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Podnapisi :: La Femme Nikita - Season 4 episodes 01-11

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film La Femme Nikita - Season 4 episodes 01-11 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 105.372 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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{31}{63}{y:i}"Previously on" La Femme Nikita.
{111}{144}We have one hour.
{238}{299}Michael and Nikita|are having outside contact.
{301}{383}I don't see how a relationship|between two operatives can be dangerous.
{392}{429}Michael, we're playing with fire.
{438}{464}Deny everything.
{466}{541}I think we should proceed|with our original plan.
{562}{594}It's dangerous.
{614}{647}Then proceed with caution.
{749}{808}Whenever your last meeting|with Michael was...
{810}{838}I hope you made the most of it.
{1165}{1209}I don't love you anymore.
{1551}{1593}It's time to put Nikita to the test.
{1597}{1623}Do you think it's premature?
{1674}{1712}Enough time has passed.
{1714}{1752}What about her interactions?
{1754}{1830}She will no longer be capable|of forming an emotional bond...
{1832}{1856}with anyone.
{1884}{1925}What about previous ties?
{1958}{2004}Michael means nothing to her.
{2010}{2037}Not anymore.
{2060}{2098}She's a perfect robot.


{30}{73}{y:i}"Previously on" La Femme Nikita.
{75}{122}{y:i}How does it feel to be back in Section?
{124}{153}I feel good.
{155}{200}{y:i}Michael means nothing to her.
{202}{237}{y:i}She's a perfect robot.
{239}{294}I want you to run|an eye analysis for me, please.
{296}{326}It's for Nikita.
{328}{408}{y:i}Four years ago,|{y:i}Operations approved a research proposal...
{410}{498}{y:i}based on the work of|{y:i}a neurobiologist named Ross Gelman.
{500}{539}{y:i}They're trying to reprogram me.
{541}{589}I had to let them think they'd succeeded.
{591}{660}Michael, you have one hour|to get to Gelman.
{662}{707}{y:i}He's trying to find out|{y:i}what's been done to me.
{709}{737}{y:i}Is he making progress?
{740}{774}Yes, I think so.
{776}{812}Who was the original subject?
{814}{869}If I tell you that, you're a dead man.
{888}{914}Kill him.
{1012}{1058}{y:i}Sir, we have a problem.
{1701}{1759}- You think she's ready?|- I do.
{1782}{1834}What's the status on our retrieval teams?


{30}{74}{y:i}"Previously on" La Femme Nikita.
{76}{115}Michael went rogue...
{117}{174}when he learned of our decision|to have him canceled.
{215}{247}Thank "you..."
{314}{364}You want me to kill Michael?
{374}{408}Is that a problem?
{694}{730}Vehicle's on remote.
{732}{756}Where the hell is he?
{758}{798}Call Madeline. Michael's on the inside.
{800}{871}{y:i}There's only one reason|{y:i}he would risk coming back.
{914}{977}- Adrian.|- She's his trump card.
{988}{1028}One man, one operative.
{1047}{1145}You've got the best technology|and reasoning at your disposal...
{1147}{1199}{y:i}and still you can't perform.
{1204}{1236}Hello, Nikita.
{1306}{1340}It's over, Nikita.
{1575}{1610}{y:i}Hello, Madeline.
{1612}{1683}{y:i}I'm sorry things didn't turn out|{y:i}the way you planned.
{1692}{1793}{y:i}I'm sure Operations must regret|{y:i}the decision to keep me alive.
{1823}{1879}Her beta levels|are practically non-existent.
{1881}{1921}She was always calm in a c


{26}{76}{y:i}"Previously on" La Femme Nikita:
{82}{116}{y:i}They changed you.
{118}{157}{y:i}Something better.
{159}{190}{y:i}No needs.
{198}{229}{y:i}No fears.
{252}{286}{y:i}No desires.
{287}{330}You remember everything.
{339}{386}You have three seconds to confirm.
{388}{454}She's conscious, but her mind's blank?
{475}{545}And the transmission is a bluff,|staged by Michael.
{555}{593}{y:i}The situation is hopeless.
{602}{675}He will be crushed. And so will anyone|who attempts to help him.
{678}{729}{y:i}We need to meet face to face.
{731}{813}{y:i}Whatever Michael's up to,|{y:i}he's trying to help Nikita.
{820}{846}You seen her lately?
{861}{907}{y:i}The Nikita we know is long gone.
{909}{948}{y:i}Maybe we can help get her back.
{960}{1034}Adrian, George is in danger.|We have to help him.
{1051}{1086}Twelve hours.
{1105}{1152}Then we push the button.
{1187}{1231}We keep Nikita alive...
{1233}{1287}you keep Adrian away from George.
{1311}{1361}There was a time|when we used to care for e


