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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x11 The Nagus.sub

{1085}{1157}Jake, l've got a terrific surprise for you.
{1182}{1232}Oh, yeah? What is it?
{1235}{1320}We are going to Bajor|for the Gratitude Festival.
{1323}{1413}- What's the Gratitude Festival?|- The biggest Bajoran holiday of the year.
{1416}{1466}Major Kira says it's spectacular.
{1469}{1570}While we're there we can visit|the fire caverns you want to see.
{1573}{1670}- Great. When do we leave?|- This afternoon, after school.
{1726}{1776}- For how long?|- Three days.
{1779}{1868}Three days?|Computer, orange juice.
{1870}{1998}- Dad, do l have to go?|- No, not if you don't want to.
{2001}{2045}Thanks, Dad.
{2048}{2120}- Nog and l have plans for tomorrow.|- What kind of plans?
{2123}{2198}An Andorian freighter|is due in tomorrow.
{2201}{2247}An Andorian freighter?
{2250}{2358}lt's carrying a shipment|of those new antigrav tractors.
{2361}{2444}- We're hoping we'll get to see one.|- Let me get this straight.
{2447}{2509}You would rather hang around with Nog

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x12 Vortex.sub

{242}{309}- The usual, Odo?|- Nothing.
{311}{399}The usual.|lf all my customers were like you
{402}{452}my family would be begging.
{455}{559}l doubt that. Not while|there is a Miradorn raider
{562}{615}for you to do business with.
{618}{703}You mean the Miradorn ship|that just docked?
{705}{739}The raider.
{742}{838}lts reputation, like mine,|has probably been exaggerated.
{840}{919}Anyway, l don't know the ship or its crew.
{921}{980}You didn't make your welcome call,
{983}{1033}inviting them in for a free drink?
{1036}{1089}The Miradorns are quarrelsome.
{1092}{1165}l chose to forego the usual amenities.
{1168}{1247}He looks away|whenever we make eye contact.
{1279}{1348}The new arrival|that the Klingons brought back
{1351}{1400}from the Gamma Quadrant.
{1402}{1469}- Croden? He's harmless.|- Really?
{1472}{1552}How is it you've|come to know him so well?
{1555}{1636}A man comes in for a drink,|he wants to talk.
{1639}{1709}He didn't want to talk to Sisko|wh

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x13 Battle Lines.sub

{48}{151}lt's funny that the files|were in Ops protocols.
{153}{213}The encryption system was easy to break.
{215}{309}- They wanted us to find these?|- Or didn't care.
{311}{375}There's nothing of strategic value,
{377}{457}just personal logs|and files on Bajoran terrorists.
{459}{525}But it is a glimpse into Cardassian minds.
{527}{583}Warn Kira before she sees her file.
{585}{650}Warn me? About what?
{707}{815}We discovered|some of the last Prefect's personal files.
{817}{907}You may find the file on you disappointing.
{909}{962}l'm a big girl, Commander.
{1284}{1342}- Bashir to Sisko.|- Sisko here.
{1344}{1417}l'm at airlock 14.|You'd better get down here.
{1419}{1464}What's wrong?
{1466}{1584}l was about to off-load|some medical specimens and...
{1586}{1644}the Kai is here.
{1646}{1740}Kai Opaka. Why would she be here?
{1742}{1836}She said you once offered her|a tour of the station.
{1898}{1978}'A minor operative|whose activities are limited
{1980}{2035}'to running erra

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x14 The Storyteller.sub

{56}{155}Station Log, Stardate 46729.1.
{157}{216}l am to mediate a disagreement
{219}{298}between two rival factions,|the Paqu and the Navot.
{301}{393}At issue is a land dispute|which could trigger a civil war.
{431}{501}Commander,|the Paqu delegation has arrived.
{504}{590}Let's welcome them.|Any word on the Navot?
{593}{648}- They'll be here in an hour.|- Commander?
{651}{757}- Chief, you're not in Bajor?|- We're due to leave now.
{760}{840}But, sir, l was wondering if perhaps
{843}{921}Ensign Boyer might replace me|on this mission.
{924}{974}l'd be little more than a chauffeur
{977}{1052}and Boyer can pilot a runabout.
{1055}{1127}Are you required on the station, Chief?
{1130}{1234}No, sir. Everything's fine.|But you never know.
{1237}{1326}- There you are. All set to go?|- Yes, sir.
{1329}{1379}Did the Magistrate mention
{1382}{1454}the nature of this medical emergency?
{1456}{1544}- His village faces extinction.|- We'd better go.
{1547}{1650}l agree. Docking port six.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x15 Progress.sub

