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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Men Of Honor v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.933 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Men_Of_Honor_2[en] .txt

00:00:28:- [Knocking]|- [Pappy]Come in.
00:00:29:- [Knocking]|- [Pappy]Come in.
00:00:30:Watch the door, Chief .|Try not to touch anything.
00:00:45:[Glass Clattering]
00:01:09:Did you know|that ordinary house dust...
00:01:13:is composed primarily|of human skin?
00:01:18:No, sir,|I didn't know that.
00:01:20:[Chuckles] Makes you think twice|about who you invite into your home.
00:01:36:Two tablespoons|of machine oil...
00:01:39:can contaminate...
00:01:41:an entire ship's|fresh water supply.
00:01:48:Some things just don't mix.
00:01:54:Do they, Chief?
00:02:00:He's gonna pass.
00:02:02:Yesterday, he scored|a 94 on his final.
00:02:06:Sir, he don't have to be|that fast tomorrow.
00:02:08:All he's got to do|is complete the exercise.
00:02:24:there may come a day when a colored|diver graduates from this school,
00:02:27:but it won't be tomorrow|or as long as I'm here.
00:02:33:You agree with me,|of course.
00:02:37:- Don't you, Chief?|- Yes, sir.

Men_Of_Honor_1[en] .txt

00:00:10:Subtitles by czarnys (poprawione)
00:00:12:Mail to:
00:00:50:[Waves Crashing]
00:00:52:MEN OF HONOR
00:01:41:[TV Newscaster] Thirty six|hours ago, an American B-52 bomber...
00:01:44:crashed into|the Mediterranean Sea
00:01:47:Moments before impact,|the bomber's crew...
00:01:49:jettisoned a 50-megaton|nuclear warhead.
00:01:53:The bomb, capable of leveling|a major city, has been lost at sea.
00:01:57:Underway at this hour is the greatest|naval search in human history.
00:02:01:What do you think, Sunday?|It should be you out there.
00:02:04:Why not? I'm the best|goddamn diver in the whole U.S. Navy.
00:02:07:[Laughing] Well, you ain't in|the Navy. You are a damn deserter.
00:02:09:[Laughing] Well, you ain't in|the Navy. You are a damn deserter.
00:02:11:- AWOL, AWOL.|- [Laughing]
00:02:13:Twenty years ago, a man'd go|on a bender like that,
00:02:16:they'd pin a medal on his chest|and take him downtown for a blowjob.
00:02:19:[Laughing Continues]

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