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Podnapisi :: Romeo Must Die (3)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Romeo Must Die v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 20.377 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{4843}{4869}'Amazing Grace.'
{4887}{4912}Excuse me?
{4916}{4954}My grandmother sang that song to me.
{4973}{5011}That's real nice.
{5016}{5139}l especially like the part that goes,|'l once was lost, but now l'm found.'
{5150}{5253}Take you, for instance. You must be|a fool to roll up in here, man.
{5257}{5321}But l figure you must be lost.
{5327}{5426}So l tell you what. See this here?|This is for your bill.
{5469}{5562}...since you look like|such a jovial individual...
{5568}{5593}'s the tip.
{6359}{6395}So 'find' your ass out of here.
{6401}{6438}We haven't finished our drinks.
{6476}{6498}You finished now?
{6507}{6531}Let it go, Po.
{6562}{6605}This is a hassle we don't need.
{6766}{6815}And don't come back, zipperhead.
{6959}{7012}Po, get them out of here!
{7324}{7354}Let's go.
{7362}{7412}Guess you wanna gamble|with your life.
{7412}{7455}Casino's as good a place as any.
{7583}{7645}Guess l could use a little exercise.

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 Romeo Must Die (2000)

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