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Podnapisi :: La Pianiste -ThePianoTeacher

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film La Pianiste -ThePianoTeacher v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 20.410 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1666}{1697}Good evening, child.
{1763}{1786}Evening, Mama.
{1792}{1837}Home already? I'm so happy.
{1873}{1907}Not so fast.
{1913}{1960}Please. Leave me be.|I'm tired.
{1966}{2007}I can quite believe it.
{2013}{2072}Your last pupil left 3 hours ago.
{2078}{2144}Might I know|where you've been all this time?
{2168}{2243}No, you don't.|Not until you tell me!
{2347}{2396}I went for a walk. Do you mind?
{2402}{2496}I spent 8 hours in my cage.|I was tired and needed some air.
{2502}{2552}- For three hours?|- Absolutely!
{3087}{3126}Just as I thought.
{3375}{3409}Where's the bankbook?
{3543}{3588}1 0,000 Schillings!
{3604}{3662}Tell me, have you lost your mind?
{3725}{3776}Where's my grey Autumn suit?
{3794}{3831}No idea.
{3881}{3909}Give that back.
{4151}{4193}I remember that talk show.
{4199}{4254}The guy advocated fines|for dog owners
{4260}{4310}whose dogs crap in the street.
{4353}{4455}The creep was


{713}{811}"Why do I avoid the roads
{817}{925}"Where other travellers go,
{992}{1103}"Seek out hidden paths
{1109}{1223}"Through snowbound rock outcrops?
{1229}{1342}"Seek out hidden paths
{1348}{1441}"Through snowbound rock outcrops?
{1646}{1762}"And yet, I've done nothing
{1768}{1879}"To make me flee my fellow men.
{2001}{2118}"What is this foolish desire
{2124}{2231}"Driving me into the wilderness?"
{2389}{2488}You think me devoid of sensitivity|and indeed I can be superficial.
{2494}{2534}You see, I admit it.
{2566}{2649}But telling me to forget Schubert|was atrociously unfair.
{2667}{2706}It's quite the contrary.
{2712}{2786}There are days,|like after our first lesson, when...
{2966}{3030}The sight of blood makes me ill.|Go to her.
{3036}{3079}Be her brave protector.
{3277}{3315}- What happened?|- Let me.
{3350}{3374}Call a doctor.
{3389}{3483}Don't stare, there's nothing to see.|Go back to the hall.
{6257}{6280}Come on.
{6988}{7021}Stop it!

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