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Podnapisi :: La Femme Nikita - Season 2 episodes 01-11

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film La Femme Nikita - Season 2 episodes 01-11 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 100.821 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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2x01 Hard Landing.eng.txt

{574}{600}Michael, we're armed.
{602}{680}- Get him out of there now.|- It's not the mission profile.
{682}{721}Nikita's in there!
{1078}{1110}He's ready.
{1523}{1571}Just like that. You got it?
{2061}{2097}are you ready?
{2135}{2168}Second set.
{2546}{2590}Keep still. Don't move.
{2617}{2657}You broke his leg.
{2691}{2723}I'm sorry.
{2891}{2962}- He's still out of sync.|- Out of sync? He's out of control.
{2963}{3048}That stunt he pulled in Liberia|could have gotten everybody killed.
{3050}{3149}- Now he's beating up our recruits.|- He's still not over Nikita.
{3175}{3242}- So he's taking it out on us.|- No, not on us.
{3304}{3381}It's been over six months.|He's got to let it go.
{3393}{3432}What if he can't?
{3447}{3489}He got over Simone.
{3502}{3547}He can get over Nikita.
{6452}{6526}Nikita 2x01 "Hard Landing"|Subtitles subXpacio
{6530}{6581}There has been|a barrage of terrorist attacks...
{6582}{6621}perpetrated by the Freedom League.

2x02 Spec Ops.eng.txt

{1167}{1199}Her strength is returning.
{1201}{1271}Yes. Not that she ever seemed|what you would call weak.
{1285}{1350}- I'll set up a program.|- No.
{1383}{1411}She's ready.
{1421}{1519}Yes, but we've decided|to let Jurgen handle it.
{1561}{1624}- Why?|- You're the one who brought her out.
{1629}{1677}You're too close to the situation.
{1682}{1727}We need complete objectivity.
{1862}{1963}You're familiar with the case history|of an agent named Nikita?
{1971}{2007}I just got the file.
{2013}{2089}About six months ago|she was placed in abeyance...
{2115}{2180}and sent on a mission|against the Freedom League.
{2190}{2244}At first we thought she was dead.
{2255}{2326}Then we received word|that she'd been taken prisoner.
{2335}{2389}You think she cooperated with the League.
{2404}{2448}That's what we want you to tell us.
{2456}{2559}I want a complete evaluation.|Physical, psychological, and emotional.
{2566}{2613}- She's mine.|- You own her.
{2617}{2690}Find out the truth. You have one week.

2x03 Third Person.eng.txt

{606}{644}Hold up, Nikita.
{672}{724}Why did you shoot the driver?
{728}{767}He was a hostile.
{788}{856}- How did you know?|- It had to be somebody on the grid.
{863}{912}Everyone else cleared.
{914}{980}So you made an indirect conclusion?
{991}{1026}There was no time.
{1028}{1085}That's because you took too long.
{1107}{1150}What? So I was wrong?
{1221}{1279}You got lucky. Again.
{1290}{1325}Sim resumed.
{1558}{1635}- Why is she still in retrain?|- We're not done yet.
{1643}{1677}She's ready.
{1724}{1802}She's been ready since day one,|hasn't she, Michael?
{1989}{2052}I don't know what you're talking about.
{2199}{2235}Sim completed.
{4682}{4761}Nikita 2x03 "Third Person"|Subtitles subXpacio
{5195}{5260}Why am I losing sync on 218?
{5273}{5302}Hold on.
{5518}{5564}Did Jurgen say anything about us?
{5593}{5645}We're insulated for another minute.
{5647}{5712}Did he ask any questions?|Anythi

2x04 Approaching Zero.eng.txt

{658}{701}Something's bothering me.
{719}{752}What's that?
{781}{824}Your past.
{852}{898}Your life before Section.
{918}{984}Michael said|what you told me wasn't true.
{1013}{1112}That you were dangerous before,|and you still are now.
{1165}{1217}- What do you think?|- I don't know.
{1219}{1267}That's why I'm asking you.
{1296}{1377}There's nothing I can do or say|to prove to you...
{1378}{1427}who I was or who I am.
{1436}{1496}I guess you have to ask yourself...
{1566}{1623}why would either of us lie to you?
{1799}{1870}Maybe you both|just want something from me.
{1968}{2058}I know you were not a hostage...
{2059}{2107}for the six months you were out.
{2133}{2226}I also know that Michael|had something to do with your return.
{2243}{2347}That alone is enough to extort anything...
{2360}{2431}I would want from you or him.
{2552}{2584}Excuse me.
{2904}{2938}I was in the area.
{2939}{3021}I thought I'd drop in|to see how things were going.
{3079}{3111}It's good.

