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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Open Range v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.628 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Open Range.cd1.txt

{1455}{1501}Think she'll get over this way?
{1650}{1677}Best bed 'em down.
{3006}{3031}Come on, Tig.
{4027}{4052}There she goes.
{4191}{4232}Looks like we're in for it.
{4698}{4723}You see them?
{4808}{4858}Can't see 'em. Can't hear 'em.
{4894}{4941}You ever seen one this bad?
{4961}{5009}Not since Noah and the flood.
{5027}{5112}You should know, Boss,|since you was there.
{5138}{5163}What did you say?
{5187}{5257}He said you should know|since you was there.
{5411}{5465}Even that wasn't this damn wet.
{5485}{5584}One thing's certain. Noah never|shoveled as much bull from them.
{5639}{5683}Best rustle up some grub.
{5858}{5882}That hurt?
{5903}{5944}Mose, you still got them cards?
{5958}{5983}Yeah, I got 'em.
{6002}{6077}Get them out and let's have us|a game after breakfast.
{6456}{6502}Throw them plates under here.
{6581}{6662}You gonna play those cards|or stare a hole through the

Open Range.cd2.txt

{142}{160}Mr. Spearman?
{162}{187}Doctor in?
{188}{216}No, he's not here.
{225}{269}We got a boy that's hurt bad.
{284}{339}Put him in the examining room.
{742}{836}It's not his hearing, mam. He hears|real well when he's awake.
{839}{945}Mr. Spearmen, I checking if blood's in his ears,|it could mean a fractured skull.
{1054}{1084}Are you this boy father?
{1100}{1180}No, ma'am. His name's Button|and he works for me.
{1197}{1249}It appears that's not very healthy.
{1281}{1352}You know the way to the parlor.|Sit down.
{1383}{1411}I'll be a while.
{1961}{2020}I don't think it's a fracture.
{2028}{2092}Concussion's more likely,|but it's bad.
{2353}{2425}We don't see a lot of people shot.
{2436}{2513}I dressed the wound.|It doesn't look infected.
{2524}{2549}What about the fever?
{2556}{2630}He needs to lay still|and let his body do its work.
{2659}{2688}No offense, ma'am...
{2701}{2800}...but we come a long way to see|the boy looked after by Dr. Barlow.
{2824}{2849}Where's he at?

Open Range.cd3.txt

{247}{300}It's a pretty day for|making things right.
{311}{340}Well, enjoy it.
{348}{440}Because once it starts, it's going to be|messy like mothing you've never seen.
{446}{520}I ain't survived my years|without being in some fights, Charley.
{573}{615}I ain't doubting your grit Boss.
{637}{705}You got more that any man|I ever known.
{732}{831}I don't mean to be hard about that, but it is just|the other night, the fellas back in the trees we let go.
{847}{881}It was my call Charley.
{895}{927}See now it was probably a mistake.
{938}{972}It's not what I meant.
{996}{1028}I mean, maybe it was, but...
{1051}{1150}But it's what I was always respected|about you, what I always appreciated.
{1171}{1251}How you treated other people|and how you treated me.
{1279}{1378}How you never looked for no trouble|and that kept me from trouble.
{1426}{1500}But it's found us here and if|we're to have any chance...
{1533}{1568}You go on talk, Charley. I hear you.
{1620}{1702}I'm almost certain that th

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