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Podnapisi :: Pink_Floyd_The_Wall_(1982).AC3.ShareReactor

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Pink_Floyd_The_Wall_(1982).AC3.ShareReactor v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 17.489 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1528}{1631}Christmas comes but once a year
{1633}{1736}For every girl and boy
{1737}{1839}The laughter and the joy
{1841}{1947}They find in each new toy
{1949}{2055}Ill tell you of a little boy
{2057}{2163}Who lives across the way
{2165}{2269}This little fella's Christmas
{2271}{2374}Is just another day
{4543}{4616}It was just before dawn
{4618}{4681}One miserable morning
{4683}{4730}In black '44
{4782}{4915}When the forward commander|was told to sit tight
{4916}{5010}When he asked that|his men be withdrawn
{5086}{5153}And the generals gave thanks
{5155}{5200}As the other ranks
{5203}{5286}Held back the enemy tanks
{5287}{5334}For a while
{5335}{5396}And the Anzlo bridgehead
{5397}{5459}Was held for the price
{5460}{5536}Of a few hundred ordinary lives
{6163}{6223}He's the little boy
{6225}{6391}That Santa Claus forgot
{6393}{6447}And Goodness knows
{6448}{6573}He didn't want a lot
{6612}{6703}He sent a note to Santa
{6704}{6823}For some soldiers and a drum
{6825}{6910}It broke his


{277}{380}Goodbye, cruel world
{382}{449}Im leaving you today
{493}{602}Goodbye, goodbye
{843}{948}Goodbye, all you people
{950}{1046}There's nothing you can say
{1048}{1169}To make me change my mind
{1873}{1929}Is there anybody out there
{2178}{2221}Is there anybody out there
{2449}{2515}Is there anybody out there
{2795}{2871}Is there anybody out there
{7230}{7341}Ive got a little black book|with my poems in
{7343}{7452}Got a bag with a toothbrush|and a comb in
{7454}{7591}When Im a good dog|they sometimes throw me a bone in
{7657}{7765}I got elastic bands|keeping my shoes on
{7767}{7873}Got those swollen-hand blues
{7875}{8028}Ive got 13 channels of shit|on the TV to choose from
{8089}{8157}Ive got electric light
{8243}{8309}And Ive got second sight
{8310}{8450}Ive got amazing powers|of observation
{8571}{8633}And that is how I know
{8662}{8738}When I try to get through
{8780}{8818}On the telephone to you
{8937}{9009}- There'll be nobody h

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