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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Paycheck v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 22.229 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Paycheck CD1.sub

{1580}{1638}It's time to wake up...
{1678}{1728}...and get a life.
{1730}{1785}We live in a three-dimensional world.
{1788}{1850}Until now, the world of computing's|been flat,
{1852}{1908}consisting of two-dimensional|imagery.
{1910}{1988}Now, through the use of exclusive|breakthrough technology,
{1988}{2068}ARC has made it possible|for you to get a life.
{2070}{2125}A Life, where we can work and play
{2128}{2202}in a lifelike world|of three-dimensional reality.
{2210}{2290}A Life, the living monitor.
{2395}{2432}Yeah, I am.
{2445}{2542}Would you put one of those|in a box for me?
{2785}{2868}- Are you the lawyer?|- I'm Rita Dunne.
{2868}{2945}Obviously, no one from Nexim|could be here today.
{3253}{3340}- I'd invite you in, but...|- Good luck, Mr. Jennings.
{3353}{3412}- I'll see you in two months.|- Yeah.
{3542}{3590}Home sweet home.
{5972}{6005}What do you think?
{6028}{6110}This is the exact same technology?
{6112}{6160}Not the exact same technology, no.

Paycheck CD2.sub

{191}{249}No, thanks.|I'd rather watch from down here.
{253}{294}Suit yourself.
{495}{611}We've been through the bathroom|and the rest of the apartment. Zero.
{615}{687}This is what I want you to do.|Go back in the bathroom.
{989}{1059}OK, start turning left.
{1112}{1157}Tell me what you see.
{1184}{1227}The mirror.
{1634}{1670}We've got him.
{1675}{1761}She's supposed to meet him|at Caf Michel, 1 p.m.
{1805}{1845}Well, let's make sure she does.
{3210}{3262}I'm here to meet someone.|Michael Jennings.
{3267}{3315}- Have a seat.|- Thanks.
{3380}{3449}Sit at that table right there.
{3466}{3526}In the seat,|with your back to the window.
{4022}{4092}Michael, thank God you're all right.
{4097}{4166}I thought I was never gonna|see you again.
{4262}{4296}Michael, it's me.
{4499}{4547}You can't remember me.
{4615}{4677}No. I'm sorry.
{4857}{4969}Cops. We can't go in.|I'll have to wait for a clear shot.
{4974}{5022}Maya, stall for time.

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 Paycheck (totally resynchro for 714 091b)

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