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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Open Range v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 33.077 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Open Range CD2.sub

{20}{45}How you doing?
{47}{104}We run a freight outfit|when the weather cooperates.
{106}{131}Boss Spearman.
{133}{220}And the marksman here|is Charley Waite.
{222}{307}Is all that true,|what you said in the caf?
{368}{404}There's a kid at the doc's house
{406}{462}put on death's doorstep|by Baxter.
{464}{493}Doc's wife's caring for him
{495}{541}until he comes back|after the storm.
{543}{570}Doc's wife?
{572}{613}Yeah.|Miss Barlow.
{615}{648}You mean Sue?
{650}{683}That's right.
{685}{742}Well, she'd make somebody|a fine wife.
{743}{822}But she ain't the doc's.
{824}{867}That's his sister.
{869}{901}His sister?
{903}{966}Ain't his wife.
{1036}{1078}Good evening, Mack.
{1104}{1129}Ray, Cory.
{1175}{1228}This is Ralph Peterson.|He runs the general store.
{1230}{1290}That's where l was|when the dog got free.
{1292}{1363}You fellers the free grazers,|l expect.
{1551}{1579}No offense.
{1581}{1631}Personally, l don't stand|with ot

Open Range CD1.sub

{1539}{1600}Think she'll get over thisaway?
{1730}{1781}Best bed them down.
{3086}{3126}Come on, Tig.
{4112}{4160}There she goes.
{4278}{4331}Looks like we're in for it.
{4777}{4817}You see them?
{4890}{4977}Can't see them.|Can't hear them.
{4978}{5037}You ever seen one this bad?
{5038}{5099}Not since Noah and the flood.
{5101}{5214}Well, you should know, Boss,|since you was there.
{5215}{5265}What did you say?
{5267}{5361}He said, "You should know|since you was there."
{5495}{5564}Well, even that|wasn't this damn wet.
{5566}{5600}One thing's certain.
{5602}{5722}Noah never shoveled as much bull|from them he had aboard.
{5724}{5794}Let's rustle up some grub.
{5942}{5981}That hurt?|-Yeah.
{5982}{6031}Mose, still got them cards?
{6033}{6081}Yeah, I got them.
{6083}{6164}Get them out, and let's have us|a game after breakfast.
{6468}{6499}Button !
{6539}{6585}Pull the

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