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Podnapisi :: Love Actually

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Love Actually v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 2.099 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Love Actually CD1.sub

{67346}{67401}Thank you very much but no.
{67403}{67454}If you saw my sister|you'd understand why.
{67508}{67560}Just don't go eating it all yourself,
{67562}{67598}you're getting chubbier every day.
{69721}{69778}Fuck, it's cold!
{69921}{70000}This stuff better be good.
{70087}{70131}I don't want to drown
{70133}{70199}saving some shit my grandmother|could have written.
{70237}{70302}What kind of idiot|doesn't make copies?
{70437}{70511}Try not to disturb the eels.
{71053}{71161}Maybe you could name|one of the characters after me.
{71163}{71238}Or give me 50% of the profits.
{71389}{71455}What kind of book is it?
{72526}{72617}I'd better get back to work.
{72619}{72709}Later you'll drive me home?
{73017}{73125}It's the saddest part|of my day, leaving you.
{88528}{88600}I will miss you.
{88632}{88701}And your very slow typing...
{88728}{88796}and your very bad driving.

Love Actually CD2.sub

{70883}{70933}Good evening.
{70935}{71007}- Mr. Barros?|- Yes.
{71009}{71097}I am here to ask your daughter
{71099}{71145}for her hands in marriage.
{71147}{71200}You want to marry my daughter?
{71249}{71283}Come here,
{71285}{71321}there is a man at the door.
{71360}{71412}He wants to marry you.
{71414}{71446}But I've never seen him before.
{71448}{71481}Who cares?
{71483}{71536}You're going to sell me|to a complete stranger?
{71538}{71610}Sell? Who said sell? I'll pay him.
{71612}{71725}Pardon me. I'm meaning|your other daughter, Aurelia.
{71727}{71816}She's not here, she's at work. I'll take you.
{71818}{71853}You! Stay here.
{71855}{71925}As if I would. Stupid!
{71996}{72110}Father is about to sell Aurelia|as a slave to this Englishman.
{72402}{72446}You better not say yes, Father.
{72448}{72519}Shut up, Miss Dunkin' Donuts 2003.
{77848}{77909}- Where is Aurelia?|- Why should I tell you?
{77911}{77959}This man wants to marry her.

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