{157}{226}I see no indication|of the Gelman response.
{255}{323}Nikita's irises and pupils|are completely normal.
{523}{594}- Then we've lost control over her.|- Yes.
{597}{702}With Adrian's help, it seems that Michael's|been able to reverse what we've done.
{716}{799}Do you intend to reinstate the orders|for his cancellation?
{801}{861}No. Not now.
{913}{961}Not as long as he has Adrian.
{1000}{1082}Well, as long as he has Adrian,|he'll have Nikita.
{1128}{1162}I'm aware of that.
{1185}{1227}When the time is right...
{1243}{1317}we'll deal appropriately|with all three of them.
{1358}{1437}There may already be a way|to deal with Michael and Nikita.
{3218}{3253}Wolfgang Volker...
{3281}{3323}is the founder|and Chief Operating Officer...
{3325}{3369}of Volkwerks Industries.
{3370}{3460}The second largest small arms|manufacturer on the continent.
{3467}{3522}We've been monitoring his operation...
{3537}{3633}since they've expanded|to their new facility in Heilbronn.
{3639}{3729}Birkoff has a di


{29}{84}{y:i}"Previously on" La Femme Nikita.
{86}{119}{y:i}With Adrian's help it seems that...
{121}{173}Michael's been able to reverse|what we've done.
{175}{286}- Are you asking me to move in with you?|- Well, you'd be more comfortable.
{288}{404}- Two kilos, Turkish, uncut.|- Please humor me.
{406}{453}And act as if we're the best of friends.
{454}{502}So far, Michael, Nikita has her job to do...
{504}{565}and you have yours. Forget about her.
{571}{640}Regrettably, there's a codicil|to my father's will.
{649}{702}Everything he has comes to me...
{716}{775}if I'm married.
{785}{866}If he fails with Red Cell he will no longer|be of use to them.
{889}{951}- His marriage will "be..."|- Pointless.
{958}{1029}Given his infatuation with Nikita...
{1035}{1103}we feel that her continued|connection to him...
{1126}{1172}can be extremely useful to us.
{1178}{1240}Are you saying you'd like me|to accept his...
{2534}{2610}Is CamSAT 12 in


{659}{722}What you consider to be courage...
{794}{841}Lt. Wolfe...
{843}{889}is ignorance.
{905}{955}You fight without cause...
{976}{1050}and you will die without honor.
{1105}{1155}Third Battalion, 49th Infantry...
{1162}{1201}when do they start their offensive?
{1314}{1385}It is only a matter of time...
{1412}{1446}and pain.
{1553}{1592}You held up, Lieutenant.
{1632}{1673}Soulless bastards.
{1710}{1783}We're gonna get through this|one way or another...
{1785}{1816}I promise you.
{1926}{1986}You hear that, Lieutenant? Our team!
{1987}{2017}I told you we'd make it.
{2019}{2058}Radio back to base!
{2103}{2137}Move it!
{2242}{2287}Looks like we got here just in time|for the party.
{2395}{2440}- What's your name, soldier?|- Willie Kane.
{2442}{2485}My lieutenant here|is gonna need some help.
{2494}{2549}It's under control. Let's get out of here.
{2577}{2623}You take care of yourself, Lieutenant.
{2686}{2733}Hey, what are you doing?
{2743}{2814}- What's going on?|- You'r


