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Podnapisi :: Lord Of the Rings FOTR Ext 4 CDs

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Lord Of the Rings FOTR Ext 4 CDs v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 39.097 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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LOTR Extended US CD2.sub

{150}{237}Sam, we're still in the Shire.|What could possibly happen?
{339}{393}-Merry, it's Frodo Baggins.|-Hello, Frodo.
{398}{431}Get off him.
{443}{478}Come on, Frodo.
{483}{527}What's the meaning of this?
{539}{613}You've been into Farmer Maggot's crop!
{641}{692}You get back here!
{716}{747}Get out of my field!
{752}{819}You'll know the devil|if I catch up with you!
{825}{895}I don't know why he's so upset.|It's only a couple of carrots.
{900}{927}And some cabbages.
{931}{1002}And those three bags of potatoes|that we lifted last week.
{1006}{1102}-And then the mushrooms the week before.|-Yes, Pippin. My point is...
{1108}{1160}...he's clearly overreacting.
{1524}{1585}Oh, that was close.
{1611}{1686}I think I've broken something.
{1710}{1767}Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!
{1771}{1859}What? That was just a detour.|A short cut.
{1863}{1917}-Short cut to what?|-Mushrooms!
{2127}{2162}That's mine.
{2229}{2267}That's nice, Merry.
{2281}{2330}Here's a ni

LOTR Extended US CD3.sub

{1087}{1170}In her heart, your mother knew|you'd be hunted all your Life.
{1182}{1223}That you'd never escape your fate.
{1235}{1322}The skill of the Elves|can reforge the sword of kings...
{1333}{1427}...but only you have the power|to wield it.
{1451}{1510}I do not want that power.
{1515}{1580}I have never wanted it.
{1609}{1672}You are the Last of that bloodline.|There is no other.
{1781}{1837}My old sword! Sting.
{1843}{1870}Here, take it. Take it.
{2002}{2095}-It's so light.|-Yes. Made by the Elves, you know.
{2112}{2212}The blade glows blue|when Orcs are close.
{2218}{2328}And it's times Like that, my lad,|when you have to be extra careful.
{2332}{2390}Here's a pretty thing.
{2451}{2557}As light as a feather,|and as hard as dragon scales.
{2561}{2639}Let me see you put it on. Come on.
{2832}{2881}My old ring.
{2911}{3005}I should very much Like...
{3010}{3106} hold it again, one Last time.
{3523}{3611}I'm sorry I brought this upon you,|my boy.

LOTR Extended US CD4.sub

{37}{105}This is Nenya,|the Ring of Adamant.
{109}{147}And I am its keeper.
{224}{311}This task was appointed to you.
{336}{404}And if you do not find a way...
{434}{481} one will.
{492}{568}Then I know what I must do.
{583}{612}It's just...
{689}{744}...I'm afraid to do it.
{828}{951}Even the smallest person can change|the course of the future.
{1079}{1216}Do you know how the Orcs|first came into being?
{1236}{1315}They were Elves once.
{1343}{1423}Taken by the Dark Powers...
{1429}{1505}...tortured and mutilated.
{1512}{1639}A ruined and terrible form of Life.
{1645}{1690}And now...
{1787}{1863}My fighting Uruk-hai...
{1909}{1965}...whom do you serve?
{2530}{2612}Hunt them down. Do not stop|until, they are found.
{2617}{2687}You do not know pain.|You do not know fear.
{2693}{2763}You will taste Man-flesh!
{2884}{2972}One of the halflings carries|something of great value.
{2977}{3077}Bring them to me alive and unspoiled.

LOTR Extended US CD1.sub

{806}{879}The world is changed.
{883}{956}I feel it in the water.
{974}{1044}I feel it in the earth.
{1082}{1153}I smell it in the air.
{1163}{1209}Much that once was...
{1214}{1251} lost.
{1268}{1341}For none now live who remember it.
{1650}{1755}It began with the forging|of the Great Rings.
{1810}{1901}Immortal, wisest and fairest|of all beings.
{1994}{2100}Great miners and craftsmen|of the mountain halls.
{2111}{2141}And nine...
{2146}{2217}...nine rings were gifted|to the race of Men...
{2223}{2315}... who, above all else, desire power.
{2342}{2467}For within these rings was bound|the strength and will to govern each race.
{2503}{2579}But they were all of them deceived.
{2585}{2635}For another ring was made.
{2655}{2741}In the land of Mordor,|in the fires of Mount Doom...
{2751}{2858}... the Dark Lord Sauron forged|in secret a Master Ring...
{2863}{2912}... to control all others.
{2917}{3012}And into this Ring he poured|his cruelty, his malice...

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