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Podnapisi :: La Femme Nikita - Season 2 episodes 12-22

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film La Femme Nikita - Season 2 episodes 12-22 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 117.572 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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2x12 Soul Sacrifice.eng.txt

{180}{216}Hello, Nikita.
{237}{297}Your six-month numbers just came in.
{324}{352}What are they?
{446}{521}They tell us how effective you've been|on live missions.
{526}{603}I've been following your progress|since you returned to full status.
{605}{642}How am I doing?
{660}{713}How do you think you're doing?
{750}{820}I get the job done|more quickly than most...
{890}{955}but I do have|a more unorthodox approach.
{976}{1050}Something which is frowned upon|by the Section.
{1111}{1151}Not by the Section.
{1188}{1216}By me.
{1272}{1361}If you were me, what would|you recommend I do about that?
{1391}{1439}I'd give me some time off.
{1448}{1513}Say, the next 40 years.
{1573}{1623}That might not be possible.
{1637}{1711}Officially, I will not take action|against you.
{1792}{1875}I'm going to ask Michael|to keep a tighter rein on you.
{1894}{1937}Watch for weaknesses.
{1950}{2029}See if we can help you eliminate them.
{2084}{2121}Eliminate them?

2x13 Not Was.eng.txt

{2833}{2914}- Looks like it's all here.|- Good. Destroy it.
{3164}{3197}- Done.|- Get out of there.
{3198}{3237}They'll be on top of you any second.
{3387}{3420}Birkoff, I can't get out.
{3446}{3508}- What do you mean?|- The door's locked.
{3569}{3655}They know you're there.|Michael, Nikita's trapped. Go in.
{3938}{3976}Nikita, this way.
{4120}{4178}Birkoff, someone just grabbed Michael.
{4179}{4238}Don't pursue.|There are too many shooters.
{4240}{4286}I'm sending in backup.
{5794}{5877}Nikita 2x13 "Not Was"|Subtitles subXpacio
{6298}{6340}I see you are awake.
{6542}{6621}We have some questions to ask you|before you're disposed of.
{6623}{6733}We're curious how you found out about us.
{6813}{6852}Get him prepared.
{7874}{7925}How are you today, sunshine?
{8114}{8159}Last night we engaged in an operation...
{8161}{8237}to destroy certain records|belonging to this man...
{8246}{8315}Orlando Perez,|a first-tier Red Cell tactician...
{8317}{8424}who's been responsible for the abductions|of sev

2x14 Double Date.eng.txt

{901}{968}Can you do something about this?|It's a disgrace.
{1208}{1243}David Fanning.
{1272}{1316}I thought he was dead.
{1372}{1412}Sorry to disappoint you.
{1458}{1538}We decided to keep him alive.|He's Section material.
{1572}{1650}- What's he doing here?|- He's going on a mission with you.
{1728}{1794}A psychotic killer|and a sadistic wife-beater.
{1800}{1892}Most operatives start out flawed|in one way or another.
{2102}{2164}I don't like him, I don't trust him...
{2166}{2227}and I sure as hell|don't want to work with him.
{2228}{2276}I know you have a history.
{2277}{2349}You have to put that behind you|and concentrate on the mission.
{2351}{2392}It's not just history.
{2393}{2450}Michael seduced his wife,|I betrayed him to Section.
{2452}{2506}He won't rest until we're dead.
{2548}{2588}Then he'll die, too.
{2656}{2737}He won't care, as long as we're dead first.
{2739}{2778}On the contrary...
{2795}{2884}our assessment indicates|he has a very strong will to live.

2x15 Fuzzy Logic.eng.txt

{269}{346}- What is this?|- It's the number table you wanted.
{367}{406}Are you an idiot?
{473}{541}I want you to cycle it through.|Don't give it to me.
{543}{571}- Sorry.|- Bonehead!
{573}{599}- How about this?|- No!
{601}{648}We already tried those.
{655}{708}What's wrong with you people?
{728}{803}Why don't you just go home? Worthless.
{885}{935}I mean it! Get out of here!
{1225}{1295}How many people does it take|to reprogram...
{1683}{1764}I've been as accommodating as I can be.|This has got to stop.
{1766}{1838}We've come this far. Another few hours|won't make any difference.
{1840}{1894}Why can't he hand it off|to somebody else?
{1896}{1930}We've tried.
{1932}{2008}Birkoff is the only one who has any idea|how to approach this thing.
{2010}{2039}It's an unusual code.
{2041}{2152}But is it worth holding up a dozen|other operations that need his attention?
{2160}{2246}We've tried for two years|to get sourced into this group.
{2295}{2352}These people are extremely careful.

