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Podnapisi :: Mean Creek

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Mean Creek v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 21.096 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Mean Creek.cd1.txt

{3170}{3233}Hey! What do you think|you're doing?!
{3258}{3288}You're a punk, Sam!|Get off.
{3293}{3342}I ought to kill you!|You fucking dickhead!
{3347}{3393}I told you to never touch my camera!|Stop!
{3398}{3476}Didn't I?! Fucker! You little wimp!|Bitch! Pussy! I told you!
{3488}{3555}I ought to fucking kill you!|And I will kill you, you little punk...
{3560}{3621}...if I ever catch you fucking|with my camera again.
{3626}{3680}He's so gonna cry.|Step on him!
{3685}{3727}Get out of my way!|Relax, man.
{3755}{3798}Are you ok?
{4001}{4088}You ever stare at the ceiling|till it started looking kind of funny?
{4139}{4193}Like it was breathing.|Like it was saying something.
{4198}{4255}Like it was saying,|"Rocky...
{4260}{4340} gotta do something|about what's been going on."
{4498}{4553}Something's gotta happen, Sam.
{4562}{4605}Something's gotta give.
{4670}{4719}We can call the police.
{4755}{4820}Police wouldn't do jack.
{4825}{4859}I wish I was bigger.
{4869}{4910}I'm big

Mean Creek.cd2.txt

{20}{73}...when I could be at home|watching TV.
{78}{118}Marty, come on.|Then you have me steering...
{123}{189}...the fucking Titanic all across the river|with a bunch of munchkins...
{194}{282}...who are totally sober|and bringing me down.
{311}{358}Now, you mean to tell me|we don't even get to do...
{363}{399}...what we came out here for?
{404}{451}I had no idea the guy|was gonna turn out so nice.
{456}{516}Check it out, Rock,|he's not nice!
{521}{601}He's a spoiled, retarded punk|who beat up your brother.
{606}{650}Ok, maybe I feel a little sorry|for him now.
{655}{693}Ok, well, then I'm gonna|give you two choices:
{698}{746}You're either hard as hell|and you're yanking my chain...
{751}{781}...or you're the limpest dick|I've ever met in my life.
{786}{842}Everyone wants to call it off.|Well, everyone is a vagina!
{847}{926}You don't even have|a real grudge against him.
{967}{1016}If you were any kind|of a good brother...
{1021}{1078} wouldn't let Sammy boy|get the shit

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 Mean Creek

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