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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{383}{446}Farmers, farriers, stable boys.
{487}{530}These are no soldiers.
{580}{666}- Most have seen too many winters. | -Or too few.
{757}{784}Look at them.
{791}{863}Theyre frightened. I can see it |in their eyes.
{1371}{1419}Then I shall die as one of them!
{1575}{1616}Let him go, lad.
{1635}{1664}Let him be.
{1726}{1791}Every villager able to|wield a sword
{1793}{1840}has been sent to the armory.
{1962}{1991}My Lord?
{2053}{2101}Who am I, Gamling?
{2198}{2275}You are our King, Sire.
{2366}{2435}And do you trust your King?
{2481}{2539}Your men, my Lord -
{2561}{2635}will follow you to whatever end.
{2791}{2851}To whatever end.
{3077}{3137}Where is the horse and the rider?
{3165}{3232}Where is the horn that was blowing?
{3273}{3361}They have passed like rain|on the mountains,
{3402}{3458}like wind in the meadow.
{3571}{3655}The days have gone down|in the West,
{3674}{3729}behind the hills,
{3784}{3831}into shadow.
{4025}{4080}How did it come to this?
{4701}{4750}Give me your swor


{1962}{2035}-You cannot pass! |-Gandalf!
{2155}{2280}I'm a Servant of the Secret Fire, |wielder of the flame of Anor.
{2474}{2527}Go back to the Shadow!
{2568}{2678}Dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Ud?n!
{2749}{2845}You shall not pass!
{3507}{3550}No! No!
{3784}{3822}Fly, you fools!
{5699}{5743}What is it, Mr. Frodo?
{6020}{6058}Just a dream.
{6449}{6553}Mordor. The one place in Middle-Earth |we don't want to see any closer.
{6570}{6616}And the one place we are trying to get to.
{6630}{6678}And it's just where we can't get.
{6707}{6779}Let's face it, Mr. Frodo. We're lost.
{6837}{6897}I don't think Gandalf meant for |us to come this way.
{6940}{7006}He didn't mean for a lot of things |to happen, Sam.
{7039}{7079}But they did.
{7393}{7431}Mr. Frodo?
{7513}{7555}It's the Ring, isn't it?
{7571}{7612}It's getting heavier.
{7932}{8002}-What food have we got left? |-Well, let me see.


{34}{58}Be gone!
{1121}{1169}I know your face.
{1644}{1726}Breathe the free air again, |my friend.
{2046}{2108}Dark have been my dreams of late.
{2211}{2282}Your fingers would remember their |old strength better,
{2306}{2372}if they grasped your sword.
{3475}{3523}I've only, ever -
{3526}{3579}served you, my Lord.
{3579}{3711}Your witchcraft would have had me crawling |on all fours like a beast!
{3729}{3779}Send me not from your sight!
{3830}{3880}No, my Lord!
{3903}{3938}Let him go.
{3951}{4020}Enough blood has been spilled on his account.
{4064}{4107}Get out of my way!
{4170}{4226}Hail, Th?oden, King!
{4846}{4890}Where is Th?odred?
{4975}{5012}Where is my son?
{5295}{5370}Ever has it grown on the tombs |of my forebears.
{5478}{5534}Now it shall cover the grave of my son.
{5602}{5670}Alas, that these evil days should |be mine.
{5719}{5803}The young perish and |the old linger.
{5839}{5873}That I

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