2x16 Old Habits.eng.txt

{784}{833}Can you get a better view?
{888}{938}Omar, a meter to your left.
{1063}{1138}Be careful where you step.|You might kill us all.
{1347}{1379}Land mines.
{1403}{1506}In the Middle East, they're everywhere.|Just walk into a field and help yourself.
{1614}{1701}We will use these to strike terror|into the hearts of our enemies.
{1705}{1786}For a man who is willing to die|for his cause...
{1801}{1841}cannot be stopped.
{1874}{1954}- Don't you agree, my friend?|- Of course.
{1985}{2078}But first, we must kill all the frauds,|all the imposters...
{2080}{2157}and... all the double agents.
{2186}{2217}You understand.
{2295}{2383}Excellent. So far everything's going|as planned.
{3762}{3835}Nikita 2x16 "Old Habits"|Subtitles subXpacio
{3893}{3945}Halir's group is called Bright Star.
{3980}{4055}Their goal is to destroy|all symbols of modern decadence.
{4066}{4142}Their weapon of choice: suicide bombings.
{4157}{4217}The bombs are constructed|from land mines...

2x17 Inside Out.eng.txt

{116}{174}I've already told you what I know.
{188}{231}What else do you want?
{233}{329}I'm not convinced the location|you gave us is only used for munitions.
{331}{369}That's what they told me.
{370}{450}- That and what else?|- Nothing. I swear.
{475}{537}You're on the inside track, Mr. Reneberg.
{538}{596}You advise them on these matters.
{634}{681}No information has been withheld|from you.
{682}{730}What haven't you told me?
{834}{872}Why are you still here?
{890}{936}Excuse me,|I'm in the middle of something.
{938}{1010}We've already got the location.|I need you in Systems.
{1012}{1080}The Algiers mission is still prepping.|I have plenty of time.
{1082}{1110}It's not as critical as this.
{1112}{1159}That's my decision,|and I've already made it.
{1161}{1225}We can't send teams into Glasgow|with limited intel.
{1227}{1292}I told you, we have enough intel.
{1294}{1333}Not in my opinion.
{1582}{1641}They're waiting for you in Systems.
{3336}{3385}I don't think that was the right call.

2x18 Off Profile.eng.txt

{154}{190}Clear the way!
{395}{440}- Why did you abort?|- We had to.
{442}{499}We went critical|10 minutes into the mission.
{501}{562}We lost Korda.|We'll have to start from scratch.
{564}{655}Deployment was off by a factor of two.|The mission profile was faulty.
{659}{762}No. There was nothing wrong|with the profile.
{844}{939}- Who is this?|- Andrea Karsov. A new mission profiler.
{963}{1018}The flaw was in your execution.
{1022}{1082}Check the tapes, get this settled.
{1095}{1151}You'll be going out again soon.
{1467}{1507}Look at Sector Five.
{1512}{1564}They didn't penetrate as the plan required.
{1566}{1628}They couldn't.|The perimeter wasn't secured.
{1630}{1671}For less than 30 seconds.
{1672}{1703}That's unacceptable.
{1705}{1814}- We'd have captured the target.|- No. The window was too narrow.
{1840}{1918}The window was wide enough|for two units to make an entry.
{1919}{1966}Hasn't this been resolved yet?
{2019}{2048}Not yet.
{2066}{2155}Deal with it later.|Right now, we need a n

