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Podnapisi :: La Femme Nikita - Season 4 episodes 12-22

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film La Femme Nikita - Season 4 episodes 12-22 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 109.951 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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{363}{412}Take him to processing with the others.
{427}{453}He's dead.
{470}{505}That's his problem.
{1179}{1217}No hostiles unaccounted for?
{1252}{1285}That's everyone.
{1347}{1394}There'll be a debrief in 30 minutes.
{1491}{1550}We've hit four Red Cell substations|in 10 days...
{1551}{1605}and still no sign|of the man you're looking for.
{1607}{1670}If this mission doesn't yield results...
{1671}{1696}We'll hit four more.
{2060}{2087}{y:i}Entry clear.
{3103}{3155}Madeline, you're looking for me.
{3176}{3214}I am Leon.
{3259}{3291}Step into the light.
{3309}{3355}You would have discovered it|soon enough.
{3357}{3415}Maybe this way we can save us all some...
{3416}{3456}unnecessary discomfort.
{3489}{3527}After all these years...
{3535}{3601}I would never have taken you|for a man who prefers...
{3619}{3653}things comfortable.
{3870}{3908}Is that all he said to you?
{3968}{3997}He lied.
{4031}{4086}You are aware of the significance|of that lie.
{4111}{4185}It means one


{3920}{3981}Michael, how was your downtime?
{4126}{4182}You're welcome. Nice chatting with you.
{4302}{4353}Recycle this, then send it to Data.
{4481}{4549}Just a sec.|I just got to finish downloading this.
{4673}{4706}You're finished.
{4788}{4846}I need a complete background on this guy.
{4945}{4972}Just do it.
{5214}{5325}This is Mierta Lupo, Daninsky's|replacement in the Vaduz region.
{5374}{5425}Some of her business associates...
{5441}{5501}include a number of high-profile factions:
{5534}{5647}Pan-African militia,|Cobra Army, and White Liberty.
{5685}{5783}We believe the hardware being trafficked|is coming from a reserve arsenal...
{5789}{5885}the location of which|has not yet been ascertained.
{5965}{6006}Lupo's getaway retreat...
{6029}{6122}the remote mountain "chateau"|on the outskirts of Zermatt.
{6140}{6201}She's arriving tonight|for a weekend tryst...
{6213}{6304}with her current companion.|We need to extract her...
{6317}{6410}- and return her for interroga


{1002}{1035}You still at it?
{1239}{1286}- You say something?|- No. It's all right.
{1287}{1370}- What you working on?|- Blowback from the Islamabad mission.
{1394}{1424}Find anything?
{1539}{1638}Birkoff, you ever think about going out|for a little walk?
{1640}{1742}You can stretch your legs a little bit.|Get a few rays on that pasty mug of yours.
{1744}{1807}Would you hand me|that thermo-enhancer there?
{2041}{2093}- Find somebody?|- Yeah.
{2390}{2507}- What are you looking for, Birkoff?|- That's a Red Cell thread.
{2552}{2577}How high does it go?
{2590}{2659}All the way to the top, I think.
{2670}{2733}Well, think again.|The head of Red Cell wouldn't be...
{2735}{2838}- on a relocation profile.|- It's possible.
{2841}{2893}All you got here is a little hunch...
{2898}{2940}and a cold cup of coffee.
{2971}{3027}Better think about that walk outside.
{3041}{3102}Might help you see things|just a little clearer.
{3764}{3821}- Where's Opera


{114}{152}{y:i}Tell me about Section One.
{154}{210}Rule number one, don't ask any questions.
{212}{299}{y:i}- What is rule number two?|- Don't question rule number one.
{315}{378}{y:i}- I don't understand.|- That's the point.
{382}{434}Look, all you need to know|about this place is...
{436}{494}there doesn't need to be a rationale.
{495}{575}Here, we make up our own rules|and then we break them.
{577}{636}{y:i}How do you account for consistency?
{638}{716}The only thing that's consistent is|we get the job done.
{718}{809}Everything else, the people, the politics,|they're secondary.
{830}{919}{y:i}People unimportant.|{y:i}Does that make you angry?
{1041}{1091}{y:i}Is that why you created me?
{1138}{1187}Does it matter why you were created?
{1189}{1218}{y:i}Doesn't it?
{1254}{1300}You were programmed|to take over the system...
{1302}{1394}in the event that I get some downtime|or if something should happen to me.
{1413}{1471}{y:i}You mean, if you left Section One.