2x05 New Regime.eng.txt

{109}{201}Our sources report the development|of a new strain of nerve gas called R-1.
{202}{295}It kills in seconds, has a shelf life|three times that of its nearest competitor.
{297}{375}All prototypes of the gas|must be destroyed.
{382}{440}- What's the location?|- We don't know.
{444}{511}We do know it's being funded|by a hostile country...
{520}{591}through bank accounts maintained|at an embassy in Brussels.
{606}{637}We'll infiltrate the embassy...
{639}{730}and identify the names of the scientists|working on the R-1 project.
{752}{821}Those names will lead us|to the project itself.
{822}{873}The mission is planned|for tomorrow morning.
{874}{925}The embassy is well secured.
{934}{980}There'll be a backup team|of four operatives.
{982}{1021}- Enough is enough!|- What is it, Kronen?
{1022}{1053}I don't need this place.
{1078}{1150}What's the matter with you?|You're supposed to be debriefing.
{1158}{1184}Debrief this.
{1485}{1524}Get medical, now.
{3330}{3404}Nikita 2x05 "New Regime"|Subti

2x06 Mandatory Refusal.eng.txt

{150}{198}Where are we on Enquist?
{206}{247}Michael's en route.
{286}{348}- Do we have it up?|- It's right here.
{407}{450}Enquist will be here.
{464}{531}Good. It should be over soon.
{560}{634}I'm still not convinced|we're doing the right thing.
{645}{707}- You think we should kill him?|- Yes.
{723}{783}- He's dangerous.|- What could he do?
{800}{861}I don't know. That's what worries me.
{872}{905}Don't worry.
{936}{983}Isn't that why I'm here?
{1021}{1056}Not entirely.
{1127}{1210}I'll just feel better|when this material's off the street.
{1274}{1322}Let me know when it's over.
{1368}{1408}You better go now.
{3347}{3427}Nikita 2x06 "Mandatory Refusal"|Subtitles subXpacio
{4789}{4826}Do you have it?
{4827}{4886}You Section people are all the same.
{4887}{4962}Right to the business.|No "Hello, how's the family?"
{4992}{5051}Come on, Michael. Kibitz a little.
{5076}{5113}Do you have it?
{5147}{5210}I'm afraid you made a trip for nothing.
{5247}{5303}- What's the problem?|- No problem.

2x07 Half-Life.eng.txt

{107}{173}All right, everybody. Quickly, quickly.
{174}{234}Now, can anybody tell me what...
{272}{304}All right.
{359}{401}Please stay together.
{505}{550}Don't play around.
{608}{656}What have you got, Nikita?
{717}{744}So far, nothing.
{746}{777}What about you, Michael?
{855}{885}Hold on.
{1102}{1150}It's here. Get everybody out.
{1152}{1193}All teams evacuate the courtyard.
{1275}{1317}Excuse me, there's a bomb in the yard.
{1318}{1342}Come on!
{1344}{1400}Please get the children inside.|Come on, children.
{1402}{1474}Quickly inside. Come on, go inside.|Quickly, everyone.
{1476}{1506}Hurry up!
{1521}{1573}Get out of the park! There's a bomb!
{1606}{1636}Get back!
{1685}{1717}Please run!
{1725}{1791}Get out of the park! Run!
{1830}{1881}Come on, sweetheart. Let's go inside.
{1931}{1967}Get her inside.
{2159}{2195}The bomb's in the bag.
{2197}{2287}250 grams of Semtex wrapped|in aluminum, surrounded by nails.
{2305}{2356}How do you know it's Semtex|wrapped in aluminum?