2x19 Last Night.eng.txt

{105}{151}On the third of last month...
{152}{229}Western intelligence agencies|were stretched thin.
{232}{304}Certain low priority areas|were designated...
{318}{420}including a sector in Turkey|which had been dormant for months.
{436}{533}Eight hours later,|a NATO base in that sector was bombed.
{571}{662}Last week we were obliged|to reduce coverage in Kazakhstan.
{684}{779}Two Western diplomats visiting that|country were assassinated the same day.
{784}{841}Somebody's reading our mail.
{843}{927}Analysis suggests that a direct security|breach is unlikely.
{929}{977}These guys are just good.
{985}{1044}- Their identity?|- Intel is limited.
{1067}{1176}All we know of their group leader|is he's referred to as Brutus.
{1223}{1283}The historical Brutus killed Julius Caesar.
{1285}{1324}That choice of name may indicate...
{1326}{1428}that this man regards himself as fighting|against the tyranny of the West.
{1430}{1477}- Brutus was a traitor.|- Yes.
{1507}{1621}So the name may also be telling us|

2x20 In Between.eng.txt

{140}{186}You didn't have to kill him!
{198}{283}I'll kill you! You hear me? You're dead!
{328}{359}Let go of me!
{378}{410}What happened?
{423}{485}In order to get to him,|we had to kill his brother.
{487}{570}- Really? Who did it?|- Sarris.
{600}{670}Tell him to stay close.|We don't have much time.
{1270}{1311}You're wasting your time.
{1318}{1408}Why don't you kill me now because|I'm not giving you anything! You hear me?
{1490}{1592}You've had several conversations|with Able Gelner in the last month.
{1593}{1635}Tell me about them.
{1644}{1699}You didn't have to kill my brother.
{1727}{1777}You didn't have to kill him.
{1789}{1821}But we did.
{1842}{1901}And I'm afraid you're going to die as well.
{1902}{1961}So why would I give you anything?
{1993}{2056}Because I'm going to give you|something in return.
{2157}{2217}I don't understand. How can I help?
{2231}{2275}Madeline will fill you in.
{2403}{2464}- What do you need?|- Just talk to him.
{2491}{2544}Apologize for shooting his brother

2x21 Adrians Garden I.eng.txt

{770}{811}- Hey.|- Hey.
{886}{957}Where have you been|the past couple of days?
{986}{1025}It's a long story.
{1027}{1083}I forgot, I'm not supposed to ask that.
{1085}{1128}Don't worry about it.
{1195}{1245}How about a glass of wine?
{1410}{1461}So, how are you holding up?
{1522}{1561}I guess. Sort of.
{1623}{1676}It's all so sudden, you know?
{1686}{1763}It's like when he hit me,|the person I loved died.
{1810}{1902}Carla, I'm sorry that|I haven't been able to be here for you.
{1924}{2007}But I'm here now,|and you can stay as long as you like.
{2061}{2122}Thanks. You're a good friend.
{2242}{2282}Do you have to get that?
{2711}{2747}Who was that?
{2759}{2795}They hung up.
{2840}{2915}So, are you still seeing that guy|who was coming around here?
{2917}{2953}What's his name?
{2966}{3008}- Michael?|- Yeah.
{3030}{3077}What's going on with him?
{3176}{3225}It's too bad. He was cute.

2x22 End Game II.eng.txt

{779}{818}- Walter!|- Nikita.
{862}{929}I didn't know|you had clearance down here.
{939}{1028}Well, I don't.|I was just reviewing an old mission.
{1095}{1145}I'm supposed to report you.
{1156}{1246}Well, do what you gotta do, Walter.|I understand.
{1359}{1402}This isn't Gemstone.
{1494}{1539}How very disappointing.
{1587}{1654}Adrian, I don't know how much longer|I can do this for.
{1656}{1698}Nikita, we need this information.
{1700}{1795}We can't bring down Section without it.|Don't fall apart now, please.
{1797}{1875}I can't keep|sneaking into unauthorized areas.
{1891}{1988}Even with your help, sooner or later,|my luck's going to run out.
{2001}{2050}Walter almost reported me.
{2126}{2185}I had hoped to avoid this, but...
{2235}{2295}I suppose it can't be helped.
{2429}{2469}Ever seen one of these?
{2471}{2508}No. What is it?
{2511}{2553}It's a KL-6 security module.
{2555}{2616}They're not supposed to exist|outside Section.
{2618}{2697}- What do we do with it?|- You simply allow it to be

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