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Podnapisi :: Ran

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Ran v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 23.828 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Ran - Cd2 (English).sub

{1244}{1357}My apologies for my harsh words.
{1358}{1408}l am ashamed.
{1409}{1491}The incident is forgotten.
{1617}{1725}They say your father|has gone mad.
{1846}{1896}That should please you.
{1923}{1987}What do you mean by that?
{2004}{2041}l spoke frankly...
{2042}{2124}without gilding my thoughts.
{2125}{2173}Forgive me if l offended.
{2187}{2272}You must hate my father...
{2273}{2359}for what he did|to your family.
{2360}{2392}Am l wrong?
{2473}{2537}Now it's my turn to be frank.
{2565}{2628}You are just as pleased as l am.
{2668}{2712}Lord Jiro, you are now head...
{2713}{2771}of the house of lchimonji.
{3075}{3148}This helmet is rightfully yours.
{3503}{3581}l am not blind!
{3582}{3642}You murdered your brother...
{3643}{3681}and stole his title!
{3682}{3715}Prepare to die!
{3745}{3772}Even now...
{3773}{3805}you deny it?
{3851}{3927}lt wasn't l who|killed my brother.
{3928}{3964}Then who did?
{4000}{4075}Speak!...Who was it?
{4346}{4388}lt was...Kurogane.

Ran - Cd1 (English).sub

}Drink to him !
{4610}{4669}The wily old beast...
{4670}{4739}shot out right|in front of me.
{4761}{4795}My horse reared...
{4796}{4869}Before l could aim, off l fell.
{4979}{5048}shall we roast the boar?
{5077}{5131}He was old.
{5132}{5184}His hide is though, it stinks.
{5318}{5377}Like me, old Hidetora
{5411}{5439}Would you eat me?
{5450}{5508}You'd stick in our throats.
{5523}{5591}That's why l joined your hunt...
{5604}{5677}to reinforce our friendship.
{5678}{5706}l, too!
{5728}{5773}l would cement the bonds...
{5774}{5848}between the houses of|lchimonji and Ayabe...
{5856}{5925}l would marry my daughter...
{5926}{5992}to your son Saburo.
{5993}{6021}Hold on!
{6036}{6085}That's my own intention.
{6103}{6195}Lord lchimonji,|the day is propitious.
{6203}{6244}Give us your answer.
{6258}{6340}Whom will you have for Saburo...
{6352}{6427}my daughter or Lord Ayabe's?
{6513}{6557}Not an easy choice.
{6571}{6616}Two daughters...

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