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Podnapisi :: Star Trek DS9 S1 E01-10

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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x01+2 Emissary.sub

{407}{479}Resistance is futile.
{482}{539}You will disarm your weapons
{542}{635}and escort us to Sector 001.
{638}{694}lf you attempt to intervene,
{697}{755}- we will destroy you.|- Red alert!
{758}{816}Load torpedo bays, ready phasers.
{819}{882}Move us to position alpha, Ensign.
{1148}{1227}- They've locked on.|- Reroute auxiliary power.
{1466}{1514}Our shields are being drained!
{1517}{1583}64 percent... 42.
{1586}{1645}Recalibrate shield mutation.
{1648}{1714}Modulation is having no effect.
{1717}{1780}- Shields have failed!|- Full reverse.
{1840}{1878}Maintain on.
{2237}{2283}Damage report.
{2368}{2458}- Damage report!|- Damage to warp core.
{2461}{2532}Containment failure in five minutes.
{2604}{2689}Direct hit! Decks one through four.
{2725}{2818}Let's get the civilians|to the escape pods, Lieutenant.
{2999}{3068}Get to your assigned evacuation area|now.
{3071}{3175}Damage to warp core.|Containment failure in four minutes.
{3178}{3273}- l'll take care of her. You go

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x03 Past Prologue.sub

{445}{533}lt's Dr Bashir, isn't it?|Of course it is.
{536}{656}- May l introduce myself?|- Yes, yes. Of course.
{659}{762}My name is Garak.|Cardassian by birth, obviously.
{781}{853}The only one of us left on this station,
{856}{957}so l do appreciate making new friends|whenever l can.
{960}{1037}You are new to this station,|l believe?
{1040}{1094}l am, yes.
{1153}{1242}Though l understand|you've been here quite a while.
{1245}{1300}You know of me, then?
{1327}{1392}Would you care|for some Tarkalean tea?
{1395}{1510}What a thoughtful young man.|How nice that we've met!
{1592}{1695}Some people say|that you remained on DS9
{1698}{1776}as the eyes and ears|of your fellow Cardassians.
{1779}{1845}You don't say?
{1848}{1933}Doctor, you're not intimating
{1936}{2013}that l'm some sort of spy,|are you?
{2016}{2065}l wouldn't know, sir.
{2068}{2164}An open mind.|The essence of intellect.
{2188}{2265}As you may also know,|l have a clothing shop nearby.
{2268}{2371}lf you should require

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x04 A Man Alone.sub

{252}{322}- Yes, Julian?|- How did you know it was me?
{325}{384}There are different ways|to recognise someone.
{385}{462}- Their steps, for example.|- You are remarkable.
{482}{537}You and l need to have a talk
{540}{595}about Trills and relationships.
{598}{645}We'll do it over supper.
{648}{744}Quark has found me this delightful|champagne bottled on Korris l.
{747}{811}What is this?
{814}{901}- An Altonian brain teaser.|- A brain teaser?
{904}{973}- A puzzle.|- A puzzle?
{1024}{1107}l love puzzles.|How does it work?
{1110}{1170}lt responds to neural theta waves.
{1173}{1253}The goal is to turn the sphere|into a solid colour.
{1256}{1309}- That's all?|- That's all.
{1312}{1452}l've been trying to master it|on and off for 140 years.
{1455}{1529}- Would you care to try?|- Yes.
{1557}{1607}Just sit comfortably.
{1643}{1707}Release your tension into my hands.
{1710}{1794}- Your hands are cold.|- lt's a peculiarity of the Trill.
{1797}{1890}- Cold hands, warm heart.|- Concentrate

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x05 Babel.sub

{254}{339}Look, save your energy.
{342}{427}We'll have you out of there|as soon as possible.
{449}{488}l hope.
{534}{602}Try rerouting the power coupling.
{694}{729}Mr O'Brien.
{732}{789}See if you can activate|the interlock servos.
{792}{830}Mr O'Brien.
{833}{893}Captain Jaheel,|those people have been stuck
{896}{948}in that airlock for over an hour.
{951}{1060}lf you wait till we get that door opened,|l'll listen to your problems.
{1063}{1108}l've waited two days
{1111}{1191}for you to readjust my ship's|antimatter flow converter.
{1194}{1269}l'm afraid we're behind|in our maintenance schedule.
{1272}{1319}l'm not interested in excuses.
{1322}{1394}l must deliver Tamen Sahsheer|to Largo V
{1397}{1461}and l'll need to hurry|before it spoils.
{1464}{1556}l'll try to get a repair crew to you today.
{1559}{1659}- That's the best l can do.|- Your best hardly seems good enough.
{1746}{1832}- Dax to O'Brien.|- O'Brien here.
{1835}{1927}Can you spare a minute?|l have a little proble

