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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Scent of A Woman v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 47.664 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Scent of A Woman/Scent of A Woman - CD 1.sub

{4180}{4240}I wish you wouldn't do that around me.|It's so filthy !
{4242}{4326}- Don't give me a problem|about the cigarettes.|- It's such a filthy habit.
{4328}{4403}Oh, my God !|Look at this.
{4447}{4536}Oh, Jesus !|This is so appalling !
{4566}{4611}I can't believe it !
{4614}{4673}I can't believe|they gave it to him.
{4823}{4869}Ah, this is pathetic !
{4871}{4925}Now he's a loser|with a Jaguar.
{4927}{4997}Seriously, who did he have to blow|to get that thing ?
{5044}{5095}- Good morning, sir.|- Mr. Willis.
{5097}{5163}- It's really, uh,|- Mr. Trask !
{5165}{5211}quite a piece|of machinery.
{5214}{5281}- Good morning, Havemeyer.|- Morning to you, sir.
{5283}{5332}- Bene !|- Bene ?
{5334}{5385}- Bene ! Fabulous !|- What's fabulous ?
{5388}{5442}That fine piece of steel|you have back there.
{5444}{5493}Ah, you don't think|I deserve it.
{5495}{5601}No, sir. On the contrary.|I think it's great.
{5603}{5710}Should the headmaster of Baird be seen|putt-putting around in some junker ?

Scent of A Woman/Scent of A Woman - CD 2.sub

{10}{88}Super !|Superior !
{90}{157}Superfluous !
{159}{210}Young Sofie here|is working Thanksgiving...
{212}{265}because she's trying to|put herself through college.
{267}{351}I told her, "My young friend|Charlie's headed for college."
{353}{416}- Uh, excuse me.|- Where you goin' ?
{418}{504}- I-l need to use the phone.|- What's wrong with the phones in here ?
{507}{568}I don't want|to disturb you.
{571}{618}You're not disturbing me.|Make your call.
{621}{672}I'd kinda like|to be private.
{675}{716}Stay outta my room !
{748}{789}This is as private|as you're gonna get.
{877}{990}But if you've got somethin'|that must be done
{992}{1091}And it can only be done by one
{1184}{1269}what are the chances|of suitin' you up sometime ?
{1271}{1341}- Sugarbush Lodge.|- George Willis, please.
{1414}{1496}- Hello !|- George ! Hey, it's Charlie.
{1498}{1574}Hey, Chas. Next year you gotta|come up with us.
{1576}{1697}White powder on|a base of snow bunnies.
{1699}{1762}Chas,|are you t

Scent of A Woman/Scent of A Woman - CD 3.sub

{73}{126}Your dad is looking good,|Charlie.
{128}{235}He's got a heavy foot.|Tell him to take it light. All right ?
{237}{321}- I hear ya !|- Thanks.
{629}{710}Get out of the car, 'cause|you are not driving anymore.
{712}{778}Just keeping this baby warm,|that's all.
{821}{890}I'm not drivin' anymore.
{1122}{1188}- Take my arm.|- I'm okay.
{1190}{1301}- Colonel, it's really bumpy here.|- Yeah, bumpy.
{1578}{1625}You all right ?
{1924}{1988}Red light.|Hold it.
{2098}{2147}Taking too long.
{2247}{2318}Shit ! Colonel !|Colonel ?
{2575}{2622}Colonel !
{2623}{2685}Shit !|You all right ?
{2687}{2741}What the hell|are you doing ?
{2743}{2789}- Take the cane.|- I gotta take a piss.
{2791}{2854}- Take the cane, Colonel.|- It happens to the best of us.
{2856}{2909}We're on Park Avenue.|You can't go to the bathroom.
{2911}{2995}- Perfect place.|- You'll get arrested.
{2997}{3048}Never been housebroken.|Ohh !
{3050}{3108}Shit !
{3110}{3160}What's the matter|with you

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