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Podnapisi :: Nirgendwo in Afrika (SwOrDfIsH)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Nirgendwo in Afrika (SwOrDfIsH) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 24.284 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{937}{1037}I couldn't remember Germany.
{1038}{1138}I only knew there's snow and 4 seasons.
{1139}{1241}And that our family was there.|Everyone, not just mum and dad. Everyone.
{1242}{1329}And that I liked that.
{1368}{1468}But I know as well that I was always afraid of something.
{1469}{1627}Of the other children, of the people on|the streets. I was even afraid of dogs.
{1739}{1795}Oh come on, I'll help you.
{2123}{2248}Germany is a dark place for me.|Not so light and hot as Kenia.
{2249}{2348}A place with big buildings|and gloomy rooms.
{2349}{2474}Dad says that Germany is our home.|I guess he misses his own father.
{2475}{2599}My grandfather. He's allergic to nuts|And was not allowed to eat nut cookies .
{2600}{2746}He liked Heinrich Heines poems.|Especially those about Germany.
{2810}{2893}I had two aunts there too,|I really like them
{2894}{2994}Aunt K?the was my mother?s sister.|Dad?s sister was called Liesel.
{2995}{3094}Sometimes they helped out in grandfather?s|hotel ?Eagle?.


{126}{192}Letters with those stamps always bring tears.
{192}{259}I'll be the one who gives Bwana the letter.
{259}{339}Good idea. You are his friend.
{475}{550}Sohrau, October 2nd 1940.
{554}{640}My dear son,|It?s nice to hear,
{641}{741}that you had luck with your 2nd farm.
{742}{842}Emigrating has become impossible .|Pretty soon
{843}{955}Hitler will close the borders.|There?s nothing left we could sell.
{956}{1056}People say that the Jews will be banned in ghettos.
{1057}{1197}In this case Greschek will send you our new address.
{1198}{1304}Walter, for the first time in my life|I am worried!
{1325}{1447}Worried...especially about Liesel|but as well about my own life
{1496}{1607}In Germany we feel like on a lonely island.
{1608}{1758}Nobody dares talking. It?s horrible.
{1759}{1885}My son. I send you this letter and|the rose seeds you wanted.
{1886}{1986}May these seeds grow in the African earth
{1987}{2099}to bring Jettl Regina and you a lot of joy.
{2125}{2195}I always think of you!|Your

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