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Podnapisi :: Seven Years in Tibet

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Seven Years in Tibet v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 25.034 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Seven Years in Tibet.cd1.txt

{4945}{4991}Why must you be this way?
{4993}{5070}Why is there always a problem?|It's a good question.
{5113}{5161}Do you want to go home?|Do you want to turn around?
{5164}{5243}Yes!|It's the Himalayas!
{5245}{5310}How long have I been talking|about the Himalayas?
{5311}{5365}How long?|Far too long.
{5391}{5485}Horst, when we get there,|can you give me a hand, please?
{5487}{5559}Yes, of course.|Ingrid, stop it.
{6000}{6082}Let's try to make the best of this.
{6144}{6195}Where's this idiot|who's supposed to meet us?
{6370}{6401}Mr. Harrer.
{6403}{6444}I have your tickets.
{6445}{6537}I'm late. Take me to my train.|No, you don't understand.
{6540}{6621}I am Peter Aufschnaiter.|I am leading the expedition.
{6622}{6672}How do you do?|Here's our celebrity!
{6674}{6720}Mr. Harrer?
{6722}{6818}May I say, Mr. Harrer,|on behalf of the Reichssportsfuhrer...
{6819}{6895}...we are honored to have|such a great German hero on the team.
{6897}{6957}Thank you, but I'm Aust

Seven Years in Tibet.cd2.txt

{2}{36}Stop! Stop.
{84}{158}Excellent. Yes.|You, with practice.
{180}{268}Now, I will show you|how German soldiers run.
{376}{422}Stand like this.
{1580}{1625}Guess what?
{1666}{1709}All clear.
{2258}{2321}Know what time it is?
{2383}{2489}You think I'm so happy|to be traveling with you...
{2490}{2551}I should foot the bill?
{2553}{2635}You are such a big man|you don't need to contribute?
{2661}{2700}You have a problem, Peter?
{2702}{2735}Remind me...
{2764}{2839}...what you said at the bazaar back there.
{2840}{2968}"If I had a watch like that,|I would trade it."
{3023}{3090}You do not have one.
{3093}{3172}You cheap, lying bastard!|You have three!
{3462}{3522}This is junk|from some Italian prisoners.
{3523}{3579}I don't give a shit!
{3582}{3632}Haven't you ever heard of a principle?
{3635}{3695}What principle?
{3697}{3769}You want a watch?|Go ahead. Pick one.
{3770}{3829}And keep your principles.|Look at you!
{3865}{3939}Caught being a selfish brat|and you're gloating!

Seven Years in Tibet.cd3.txt

{20}{90}...that means it is just setting...
{91}{171} New York City, perhaps.
{172}{255}That's why it can't be the same time|in every place.
{256}{351}Does that answer your question?|Yes! Yes.
{1044}{1092}Tell me more.
{1147}{1202}What else do you want to know?
{1234}{1329}In a few moments, you will be|entering the world of mass media.
{1334}{1394}I can hear news|from all over the planet?
{1395}{1464}I don't know if they have live|broadcasts from the Tonga Islands...
{1465}{1555}...but generally speaking, yeah.
{1556}{1624}Do you listen to news|from your country?
{1625}{1720}From Austria?|No, not really.
{1723}{1771}Give me some light, Ku-Dun.
{1772}{1859}Why? It's your home.|Not anymore. It isn't.
{1860}{1924}But don't you have|friends and family there?
{1925}{1989}A few friends, no family.
{2030}{2085}Keep the light steady,|your Holiness.
{2137}{2190}Why? Is everyone dead?
{2250}{2332}Do you know there's another sentence|construction aside from the question?

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 Seven years in Tibet
 Seven Years in Tibet

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