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Podnapisi :: My.Little.Bride.2004.DVDRip.DivX.AC3-MoNG

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film My.Little.Bride.2004.DVDRip.DivX.AC3-MoNG v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.955 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1125}{1175}KOREA PICTURES presents
{1542}{1599}Executive Producer Soma H.Z. Chung
{1627}{1689}Producer Choi Soonsik
{1711}{1777}Co- producer Park Dojun
{1799}{1886}Co- executive Producers|Lee Dongjoo, Lee Seokjun
{1972}{2035}starring|Kim Raewon
{2054}{2121}Moon Geunyoung
{2141}{2217}Director Kim Hojun
{2298}{2442}MY LITTLE BRIDE
{4998}{5048}Hey, you can't kick that...
{5114}{5168}You haven't changed one bit.
{5174}{5214}It's you, Boeun.
{5218}{5361}You're a big girl now. Great body!
{5366}{5407}Nice curves.
{5410}{5511}Drop it, okay?
{5514}{5546}Hey, you little girl!
{5550}{5604}Hey, give me a break!
{5626}{5687}They look so nice and shiny...
{5698}{5763}Stop staring. You'll sprain your eyes.
{5771}{5830}No, it's just that they look familiar.
{6006}{6059}Anyway, what brings you here?
{6066}{6114}Missed me so that|you had to skip school?
{6117}{6184}No, it's the school's anniversary.
{6189}{6269}I was forc


{98}{133}-Hey!|- Yes?
{143}{206}You're such a cute little thing.
{231}{266}Thank you.
{391}{474}- Thanks for everything. Bye.|- Good night.
{533}{626}- Bye. Take care.|- Thanks for tonight.
{636}{702}Where have you been?
{723}{756}Apartment meeting.
{858}{923}Look at him. He looks|like a sleazebag.
{932}{991}Yeah, he really does.
{994}{1044}Looks mean as well.
{1122}{1157}What did you tell them?
{1275}{1322}How can you do this to me!
{1852}{1884}See you later.
{2111}{2176}Shit, why am I such a loser.
{2215}{2295}I envy you.|You've got a husband and a boyfriend.
{2435}{2464}Next, next.
{2472}{2555}No. 2, Hulk,|No.3, Tiger Woods,
{2575}{2621}- No.4 Zidane!|- Okay, Zidane!
{2623}{2654}Zidane, Zidane!
{2657}{2701}What is it?
{2703}{2737}Aw shit. You should've knocked...
{2739}{2766}- Uh! Jisoo...|- Jisoo...
{2767}{2847}You're here. I have your assigned|internship schools.
{2875}{2947}- Sangmin is Dongin High.|- What?
{2951}{3023}- Dongin High.|- Shit!
{3064}{3119}What is it? What's wrong?

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