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x06 Captive Pursuit.sub

{183}{235}l'm not what a lot of people think.
{238}{352}lf you're a dabo girl, you know,|you get a reputation.
{355}{425}Miss Sarda,|tell me exactly what happened.
{428}{481}When did you first have trouble|with Quark?
{484}{589}- Five minutes after l arrived.|- He made advances?
{592}{682}- He said it was part of the job.|- What did you say?
{685}{772}l said l'd wear the costume|and entertain the gamblers
{775}{836}but to keep his knuckles to himself.
{839}{923}- That didn't stop him?|- He said it was part of the job.
{926}{987}He showed me my contract.
{990}{1053}There it is in the Ferengi print.
{1056}{1131}Page 21, subsection D, paragraph 12.
{1134}{1249}You're telling me|the contract you signed requires you...
{1252}{1346}l should have read it carefully.|l'm not a legal expert.
{1349}{1454}l'm not either, but l can assure you|after l talk to Quark,
{1457}{1548}he won't hold you to this provision|concerning the exchange...
{1551}{1612}Sensors are picking up|elevated neutrino r

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x07 Q-Less.sub

{85}{211}So, there l was,|fighting the toughest battle of my life,
{214}{281}looking around,|hoping to spot a friendly face,
{284}{363}only to discover my colleagues...|were gone.
{366}{416}l was alone.
{419}{509}l admit, for a moment|l considered giving up.
{512}{587}l could feel the seconds ticking away,|panic building up.
{590}{656}My only chance|was to trust my instincts.
{659}{714}So l closed my eyes,
{717}{767}took a deep breath
{770}{831}and just like that, it came to me -
{833}{896}the answer l was looking for.
{899}{949}A pericardial membrane!
{952}{1065}l looked down and punched|the answer into my computer terminal
{1068}{1137}just as the buzzer sounded,|ending the exam.
{1140}{1249}And that, l suppose,|is the stuff salutatorians are made of.
{1317}{1408}Well, l mistook a preganglionic fibre
{1411}{1488}for a postganglionic nerve during the orals
{1491}{1561}or l would have been valedictorian.
{1564}{1602}lt was a trick question.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x08 Dax.sub

{80}{154}Station Log, Stardate 46910.1.
{157}{209}Chief O'Brien has escorted his wife
{212}{290}back to Earth to celebrate|her mother's 100th birthday.
{293}{407}ln the meantime, the rest of us are trying|to keep the station up and running.
{523}{585}lt's almost as if the refiltration processors
{588}{666}were waiting for Chief O'Brien to leave|before breaking down.
{669}{739}This technology looks like|something the Cardassians
{742}{786}must have taken from the Romulans.
{789}{852}ls that an RCL type-1 matrix field?
{855}{940}Perhaps we should call in|a Romulan repair service.
{943}{979}Or an RCL type-2?
{982}{1079}- Another raktajino?|- lt'll keep me up all night.
{1082}{1144}l can think of better ways to keep you up.
{1147}{1219}They're more fun|than drinking Klingon coffee.
{1249}{1309}Definitely type-1.
{1922}{1972}l really should be getting to bed.
{1975}{2030}May l escort you to your quarters?
{2033}{2108}- That's not necessary, Julian.|- Oh.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x09 The Passenger.sub

{166}{235}- l've never seen anything like that.|- Hm?
{238}{314}- l've never seen anything like that.|- The woman?
{316}{379}She was dead. The tricorder showed...
{381}{446}Well, tricorders -|accurate with live people,
{449}{499}not so accurate with dead ones.
{502}{552}We learnt that first year medical school.
{555}{630}Well, l was very impressed, Doctor.
{632}{700}And well you should have been.
{703}{763}l impressed myself on that one.
{765}{887}What other doctor would consider|examining the scapular nodes?
{889}{947}l just seem to have a talent, l suppose -
{949}{1017}a vision that sees past the obvious,
{1019}{1080}around the mundane, right to the target.
{1082}{1139}Fate has granted me a gift, Major.
{1141}{1189}A gift to be a healer.
{1250}{1365}- l feel privileged to be in your presence.|- Glad to have you along.
{1368}{1414}Did anyone ever tell you that you're...?
{1416}{1490}Priority one broadband distress signal.
{1493}{1561}Kobliad transport ship Reyab to any ship.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x10 Move Along Home.sub

{471}{527}Dress uniform?
{530}{580}l haven't worn this in three years.
{583}{675}l must have lost a little weight.|Feels kind of baggy.
{678}{746}lt looks great. Besides...
{749}{803}baggy's quite fashionable on Bajor now.
{834}{886}Since when do you follow Bajoran fashion?
{888}{997}Well, a lot of Bajoran girls|come to the station...
{1031}{1078}with their families.
{1080}{1141}Since when do you follow Bajoran girls?
{1177}{1261}A few weeks ago|you were building model starships.
{1263}{1309}Try a few years ago.
{1336}{1457}You and l have got to have a talk,|young man, about women.
{1459}{1507}lt's OK.
{1509}{1579}- There are things you need to know.|- l know them.
{1581}{1651}- Yeah? And who told you?|- Nog.
{1754}{1829}So all you know,|you've heard from the Ferengi boy.
{1831}{1894}We were just talking.
{1897}{1972}Great.|l don't have time now
{1975}{2064}but l have a lot of damage control|to do on this subject.

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