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Podnapisi :: Prince &Me, The (2004)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Prince &Me, The (2004) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 33.293 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Prince And Me (2004) CD1.English.sub

{2052}{2117}Thanks for helping this summer.|Have a great year at school, Paige.
{3433}{3482}Hey, what happened|to the Lamborghini?
{3486}{3552}I'm quite bored of the Lamborghini.|Ready to lose?
{3566}{3597}I've won Grand Prix.|What have you won?
{3636}{3666}And you're gonna beat me|in your mummy's limo?
{3671}{3741}To be correct, Mr. Irvine, I'm going|to beat you in my mummy's limo,
{3747}{3795}to which I've made|numerous modifications.
{3799}{3840}So you should be afraid, my friend.
{3845}{3922}Not half as afraid as you're gonna|be when your mummy finds out.
{4324}{4410}- Hey, how was it?|- Oh, it was great.
{4415}{4457}They had a going-away|Danish for me.
{4466}{4536}And as soon as I blew out the candle,|Trey Carlson came in
{4541}{4593}with this huge bloody gash|on his forehead.
{4597}{4657}- He tried to give himself a haircut.|- Good going, Trey.
{4661}{4716}The cool part was they let me|stitch it up for him.
{4721}{4780}- Time check?|- 9:45.

The Prince And Me (2004) CD2.English.sub

{0}{40}But he's got a long way to go.
{47}{82}Go, go, go!
{85}{164}It looks like the Morgan brothers|are really challenging Kopetsky there.
{168}{205}They are chasing him down...
{209}{263}- Ride my tail.|- Mike Morgan, on Moovover, second.
{268}{348}And his brother, John, on number|seven, is right behind him.
{353}{411}Williams now is on the track,|he's catching up.
{416}{472}At the back of the pack,|he's starting to move up nicely.
{477}{574}And he's putting on some real speed,|but he is way behind.
{736}{814}And it looks like we've got a duel|shaping up in the front of the pack.
{819}{890}Mike Morgan is really going|after Kopetsky.
{910}{948}- Eat it, Morgan!|- Watch it!
{959}{1020}He's pushed Morgan|towards the hay bale there.
{1024}{1080}It looks like he pushed him|right off the track.
{1084}{1157}- Damn it! God!|- Keep it clean there, Kopetsky.
{1172}{1201}John Morgan is moving up now
{1207}{1271}to see if he can snatch the lead|away from Kopetsky.
{1326}{1370}- Come on, Eddie!|- Go!

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