2x08 Darkness Visible.eng.txt

{246}{319}The situation in the Balkans|is deteriorating rapidly.
{326}{381}The loss of life is staggering.
{396}{439}The destabilized rebel force...
{441}{537}is in the process of a violent|and comprehensive ethnic cleansing.
{565}{677}Now, we have been given the task|of cutting off one of their pipelines...
{682}{729}to the international arms community.
{731}{816}The man you picked up at the warehouse|has given us the identity...
{818}{889}of the primary buyer|inside the rebel faction.
{895}{933}Radovan Luca.
{934}{1006}Luca was once the head|of his government's secret police.
{1012}{1104}He is now awaiting the arrival|of a significant cache of weapons.
{1106}{1158}If the deal is consummated...
{1160}{1251}it's going to be nearly impossible|to prevent the government from falling.
{1253}{1312}How much reconnaissance|has been done so far?
{1314}{1347}Not enough.
{1350}{1437}The country is in chaos.|Half of our contacts have been killed.
{1447}{1496}The CIA is evacuating their people.

2x09 Open Heart.eng.txt

{182}{217}Dr. Kerlock...
{288}{345}you performed an operation|six weeks ago.
{349}{397}I perform many operations.
{418}{477}This one was on behalf of Red Cell.
{512}{618}I can't tell you anything. Please.|They'll kill me.
{630}{662}So will we.
{680}{730}They held a gun to my head.
{788}{837}You were paid $50,000.
{898}{960}If I hadn't done it,|someone else would have.
{962}{998}Who was the patient?
{1004}{1105}A man. Late thirties or forties.
{1202}{1294}I didn't see them. He was sheeted.|I saw very little.
{1310}{1363}- Skin?|- Fair.
{1396}{1491}- Build?|- Medium. Little body fat.
{1518}{1569}That's all I know. I swear.
{1598}{1657}I didn't want to die, so I agreed.
{1699}{1729}To what?
{1864}{1898}He was paid by Red Cell...
{1899}{1981}to place explosives and a detonator|inside someone's abdomen.
{2002}{2069}- They created a human time bomb.|- Yes.
{2083}{2112}A suicide mission?
{2114}{2173}No. The man doesn't know|it's inside of him.
{2196}{2251}- Identity of th

2x10 First Mission.eng.txt

{242}{327}We're stretched as thin as it is.|Use the agency.
{329}{399}- I know, but they'll have to do.|- The Premier's on Line 3.
{400}{460}- I'll get back to you.|- White House on Line 2.
{462}{492}Yes, sir.
{503}{538}Are you sure?
{539}{611}Norwood says we've lost|the entire South African team.
{613}{663}I want a full report before midnight.
{665}{730}Full report on Michael's desk, midnight.
{883}{954}We need a team leader|for the Stark operation.
{956}{986}We're tapped out.
{988}{1047}Dual request, highest levels.|We'll reassign Kozak.
{1048}{1074}We're still short.
{1075}{1126}Grecko, when he returns|from South Africa.
{1138}{1187}Grecko's not coming back.
{1214}{1254}Check contingency.
{1463}{1514}You'll be leading a mission.
{1528}{1623}Assess, plan, prep, field command.
{1639}{1714}It's three years ahead of the usual curve,|but it can't be helped.
{1715}{1748}You'll learn as you go.
{1750}{1816}We'll give you what help we can,|but in the end...
{1818}{1894}you'll be judged by the s

2x11 Psychic Pilgrim.eng.txt

{342}{410}Have I ever told you|how beautiful you are?
{508}{539}Not today.
{708}{746}Well, you are...
{892}{929}No, you don't.
{958}{1034}That's how you hurt your back|in the first place.
{1082}{1154}I should report you for that kind of cruelty.
{1184}{1213}I know.
{1243}{1278}I know, I know.
{1742}{1775}I love you.
{1868}{1906}I love you, too.
{3495}{3575}Nikita 2x11 "Psychic Pilgrim"|Subtitles subXpacio
{3663}{3725}- Get me Mr. Armel, please.|- Yes, sir.
{3815}{3936}/There have been difficulties,|/as you can imagine, so we need more|/time to make the discovery...
{3960}{4020}- Yes, Tonio?|- It's the end of the fifth day.
{4022}{4074}Everything checks out.|I see no reason to wait.
{4075}{4147}- That's good news. Set it up.|- Yes, sir.
{4176}{4308}/I'm sorry. As I was saying,|/there's a certain urgency and we|/need to have another meeting...
{4312}{4349}Ten months ago...
{4351}{4435}Franz Gerrin, the leader|of the First Flag terrorist group...

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