{1052}{1090}Maggie, my love.
{1126}{1172}My sweet, precious, love of my life.
{1174}{1249}You can't tell me you ain't bored|with that big old husband of yours yet.
{1257}{1296}And supposing I was?
{1306}{1357}How do you suppose you'd profit by that?
{1359}{1389}All right, all right.
{1391}{1471}But you can't hide the light that|shines in your eyes every time I walk by.
{1479}{1522}That light's there, Big Jim...
{1526}{1608}just so as you can make your way to the|door without tripping over anything.
{1634}{1662}Oh, dear.
{1901}{1925}Momma, that...
{1927}{1994}Yeah, I know, I know. I wrote it all down.
{2004}{2096}You know, Maggie Simpson,|it ain't in my nature to rob anyone blind.
{2126}{2182}Nope. Just a little nearsighted.
{2190}{2266}{y:i}The Hollow's favorite songbird,|{y:i}Miss Patsy Cline.
{2274}{2364}{y:i}This is Bobby Hayes, and given that|{y:i}it's coming up to the 7:00 hour...
{2366}{2447}{y:i}I suppose the egg salad at Maggie's|{y:i}is just about turning ripe.
{2449}{2545}{y:i}Big J


{255}{315}- Substation Three is down.|- How's that possible?
{317}{376}Their self-destruct has been activated|from an outside source.
{378}{424}And you didn't foresee this?
{498}{537}Now what?
{593}{630}Our self-destruct mechanism's|been activated.
{632}{696}- Shut it down!|- There's a chance that might not happen.
{728}{789}Whoever did this issued a chain directive.
{791}{850}They want to destroy the Sections|like a stack of dominos.
{852}{928}- Activate the fail-safe.|- I did. It won't engage.
{960}{1001}We need to evacuate.
{1044}{1074}Okay. Go.
{1110}{1201}- Proceed with evacuation.|- Get those weapons activated.
{1202}{1262}Let's go. Move, move, move.
{1296}{1348}{y:i}Two minutes to self-destruct.
{1508}{1587}- Come on. We're almost there.|- Come on! Come on!
{1589}{1640}{y:i}One minute to self-destruct.
{1709}{1756}Okay, we're gone.|We got to get out of here now.
{1758}{1846}Quinn, I've ordered you to leave your post.|We're 50 seconds to critical.
{1848}{1910}- I can stop this.|- You'v


{915}{977}It's okay. It's okay.
{1046}{1088}Don't be frightened.
{1181}{1216}I'll take very good care of you.
{1484}{1520}Don't be frightened.
{1565}{1622}I'm going to take very good care of you.
{2360}{2387}Excuse me?
{2389}{2431}- Can I help you?|- I want your database.
{2459}{2540}Look, I don't know what you think|you're gonna find here, we're just "a..."
{2542}{2574}I wasn't asking.
{2655}{2687}All right.
{3035}{3097}- Looks like we've got a problem.|- What?
{3154}{3222}Michael, hostiles converging|from the south quadrant.
{3286}{3319}Listen, "please..."
{3473}{3496}Michael, go!
{4404}{4448}{y:i}I need a location on Nikita.
{4457}{4526}She's just behind you, Michael.|Getting an elevation reading.
{5186}{5219}Nikita's location.
{5248}{5284}She's on the ground, Michael.
{5286}{5372}Sixteen meters south-southeast. You're|going to have to make a ground approach.
{5430}{5492}{y:i}She should be|{y:i}right in front of you, Michael.
{5567}{5609}Michael, do you have her?


