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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{416}{487}The French have said|au revoir to the franc.
{495}{585}The Germans have said|auf wiedersehen to the Deutschmark.
{589}{684}And the Portuguese have said|whatever to their thing.
{714}{785}Now it's our turn to say|goodbye to Sterling.
{822}{893}This Christmas|we are going to get the euro.
{896}{938}Goodbye old pound.
{942}{981}Everyone says|we are going to miss you.
{985}{1027}- Come on!|- Faster! Faster!
{1030}{1070}- Hey come on!|- Faster!
{1141}{1199}I can't see ya!|Where are you?
{1202}{1247}I'm over here!
{1250}{1312}This is the main drag along here.
{1315}{1362}That's Portland.
{1366}{1477}Bisecting that at right angles,|is Lundy on that side.
{1481}{1574}On this side there's Fastnet.|What's yours?
{1610}{1660}Cromarty and German Bight.
{1663}{1722}Cul de sacs. Over here.
{1735}{1825}- I've come through.|- Come on! Come on, Damian!
{1829}{1886}There's a train coming!
{1982}{2041}Keep pedalling. Come on!

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