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Podnapisi :: Rocky III

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Rocky III v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.088 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Rocky III.EN.sub

{91}{169}It's blind instinct.
{170}{252}But now it is Creed coming back|with the left hand!
{253}{405}What's keeping these two guys up?|A tremendous closing moment!
{432}{589}Here comes Balboa back,|but the champion's back with another left.
{676}{795}A right hand! It's Creed.|Now it's Balboa! Now it's Creed.
{796}{954}A tremendous left by Rocky.|They're dead in the centre, toe to toe!
{1458}{1606}Creed will retain the title.|If neither gets up, Creed will win the title.
{1607}{1666}- Four!|- Get up, my man.
{1763}{1830}Each fighter is trying to beat the count!
{1831}{1881}Get up there!
{1948}{2011}- Nine!|- The champ is down.
{2117}{2191}He's done it at the last second!
{2192}{2272}He made it!|Rocky Balboa has shocked the world!
{2273}{2374}He is the new heavyweight|champion ofthe world!
{2375}{2429}Ladies and gentlemen,
{2430}{2549}in a stunning upset,|scoring a win by knockout,

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 Rocky III

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