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Podnapisi :: La Femme Nikita - Season 5

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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{554}{618}The crime that|got Section's attention,
{618}{709}the reason I'm here?|I didn't do it.
{709}{740}Well, that may be true.
{740}{800}But what the hell|difference does it make now?
{800}{881}Suppose I was framed|in the first place
{881}{937}because they wanted me here?
{937}{1042}If you won't help me,|will you at least|not interfere?
{1089}{1123}Would you do that much for me?
{1123}{1174}What if you don't like|what you find?
{1200}{1247}That night ruined my life.
{1247}{1288}I did what I was told.
{1288}{1334}You work in Admin?
{1334}{1404}Yeah.|Good.|So you can get the file.
{1425}{1475}It's too risky,|for both of us.
{1475}{1531}I need to know why I'm here.
{1695}{1773}The man who was helping me|this morning.
{1773}{1829}(SEAGULLS CAWING)
{2183}{2235}What are we waiting for?
{2341}{2370}We're surrounded.
{2490}{2564}OPERATIONS: There's a bond|between them that can only|be broken one way.
{2841}{2891}What's wrong?|I do


{54}{82}/Previously on La Femme Nikita.
{82}{120}One mission only.
{120}{157}Hello, Josef.
{157}{224}I know,|your days in the field|are supposed to be over.
{224}{320}But Red Cell's|becoming active again,|and we need to find out why.
{320}{413}Red Cell has called|a meeting of other groups|with similar goals.
{413}{451}Sort of a terrorist|convention.
{451}{512}I've offered to facilitate|the meeting.
{512}{592}JONES: Nikita, I am formally|assigning you to Section.
{592}{623}And you...
{623}{660}Nikita is your deputy
{660}{723}and you will|treat her accordingly.
{981}{1017}Hello, sugar.
{1017}{1050}Back in the groove?
{1084}{1122}Gettin' there.
{1134}{1161}What's up?
{1161}{1208}I have a question.|I want the truth.
{1242}{1288}All right, you got it.
{1323}{1391}You know I was framed|for a crime I didn't commit
{1391}{1425}and brought into Section.
{1425}{1453}Do you know why?
{1453}{1481}No, I don't.
{1541}{1589}Do you know a way|I can find out?
{1621}{1696}So this is

{53}{64}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{121}{158}If I can prove to Mr. Jones
{158}{192}that Nikita lied|about Michael,
{192}{243}it'll cast doubt|on her entire report.
{243}{328}I'll get on it right away.
{328}{376}Why I was brought|into Section|in the first place.
{376}{415}This meeting is over.
{593}{673}A coalition of the remains|of organizations|we've defeated.
{736}{765}I have a sibling|in Section?
{765}{792}Or had.
{846}{880}Yeah, I want it.
{1616}{1662}It's true that Center|hasn't named
{1662}{1699}a replacement for George,
{1699}{1778}but, in the meantime,|there's an ad hoc committee.
{1795}{1824}I'm well aware.
{1824}{1865}And,|as part of that committee,
{1865}{1926}I want to assure you|that we have no intention|of letting any of the Sections
{1926}{1995}relax their|standards of performance.
{1995}{2025}Well, as you know,
{2025}{2060}we've had major|personnel changes.
{2060}{2095}I'm not interested|in excuses.

{50}{90}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{130}{174}NIKITA: I need this decrypted.
{174}{229}Off book?|Way off.
{229}{257}Well, what was it?
{257}{312}JASON: Coordinates.|South of Beauvais.
{312}{338}That's it?
{338}{380}Like I said,|major letdown.
{428}{470}He had a woman with him.
{544}{607}Nikita found out|where she was buried.
{607}{661}Is that the man?|Yes.
{661}{713}CARETAKER: A quiet man,|but dangerous.
{713}{761}WALTER:|It's a PF-3 communicator.
{761}{803}What the hell's it|doing in here?
{803}{834}It's for me.
{892}{938}The disc got me to Adrian.
{938}{1006}It's gonna get me|somewhere else.
{1006}{1061}MAN: Nikita,|you have to be strong.
{1061}{1096}Who is that?
{1096}{1169}Nikita, what are you saying?|Who are you talking to?
{1306}{1351}She'll destroy you, too.
{2169}{2214}What are you doing?
{2214}{2247}Going to bed.
{2247}{2327}No, you're not.|We've got work to do.

