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Podnapisi :: Maengbu.samcheon.jigyo.[MoNG]

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Maengbu.samcheon.jigyo.[MoNG] v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 19.047 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 2

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Maengbu.samcheon.jigyo.CD1.[MoNG] .txt

{833}{950}CJ Entertainment presents
{1004}{1135}In association with CJ Venture Investment|COREA ENTERTAINMENT
{1339}{1439}CHO Jae-hyun
{1481}{1540}He's my only child, Sa-sung
{1543}{1604}SOHN Chang-min|This guy will go to Seoul Univ.
{1694}{1785}I was shocked|that he grabbed a mike
{1788}{1827}instead of a pencil|at his 1st birthday party!
{1951}{2009}He cried so hard
{2013}{2065}that I gave in
{2279}{2333}It doesn't matter
{2337}{2420}I'll make sure he gets into|Seoul National University!
{2423}{2545}Written/ Directed by KIM Ji-young
{2589}{2790}Father and Son:|The Story of Mencius
{2931}{3012}Institutes aren't good enough
{3015}{3110}I got him a tutor and|he's doing way better
{3114}{3182}Expensive?|Money isn't an issue
{3185}{3247}as long as he gets into SNU!
{3351}{3386}Excuse me!
{3389}{3449}Sorry about that!
{3452}{3559}Tutors are a waste of money
{3586}{3645}My son has no tutor and|he is at the top of his class
{3648}{3707}What school does he go to?
{3710}{3734}Gangbuk High!

Maengbu.samcheon.jigyo.CD2.[MoNG] .txt

{0}{59}What?|What's the matter?
{62}{117}Where'd the tutor go?
{120}{165}It's a brand new laptop!
{194}{287}Which is our phone line?
{290}{335}Just so many!
{365}{458}Which one should I cut?
{705}{825}Ladies are on my side|It will be over soon
{879}{905}Let's be cool
{1107}{1138}Stop it
{1206}{1250}Not that|Hyun-jung's uncle
{1275}{1301}What about him?
{1357}{1421}He grew up on the street
{1424}{1481}He doesn't bother me much
{1484}{1533}Who do I live for?
{1618}{1636}For me
{1678}{1708}What's my name?
{1826}{1869}No, that's not it
{1918}{2010}My name is 'Sa-sung's father'!
{2064}{2205}I'm nothing without you|You're nothing without me
{2285}{2307}Get inside
{2438}{2468}Get in!
{2654}{2744}If he flunks this Pre-SAT|I will kill you
{2812}{2837}Choi Kang-doo!
{2982}{3027}Go away you fool
{3045}{3125}Come here you bastard
{3330}{3401}Choi Kang-doo, you're done for!
{3502}{3600}Where are you going?|I'm here, ladies!
{3603}{3655}Come out mister|what are

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