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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Princess Of Thieves v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 21.802 bitov v zip obliki.

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Princess Of Thieves.sub

{1}{130}Subtitles by marios007|Helios Greece
{137}{208}Long ago in the Reign of the|King's Richard the LionHeart.
{208}{267}There was a legend known to all.
{275}{359}That's a man who stole from the|rich to feed the poor
{368}{425}He was known throught out the Reign.
{429}{469}As Robin Hood.
{475}{535}lt is known that he and|his band of merry men
{535}{596}Played the evil share of Nottingham.
{596}{681}And he romanced one heart of maid,|Marion.
{692}{737}There was more to their story.
{744}{807}A tale kept secret then forgotten.
{812}{891}Lost in the maze of time and|shifting memory.
{898}{976}For Robin and Marion, had a child.
{2091}{2151}You gave me the orders to inform|you moment the child is born.
{2151}{2181}My lord,
{2385}{2450}Shall it be a price on the|infant's head my lord?
{2454}{2539}Equal to the price set on its father.
{2567}{2621}Robin Hood shall not have a son.
{2629}{2678}To play the Nottingham.
{2713}{2790}Oh, the child is female...
{2941}{2981}Not a son

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Princess Of Thieves

Release: finale-disneys.princess.of.thieves
Cd: 1

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