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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Road Trip.sub

{1300}{1368}Welcome to the University of Ithaca.
{1369}{1424}This is it, right here.|This is what we're talkin' about.
{1426}{1474}I'm gonna give you|a good tour today.
{1476}{1552}Show you as much as you need to know,|plus a whole lot more.
{1554}{1612}So this is the main area|of the university.
{1614}{1661}You'll be getting used|to this area.
{1662}{1748}This is where you congregate|with your friends and classmates.
{1749}{1814}Come in around me, everyone. Keep close.
{1816}{1906}Don't straggle. I've had problems|with stragglers before, okay ?
{1908}{1981}They get lost in the back. They get|hit by trucks, okay ? It's not pretty.
{1983}{2053}It's not pretty when it happens.|This is the--
{2055}{2172}By the way, this is the Joseph H. Nelson|Memorial Library here, okay ?
{2174}{2289}It was built, uh--|It was built, uh, in the 1600s.
{2291}{2383}1600s ? It says 1951 .
{2525}{2611}That's the address.|Okay ? Wise-ass.
{2613}{2654}That's the psychology department.
{2656}{2705}Each semester you'll|b

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