miss Darrow!
{5497}{5550}Ann!|Miss Darrow!
{6920}{6977}Christ,|it's a bleeding boneyard

King Kong.cd3.txt

{4111}{4148}It's beautiful.
{6238}{6258}Thank God.
{6260}{6313}Don't thank God.|Thank Mr. Baxter.
{6315}{6362}He insisted on a rescue mission.
{6394}{6477}Me? I knew you'd be okay.
{6509}{6563}That's the thing|about cockroaches.
{6565}{6647}No matter how many times you|flush them down the toilet...
{6649}{6708}...they always crawl|back up the bowl.
{6731}{6799}Hey, buddy?|I'm out of the bowl.
{6818}{6881}I'm dryin' off my wings|and trekkin' across the lid.
{7137}{7222}Don't be a fool!|Give it up. It's useless!
{7255}{7288}She's dead.
{7355}{7393}She's not dead.
{7486}{7540}Jack's gonna bring her back...
{7563}{7625}...and the ape will be|hard on his heels.
{7642}{7703}We can still|come out of this thing okay.
{7766}{7803}More than okay.
{7833}{7870}Think about it.
{7872}{7940}You got a boat full of chloroform|we could put to good use.
{7962}{8008}You wanna trap the ape?
{8172}{8211}I do

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