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Podnapisi :: Shanghai Knights (2003)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Shanghai Knights (2003) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 30.279 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{659}{702}Let's go!
{732}{779}-Wang!|-Chon, for God's sakes.
{781}{836}-Now he shows up.|-I found it.
{838}{885}Wait. Do you want to hear?
{900}{949}LIN:|The seal's gone.
{1914}{1968}Are we gonna come back?
{2253}{2317}Must you keep doing that?
{2318}{2398}I was taught|not to be seen or heard.
{2434}{2463}The seal.
{2464}{2508}I am a man of my word.
{2598}{2666}I remember watching|my brother play with this
{2668}{2705}Iike a baby rattle.
{2752}{2865}When I'd try to touch it,|the dowager empress beat me.
{2891}{2941}RATHBONE: No doubt|your deprived childhood
{2943}{3000}made you into the man|you are today.
{3002}{3055}Wu Chow.
{3057}{3097}Wu who?
{3098}{3156}He is the emperor's|bastard brother.
{3158}{3219}He was banished|from the Forbidden City
{3220}{3266}for trying to steal|the lmperial Seal.
{3268}{3300}Our father caught him.
{3302}{3376}He vowed to return to claim|the emperor's throne.
{3378}{3446}This guy?


{7511}{7576}Not one step further.
{7578}{7662}The keeper|of the Imperial Seal.
{7664}{7727}Just the man I was looking for.
{7795}{7833}A woman.
{7835}{7893}You Chinese are|very progressive.
{8809}{8858}A gift from an old friend.
{8889}{8928}Wu Chow.
{8950}{9017}He wanted me to send|his regards.
{10567}{10677}The seal.|You must get it back.
{10724}{10762}I promise.
{10764}{10884}Give your brother.
{11636}{11676}What are you reading?
{11701}{11794}Oh.|"Roy O'Bannon vs. The Mummy."
{11795}{11826}It's incredible.
{11828}{11880}Roy's just taken out|the Mummy's entire army
{11882}{11970}of zombie confederate soldiers,|and he only had one bullet.
{11972}{12014}That's impossible.
{12016}{12047}Oh, no, it's not.
{12049}{12116}Roy figured out|the physics of the canyon
{12117}{12179}and then ricocheted a bullet|off the canyon wall.
{12181}{12231}Nailed each zombie|through the heart.
{12249}{12290}What about the Shanghai Kid?

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