{50}{90}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{140}{197}Whoever it was|went through my room.
{197}{225}Any idea who?
{225}{252}It wasn't one of ours.
{252}{301}Then it was someone|who knew us very well.
{301}{328}I know things.
{328}{359}What do you know?
{359}{418}There's a directive|about to be implemented.
{501}{538}I don't know.
{578}{644}I--I--I'm an actor. That's it.|I'm an actor.
{644}{672}Who is in charge?
{672}{705}The real Mr. Jones.
{705}{786}We both know that if they|find out that I broke...
{809}{850}See you tomorrow.
{874}{911}I'm Mr. Jones.
{986}{1035}We've been expecting you.
{1478}{1518}At last we meet.
{1581}{1636}And you are?
{1636}{1702}Well, just call me|the real Mr. Jones.
{1773}{1823}I need more than a name.
{1841}{1875}Very well.
{1929}{1976}I'm the big cheese.
{1996}{2049}The man behind the curtain.
{2078}{2111}King Tut.
{2130}{2171}Whatever you want.
{2215}{2299}Now, if we have both|finished gawking,
{2299}{2345}perhaps it

{50}{80}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{101}{128}And you are?
{128}{187}Well, just call me|the real Mr. Jones.
{187}{223}I met my father.
{223}{249}He's the Head.
{249}{281}He's Mr. Jones?
{281}{326}(GUN FIRING)
{326}{372}There's a mole in Section.|Yes.
{372}{436}Who?|Well, that is what you and I
{436}{466}have to discover.
{466}{515}You're under arrest.|Are you mad?
{515}{599}Focus on O'Brien.|And that is an order.
{599}{655}Someone's leaking Intel.
{655}{690}Who do you think?
{690}{764}It's not my style to betray|the people that I work with.
{779}{806}He's not the mole.
{806}{831}(GUN FIRING)
{866}{953}JONES: Paul is in custody.|O'Brien has just been killed.
{953}{992}Well, who is it then?
{992}{1054}Michael Samuelle?
{1109}{1164}You're really here to join us?
{1184}{1222}There's a condition.
{1222}{1292}There's a Section Operative|named Nikita.
{1306}{1334}All right.
{1334}{1404}Nikita will live|and Section will die.
{1604}{1666}JONES: Wha

{50}{89}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{133}{242}GRAFF: Nikita will live,|and Section will die.
{242}{293}NIKITA: Who's the mole?|Michael Samuelle.
{293}{388}It's time Daddy found out|some hard facts about|his precious little girl.
{388}{418}You want me dead.
{418}{470}At least have the guts|to do it face to face.
{568}{613}Nikita helped him escape.
{613}{652}PILOT:|Sir, we've been painted.
{705}{750}Evasive techniques employed.
{807}{869}Paul, are you all right?
{869}{941}You do realize that|if they capture|Paul alive,
{941}{977}this is the end of Section?
{977}{1002}NIKITA:|That won't happen.
{1002}{1029}Trust me.
{1073}{1135}JONES: Michael Samuelle|gave them the location.
{1135}{1172}He has to|maintain credibility.
{1172}{1239}You really have faith|in your power over him,|don't you?
{1239}{1301}OPERATIONS: He's preparing you|for Oversight and Center.
{1301}{1328}I don't want it.
{1328}{1359}She doesn't have|what it takes.
{1359}{1417}There was an


{50}{78}/Previously on|La Femme Nikita.
{78}{113}Bring me back.|Back into Section?
{148}{207}JONES: He helped|The Collective inflict|unprecedented damage.
{207}{259}And now suddenly,|he wants to change sides.
{259}{302}NIKITA: With the intel|he would provide,
{302}{344}we could strike back|at The Collective.
{344}{390}JONES: Assuming|he's telling the truth.
{390}{435}You want to do this?|I do.
{435}{531}Michael, this is Mr. Jones.|Mr. Jones, Michael Samuelle.
{531}{572}MICHAEL: There's|a conference tomorrow.
{572}{624}The Collective plans|to disrupt the conference.
{624}{671}I can stop it at a price.
{671}{731}I have a son, Adam.|Where is he?
{731}{778}Is there another|archive request active?
{778}{804}No. Why?
{804}{852}OPERATIONS:|Someone else is in.
{852}{898}The Collective. It has to be.
{925}{953}Hello, Adam.
{953}{994}The best available operatives.|Quickly.
{994}{1055}Have them meet me in transport|in five minutes.
{1055}{1105}Adam, listen to me.|My name is Paul.

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