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Podnapisi :: Midnight Run

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Midnight Run v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 35.444 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Midnight Run 02.sub

{60}{124}Yeah, put him through.
{108}{202}Marvin, everything's still|on schedule, pal, isn't it?
{179}{273}So Dorfler's working for you guys.
{250}{314}Who is this?|- This is Jack Walsh.
{298}{422}Jack, what are you complaining for?|We came to you first, didn't we?
{394}{488}It's Jack Walsh.|Hold on. Somebody wants to say hello.
{490}{584}Hey, too late for you, scumbag.
{562}{656}No, too late for you. I didn't come|this far not to collect my money.
{634}{728}You understand me?|I want the Duke back.
{706}{860}What the fuck you telling me for?|- What am I telling you for?
{826}{890}I'll tell you what|I'm telling you for.
{874}{1028}I got some of the Duke's belongings,|including computer disks telling...
{994}{1118}of Serrano's businesses, his|money-laundering operations, everything.
{1090}{1184}If I don't get the Duke back|in the next two hours...
{1162}{1256}I'm gonna turn those disks over|to the Feds, do you hear me?
{1234}{1388}I wanna meet Serrano with the Duke|in two hours at McCarran Airpor

Midnight Run 01.sub

{2927}{2961}Come on.
{3000}{3094}Hey, Marvin,|what are you doin'?
{3072}{3136}He's mine, Jack. Get lost.|- Fuck you.
{3120}{3214}He's mine. Eddie assigned him to me.|What are you doing?
{3192}{3286}Straighten it out with Eddie.|I'll collect the money.
{3264}{3388}I almost got killed. He shot at me.|- Back off!
{3360}{3424}I'm taking him.|This guy's worth 1.200.
{3408}{3532}What the hell we fightin' for?|We're friends.
{3504}{3598}Nothing personal, but fuck off.
{3576}{3670}Take it easy. Jesus!|Marvin, watch out!
{3696}{3760}What the fuck's goin' on?|You guys ain't cops.
{3768}{3832}No, we're ballet dancers.
{3816}{3910}Your mother teach you how to react|to strangers?
{3888}{3922}Not shoot at 'em?
{4272}{4366}Hey, Marvin, thanks for the car.
{4368}{4432}You sleep, and I'll bring it back|a little later.
{4944}{5008}Got a delivery for you, Gooch.
{4992}{5146}Good. The soda machine's been out|for a week and a half.
{5112}{5176}Check that for me.
{5160}{5224}What've we got her

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