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Podnapisi :: Mission Impossible III

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Mission Impossible III v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.980 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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Mission Impossible III.Waf.cd1.txt

{723}{782}We've put an explosive charge|in your head.
{931}{972}Does that sound familiar?
{1050}{1102}The Rabbit's Foot. Where is it?
{1129}{1168}I gave it to you.
{1171}{1243}Ethan, where's the Rabbit's Foot?
{1259}{1336}Wait... What are you saying?|That wasn't it?
{1350}{1426}What I gave you, was that...|I'm going to count to 10.
{1429}{1526}You're going to tell me|where the Rabbit's Foot is or she dies.
{1719}{1776}Jules, it's going to be okay.
{1804}{1866}It's going to be okay.|Do you understand?
{1927}{2002}You listen to me.|I got exactly what you asked for.
{2005}{2059}Did you want something else?
{2072}{2113}If there was a misunderstanding,|I will fix it.
{2116}{2162}I can get it, whatever you want.
{2204}{2277}Listen. Talk to me. We can talk...
{2285}{2322} gentlemen.
{2637}{2700}All right. All right, all right.
{2737}{2797}I know where the Rabbit's Foot is.
{2826}{2853}I can help you.

Mission Impossible III.Waf.cd2.txt

{1781}{1845}Alpha team, this is Bravo.|Right on schedule.
{1866}{1915}We should have breach in 60.
{1918}{1981}Roger that. Charlie team, report.
{1995}{2044}Well, I don't have anything|to report, really.
{2123}{2171}Except I think I should be right on time.
{2173}{2198}We'll be waiting for you.
{2201}{2266}ETA two minutes.|Roger that.
{3024}{3063}Charlie team, did you fire the tracer yet?
{3096}{3128}Stand by.
{3475}{3535}Firing the tracer. Now.
{3674}{3749}Alpha, I'm in. T minus two minutes.
{3752}{3785}Roger that.
{3852}{3881}Charlie team, I see you.
{3893}{3950}I'm looping the security feed.|Stand by to move.
{3952}{3985}Roger that.
{4027}{4061}Video is looped. Go.
{4399}{4455}Alpha team,|catacomb video taken care of?
{4458}{4506}Taken care of. We're good to go.
{4709}{4790}Delta team, do you copy?|All I do is copy.
{4797}{4877}That's funny.|Get ready to move into position.
{4880}{4939}I'm already there.|Really?
{5002}{5039}ETA 30 seconds.
{5042}{5079}See you in 30.

Mission Impossible III.Waf.cd3.txt

{755}{798}You got 18 minutes.
{855}{901}You're going to make it over there.
{903}{983}You're going to find the Rabbit's Foot,|get back to the roof...
{987}{1030} me when you're ready to make|the jump...
{1032}{1091}...and we're going to come get you.
{1115}{1156}Thank you for coming.
{1175}{1210}That's my job.
{2080}{2112}Batter up.
{2779}{2851}Oh, yeah. They're freaking out.|Hit them again.
{5191}{5214}He made it.
{5219}{5252}He made it.
{5327}{5370}I knew he'd make it.
{5719}{5788}I'm going in. I'll be out in five minutes.
{5984}{6042}It's been 12 minutes.|He's got five minutes left.
{6044}{6127}If he doesn't call Davian in five minutes,|Julia's dead.
{6227}{6278}How about you? Any good news?
{6280}{6314}No, nothing.
{6319}{6354}Come on, Ethan.
{6577}{6612}What is that?
{6736}{6839}When I was little I had a cat,|and he used to run away all the time.
{6875}{6950}And it's just a prayer I'd say|to bring h

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