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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film My Sassy Girl v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 25.198 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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My Sassy Girl CD2.sub

{64}{85}What's up?
{88}{138}Oh, hi.
{157}{189}You're early.
{203}{246}l was in the neighbourhood.
{261}{289}Miss me?
{304}{325}Of course!
{364}{445}She always tried hard to look cheery.
{464}{543}l like her that way. What would you like?
{551}{570}Coke, please.
{572}{623}Wanna die? Drink coffee.
{639}{666}Two coffees, please.
{721}{764}I know her.
{766}{812}She pretends to be happy,
{814}{893}But she's full of sorrow inside.
{910}{980}What are you doing? What are you smiling at?
{982}{1040}No. Its nothing.
{1109}{1140}Looks fun, huh?
{1208}{1272}Another one? Why? Don't wanna read it?
{1275}{1320}She may get disappointed.
{1323}{1414}But l should be honest for her sake.
{1431}{1500}Looks fun. I'll read it.
{1745}{1810}This time it's a martial arts film.
{1942}{2019}The heroine is a bounty hunter.
{2105}{2196}The villain wears rain slippers even on clear days.
{2210}{2275}The worst of his kind.
{2457}{2498}What happened? His name's Gyeon-woo?

My Sassy Girl CD1.sub

{44}{109}Presented by IM Pictures
{174}{252}Produced by Shin Cine
{327}{547}In association with MVP Venture CapitaI|and Cinema Service
{624}{688}Jeun Jee-hyun|Cha Tae-hyun
{819}{935}MY SASSY GIRL
{987}{1037}Extraction by Cocolina
{1086}{1155}ũ : |
{1356}{1397}ExactIy two years ago today,
{1399}{1515}she and I buried a time capsule here.
{1538}{1650}We promised to meet here two years later,
{1675}{1763}but she hasn't come yet.
{1786}{1845}I'm going to wait.
{2031}{2059}Here we go.
{2079}{2102}Please don't move.
{2115}{2147}One, two...
{2149}{2178}Wait a minute.
{2283}{2350}Hello? Oh, auntie.
{2365}{2435}Sorry, I'm on my way.
{2451}{2554}I'm really sorry. Yes, I'm coming.
{2575}{2674}'m having my photo taken. Bye.
{2715}{2750}Are you ready?
{2792}{2827}Here we go.
{2851}{2898}One, two...
{2948}{2997}My parents wanted a daughter,
{2999}{3067}so they raised me like one.
{3116}{3202}So I thought I was a girl until I was seven.
{3311}{3381}I had to go to the wo

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