{730}{788}I was beginning to wonder|whether you got lost.
{790}{822}I was parking the car.
{824}{855}- It's a nice place here.|- Yeah.
{857}{902}Here you are, sir.
{982}{1020}- Enjoy.|- Thank you.
{1042}{1104}Now, he called and I think we should do it.
{1106}{1157}I don't think so. We should back out.
{1574}{1615}- What are you doing?|- Hey!
{1730}{1774}Madam, is there something...
{1802}{1854}What the hell is the matter with you, lady?
{1901}{1945}Let's go. Let's go.
{2001}{2075}It's all right. Easy. Take it easy. It's okay.
{4708}{4780}Krystal French is an arms dealer|with no ideological ties.
{4782}{4831}She sells to the highest bidder.
{4833}{4952}Her latest weapon is an anthrax-based|toxin called Drakium AS.
{4981}{5060}The subject has only been infected|for three hours.
{5083}{5200}One vial of Drakium AS|could decimate New York in one week.
{5202}{5289}Our intel indicates|that the Freedom League has resurfaced...
{5290}{5409}and has made arrangements|to purchase the toxin from our targ


{115}{157}{y:i}Love, you in there?
{256}{309}{y:i}I really need to speak to you.
{358}{440}Good, you're here.|We got something critical to discuss.
{490}{597}Well, I didn't know you had company.|Hello, Michael.
{608}{676}Everything well with you? Yeah, yeah?|Business good? Yeah?
{678}{705}Hi, Mick.
{706}{766}Don't get up on my account. No.|I'll be gone in two shakes.
{768}{849}I don't want to be the cold shower|that comes between you two. Not me. No.
{850}{930}- What do you want, Mick?|- Right.
{950}{1027}What do you know about dancing?
{1042}{1124}You move your body to the music.|Why, what else is there to know?
{1126}{1235}Clearly, you've never seen me move.|Yes, sure, I got a few twist and turns.
{1237}{1290}I mean, I know the Hustle.
{1292}{1369}I know the Locomotion.|And the White Man's Underbite.
{1375}{1446}But I'm in a bit of a pickle.
{1455}{1520}Will you just get to the point, please?
{1545}{1652}I need to take ballroom dancing lessons.|And I want you to be my partner.


{43}{92}{y:i}Previously on La Femme Nikita....
{158}{185}Where am I?
{196}{271}You certain Jason will be able to pose|as his brother?
{283}{316}Physically, he's perfect.
{322}{358}We've lost contact with Nikita.
{369}{413}You shot yourself, Nikita.
{420}{477}It seemed like a bad idea|to assassinate the one man...
{478}{524}that could get me out of Section forever.
{526}{569}Your tracking ID has been removed.
{598}{660}{y:i}Your profile is being dismantled.
{669}{695}You sure about this?
{792}{862}When Nikita shows up,|you know what you have to do.
{1705}{1798}{y:i}Michael, it's me.|{y:i}I'm calling on an unsecured line.
{1807}{1839}Are you all right?
{1881}{1954}{y:i}For the time being.|{y:i}I can't keep this connection open too long.
{1974}{2004}We need to talk.
{2006}{2070}{y:i}I'm not sure that this is the right time|{y:i}or place for that.
{2072}{2146}{y:i}It's best if you don't try to find me.|{y:i}I'll call


{151}{194}Move it! We got an emergency here!
{196}{245}- Get back.|- Oxygen!
{247}{299}Somebody help us out, please!
{301}{355}Now. Move back. Move back.
{419}{463}No, leave that one. He's too far gone.
{529}{591}It's a clean wound. It'll hold for a while.|Who else is hurt?
{631}{692}- Back off, Kurtzman.|- Go to hell, Olivier!
{694}{748}If you would have listened to someone|for one second...
{750}{787}this whole thing could have been avoided.
{849}{896}Thanks for proving my point, moron.
{944}{993}- You're out of control.|- You want some more?
{995}{1020}You make things worse.
{1022}{1086}You put your girlfriend here|in second position to save her ass.
{1088}{1142}Three more died because of that|stroke of genius!
{1340}{1383}Evaluate the wounded and prioritize.
{1385}{1466}Kurtzman, bring me a report as soon|as it's ready.
{1525}{1573}When does the Alpha mission break?
{1574}{1617}It's supposed to go out in three days.
{1618}{1657}We're not ready.
{3301}{3336}We've got

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