{918}{961}You wanted to see me?
{991}{1095}Nikita, a decision has been made|regarding your status as an operative.
{1238}{1288}It's time for you to leave.
{1320}{1388}- Leave?|- Yes.
{1420}{1496}Your stay here at Section One|has come to an end.
{1618}{1656}- That's it?|- Yes.
{1674}{1750}- Just like that?|- There are some strings, Nikita.
{1767}{1843}No contact with your former life|or Section life.
{1879}{1926}This is a pilot program.
{1939}{2005}We will have you evaluated once a month.
{2033}{2109}- Does Michael know about this?|- He's in Syndegal.
{2150}{2205}We'll tell him when he returns.
{2212}{2282}I'm afraid|we'll have to say good-bye for you.
{4686}{4740}Why do you think|George wants this to happen?
{4742}{4777}I don't know.
{4806}{4891}- This has never been done before.|- It's quite bothersome.
{4915}{4975}We're both practically in the dark.
{5010}{5098}Well, it goes without saying,|we both envy you, sugar.
{5103}{5168}You two haven't heard a word I've said.
{5181}{5288}- What?|-


{168}{195}What is it, Birkoff?
{197}{273}We have an airlock penetration|in the East portal.
{302}{371}- Someone's inside?|- Something's inside.
{374}{436}{y:i}Unidentified gas in the East portal.
{482}{555}{y:i}Bio breach, convert to forced O2.
{593}{642}- Take one, quickly.|- Move, move, move!
{754}{777}Reconfigure it.
{779}{822}Invert the air vents.
{1406}{1447}{y:i}Inversion complete.
{1488}{1534}{y:i}Bio breach contained.
{1655}{1689}{y:i}Comm. Clear.
{1714}{1749}{y:i}Systems clear.
{1766}{1804}{y:i}Tactical clear.
{1820}{1858}{y:i}Ordinance clear.
{3402}{3461}I understand, George,|but there were no casualties.
{3462}{3501}Everything was contained.
{3555}{3617}We're running down possibilities now.
{3632}{3675}I understand but l...
{3691}{3740}I see no reason for you...
{3889}{3978}George thinks we were compromised|by the breach in security?
{4007}{4083}He's sending a bio-med team in|to examine us all.
{4107}{4184}Starting with|department heads and key operatives.


{520}{552}Oh, yeah!
{1275}{1335}Hello. Maybe I could be|of some assistance.
{1337}{1457}Although I've never actually|done this before, I'll try and just...
{1459}{1510}Figured you'd pick|a place like this, Schtoppel.
{1512}{1547}Excuse me. This is a business meeting.
{1582}{1615}Well, you took your time arriving.
{1616}{1686}So? I'm here now. Better be good.
{1687}{1796}Oh, it's big, love. Very big. It's like this.
{1819}{1879}Will you look at the talent on that one?
{1900}{1958}Mick, talk.
{1995}{2083}I hear Section's still looking|for its misplaced Command Clone.
{2133}{2167}How do you know about that?
{2169}{2237}Which part do you mean?|The smooth pilfering that went down...
{2239}{2328}or the part about the command program|written by Oversight?
{2340}{2385}Yeah, I know about that.
{2394}{2466}It was on its way to Section One|when it disappeared.
{2480}{2524}Word has it|that it's supposed to take over...
{2526}{2597}should one of Section's big cheeses|get taken out of play


{399}{449}Yes, George. I understand.
{459}{526}I'll make it the first order of business.
{551}{601}George wants Section Eight|up and running...
{603}{643}as soon as the bio-containment is done.
{651}{739}- And he wants us to handle it?|- He has his reasons.
{753}{780}Who do you have in mind?
{806}{831}Michael and Nikita.
{867}{947}If they succeed,|George may want them there for good.
{983}{1053}I don't see any reason|why they won't accept.
{1067}{1171}This way, Michael and Nikita|can get their fix, spending time together.
{1192}{1235}And it distances them from us.
{1288}{1353}Think of it as some breathing room.
{1371}{1441}{y:i}After all we've put Nikita through lately...
{1443}{1535}{y:i}I can't help but think they're planning|{y:i}some type of retaliation.
{1558}{1603}You've trained them well.
{3134}{3175}Three days ago,|Section Eight was destroyed...
{3203}{3270}by a Class B threat known as Crystal Sky.
{3275}{3383}This is Crystal Sky's first significant dent|in Section's armor.

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