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Podnapisi :: Munich

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Munich v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 38.464 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1859}{1912}Best place we went to|since we've been here.
{1914}{1945}Definitely, man.
{1946}{1988}Way to go, buddy.|Brother.
{1990}{2069}You guys coming back to my place?|All right. Let's go.
{2200}{2279}Shame, shame.|Closing down the beer garden.
{2291}{2369}Hundred-meter dash powered|by knackwurst and lager.
{2400}{2446}Where are you guys from?
{2479}{2519}What's your event?
{2566}{2611}They don't speak English,|man.
{2655}{2734}Let's help them over.|Come on. Up?
{2743}{2773}Here you go.
{2801}{2856}Let's go.|I got you. Come on.
{2904}{2970}Up. Yeah. All right?
{3096}{3147}You guys take care.|See you.
{3194}{3238}Take it easy.|See you.
{3240}{3286}You're taking|the grade tomorrow.
{3288}{3329}Watch yourself, man.
{5631}{5664}I'm Jim McKay|speaking to you live...
{5666}{5725} this moment,|from ABC headquarters...
{5727}{5804}...just outside the Olympic village|in Munich, West Germany.
{5806}{5877}The peace of what have been called|the "serene Olympics"


{27}{50}He's over there.
{376}{424}Louis says you're a cook.
{428}{476}I know how to cook, yeah.
{488}{521}You help me?
{652}{691}Bring these there.
{816}{919}No, no. Don't wash. No, no.|They will taste like boiled sponge.
{927}{974}But then why put them|in the sink?
{976}{1035}If the juices spurt out,|it's a big mess.
{1037}{1100}The whole kitchen|will smell like piss.
{1146}{1185}Peel off the fat.
{1269}{1314}Let me see your hands.
{1385}{1432}Too big for a good cook.
{1437}{1496}That was my problem, too.|I had been a master...
{1498}{1579}...but I have thick, stupid, butcher's|hands just like yours.
{1581}{1675}Well, we are tragic men.|Butcher's hands, gentle souls.
{1997}{2059}These are going to be|too sour to eat.
{2064}{2144}Skin them and prick them,|boil them in sugar.
{2163}{2241}A little torture, and you'll see|how nice they are.
{2265}{2340}You call me "Papa."|I can't do that.
{2342}{2392}No?|I have a papa already.
{2444}{2490}You are devoted to him?

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 Munich (2006)
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 Munich 2005.DVDSCR.XviD-DVL
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