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Podnapisi :: Mrs. Miniver

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Mrs. Miniver v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 37.086 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3053}{3094}East Hill bus.
{3117}{3189}- All right, lady, on or off, please.|- Oh, yes.
{3193}{3248}- That's all. Next bus!|- ~Fares, please.
{3252}{3288}- Beverly Crescent?|- Who?
{3292}{3371}- Beverly Crescent.|- Get off next stop, take number 19.
{3376}{3417}- ~Fares, please.|- I'm sorry, conductor.
{3421}{3488}- Would you mind stopping?|- Leaving us already?
{3492}{3540}It's in the opposite direction.
{3544}{3638}That's about the only place|we don't go, lady. ~Fares, please.
{4358}{4433}- Why, Mrs. Miniver.|- You know, I...
{4474}{4529}Don't tell me it's gone.
{4541}{4586}Just a minute.
{5026}{5085}Oh, I was so afraid you'd sold it.
{5089}{5150}No. We knew you'd come back.
{5154}{5217}I know it's foolish and extravagant...
{5221}{5266}...but I've simply got to have it.
{5270}{5354}Yes, pack it up quickly,|don't give me time to think.
{5358}{5414}Oh, careful, careful.
{5524}{5578}Why, vicar. This is nice.
{5582}{5682}- ~For me. Let me put those on the rack.|- Thank you.


{3}{65}"As you know",|{y:i}the British Expeditionary Force...
{69}{129}{y:i}... is trapped between the enemy|{y:i}and the sea.
{133}{206}{y:i}Four hundred thousand men|{y:i}are crowded on the beaches...
{211}{272}{y:i}... under bombardment from artillery|{y:i}and planes.
{276}{364}{y:i}Their only chance to escape annihilation|{y:i}rests with you.
{368}{446}{y:i}Your destination is Dunkirk.
{454}{537}{y:i}It's my duty to tell you|{y:i}that the effort is not without risk.
{542}{607}{y:i}You are asked to cross 40 miles|{y:i}of open sea...
{611}{694}{y:i}... many of you in small boats|{y:i}that are far from seaworthy.
{699}{782}{y:i}Shore guns and enemy aircraft|{y:i}are going to make it tough for you.
{787}{882}{y:i}Any of you who wish to withdraw|{y:i}may do so now.
{979}{1024}{y:i}Very good.
{1028}{1069}{y:i}We'll put to sea at once.
{1073}{1130}{y:i}Smaller boats without compasses|{y:i}will follow...
{1135}{1203}{y:i}... in the wake of larger ships|{y:i}at the head of the line.

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