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Podnapisi :: Spider-Man 2 (2004)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Spider-Man 2 (2004) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 23.066 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Spiderman 2 - CD1 - Eng - 25fps - 2004 - (TELESYNC-VideoCD).sub

{3274}{3349}She looks at me every day... Mary Jane Watson
{3396}{3471}If she knew what I sit down for her
{3472}{3521}But she can know it
{3522}{3595}I chose this life of responsibility
{3596}{3671}A life of which will never be part
{3672}{3746}Who am I? I am Spider-Man and I have a work that to make
{3772}{3845}And I am Peter Parker, and I also have a work
{3846}{3922}Parker!... Parker!
{3924}{3998}Hold, detente
{3999}{4073}Parker, you arrive man late, always late
{4074}{4148}I sit down it Sr Aziz, there was a... problem
{4149}{4223}Problem? That problem? There is always a problem with you, we go
{4224}{4299}20 minutes ago an order arrived, of Hamilton B Smith...
{4324}{4399}...8 thick pizzas and extragrandes and they should be there before the 29 minutes that I guarantee
{4449}{4524}But, not alone I will lose the money for these pizzas but rather I will lose this client forever
{4599}{4673}He/she listens, you are my only hope, you will have to take it everything

Spiderman 2 - CD2 - Eng - 25fps - 2004 - (TELESYNC-VideoCD).sub

{49}{199}I have always counted with which you have|the anger of going in search of those dreams.
{301}{351}I cannot continue with your dreams
{377}{427}Now I go for mine.
{451}{527}You have a gift Peter, this great power...
{551}{627}he/she brings I get big responsibilities.
{727}{777}He/she takes my hand son.
{1077}{1121}No, uncle Ben.
{1127}{1226}Alone I am Peter Parker
{1227}{1350}I won't be but Spiderman
{1351}{1477}Never but
{1601}{1727}Never but
{3801}{3876}He/she hears
{3877}{3950}-Idiot|-I sit down it
{3951}{4077}-Thank you|-Of anything
{4127}{4251}Alone it follows the fire, hurry
{4451}{4500}When the border is similar to zero...
{4501}{4626}the volume is of...|Somebody please
{4627}{4751}1.3 elctrones volts
{4827}{4951}Good work today Parker,|it continues this way
{5177}{5250}I am not in fact the your you think|you should think that I am evil
{5251}{5350}If you are not it, you have been deceiving us|this whole time in a very bad way
{5351}{5426}I hope you are not|li

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