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Podnapisi :: North By Northwest

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film North By Northwest v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 53.324 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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NorthbyNorthwest/Destination Hitchcock - The Making of North by Northwest (EN).sub

{100}{300}Ripped with SubRip 1.14 and Verified by CdinT|
{301}{420}I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{565}{605}Alfred Hitchcock...
{611}{705} regarded as one of the greatest|film directors of all time.
{711}{875}His genius was tapping into the most|basic of human emotions: fear.
{910}{1013}However, the way he created fear|in his films was far more cunning...
{1019}{1112}...than merely depicting scenes|of extreme violence.
{1118}{1185}Hitchcock put us in touch|with how we could become...
{1191}{1287}...the unwitting victims|of secrets, betrayal...
{1293}{1397}...and even government plots|in the midst of our everyday lives.
{1403}{1530}He employed this premise in many|of his best pictures.
{1761}{1883}However, "North by Northwest" stands out|as the ultimate Hitchcock thriller.
{1889}{1988}I'm Eva Marie Saint and this is the|story of how this film was made...
{1994}{2094}...and the master who brought it|to the screen.
{3319}{3353}From the late 1920s...

NorthbyNorthwest/North by Northwest (EN).sub

{100}{300}Ripped with SubRip 1.14 and Verified by CdinT|
{301}{420}I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{3253}{3341}"If you accept the belief that a high|Trendex means a rising sales curve..."
{3347}{3380}- Mr. Thornhill?|- Good night, Eddie.
{3386}{3438}- Say hello to the missus.|- We're not talking.
{3444}{3482}"My recommendation is still the same."
{3488}{3558}"Spread the good word in as many|small-time segments as we can."
{3564}{3655}"Let the opposition have their high ratings|while we cry all the way to the bank."
{3661}{3724}"Let's colonize at the Colony|one day next week for lunch."
{3730}{3788}"Let me hear from you, Sam.|Happy thoughts, etc..."
{3794}{3828}You better walk me to the Plaza.
{3834}{3907}- I didn't put a coat on.|- Use your blood sugar, child. Come on.
{3913}{3944}- Next?|- Gretchen Sabinson.
{3950}{3964}Oh, yes.
{3970}{4036}Send her a box of candy from Blum's. $10.|You know the kind.
{4042}{4123}Each piece wrapped in gold paper.|She'll thin

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 North by Northwest
 North by Northwest
 North By Northwest (1959)

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