{227}{308}l thought l told you to cancel that order.
{311}{397}What am l supposed to do|with 5,000 wrappages
{400}{454}of Cardassian yamok sauce?
{457}{517}They're the only ones|who could stomach it.
{520}{611}- Are you playing?|- You're going to pay for it.
{614}{743}l'll take half your pay cheque|every week for six years!
{746}{861}From now on,|no more Cardassian food in here...
{908}{958}Come on, Nog, it's your turn.
{961}{1021}5,000 wrappages.
{1024}{1094}That's a lot of yamok sauce.
{1097}{1142}Take your turn or l win.
{1145}{1204}lt'd be a shame to waste it.
{1207}{1274}That's it. Game over.
{1277}{1331}l'm getting a tingling in the lobes.
{1334}{1445}When a lobe tingles,|it means only one thing - opportunity.
{1448}{1549}- What are you talking about?|- Gold-pressed latinum.
{1552}{1614}Maybe four or five bars.
{1617}{1684}l thought you were|talking about yamok sauce.
{1687}{1759}You've got a lot to learn about opportunity.
{1762}{1822}- Come on.|- Where

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x16 If Wishes Were Horses.sub

{173}{252}- Can't you ever just let go?|- Let go?
{254}{317}The place is almost deserted.
{320}{380}There hasn't been a ship in for three days
{383}{480}and yet you sit there like|a Baneriam hawk looking for prey.
{483}{532}This is your chance to relax.
{535}{606}l could set you up|with a terrific holosuite programme.
{608}{690}l don't accept gifts|from the likes of you.
{692}{795}Who mentioned gifts?|You pay like everyone else.
{798}{883}- l'm just getting you in.|- l have no time for fantasies.
{886}{953}- No imagination?|- A waste of time.
{956}{1020}People dream of places they'll never go,
{1023}{1135}wish for things instead|of paying attention to their real lives.
{1137}{1254}l could create a shape-shifter playmate|for you.
{1256}{1352}The two of you could...intermingle.
{1354}{1404}You're disgusting.
{1441}{1481}lt's a living.
{1582}{1672}You don't allow Jake|in your holosuites, l hope.
{1675}{1726}lt's not what you think.
{1728}{1828}You see that thing on his hand?|lt's

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x17 The Forsaken.sub

{49}{139}Station Log, stardate 46925.1.
{141}{223}We have been honoured with a visit|by Federation ambassadors
{225}{286}on a fact-finding mission to the wormhole.
{288}{395}Fortunately, l have just the officer|to take them off my hands.
{398}{477}l wish there was something l could do,|Ambassador.
{480}{575}- Madam Ambassador.|- Madam Ambassador.
{578}{659}But all the guest quarters|are roughly the same size.
{661}{716}Then move me to the crew level.
{718}{791}All the quarters there are occupied.
{793}{855}Then someone can move.
{857}{906}You, for example.
{909}{1021}She did the same thing during|the voyage here. She's never satisfied.
{1023}{1100}At least l didn't|bother the Captain every hour
{1102}{1185}with some new suggestion|on how to run his ship.
{1188}{1244}He welcomed my suggestions
{1247}{1325}as l'm sure your Commander Sisko|will welcome them,
{1328}{1385}if we ever get to see him.
{1388}{1444}Commander Sisko is extremely busy.
{1447}{1595}- With what?|- With the re

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x18 Dramatis Personae.sub

{201}{231}Come in.
{313}{365}Commander, l just received word
{368}{446}that a Valerian transport|has requested permission to dock.
{449}{542}Let me guess. You're recommending|that we deny that request.
{545}{660}The Valerians ran weapons-grade|dolamide to the Cardassians in Bajor.
{663}{699}l'm aware of that.
{702}{781}l believe|they're still shipping weapons to them,
{784}{839}weapons that could be used against Bajor.
{842}{942}l share your concern, Major,|but unless we have proof...
{945}{995}The proof is on that ship.
{998}{1082}Let me search it|for dolamide which we can confiscate.
{1085}{1212}lt's not that simple. Dolamide is used|for power generators and reactors.
{1215}{1290}- And for weapons.|- Only if it's extremely pure.
{1334}{1402}- So we're going to do nothing?|- l didn't say that.
{1405}{1480}We just can't board their ship|and start tearing it apart.
{1483}{1526}Well, what can we do?
{1563}{1644}You prove the Valerians|are dealing in weapons-grade dolamide

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x19 Duet.sub

{153}{237}We wanted to annoy the grown-ups.
{240}{345}All inner deflector shield subsystems|are showing equal intensity.
{348}{408}Power balance levels are normal.
{411}{469}l was a champion window-breaker.
{472}{550}On a dark night with a few rocks,|l was deadly.
{553}{631}Which 'you' are you talking about?
{695}{783}- An incoming freighter's hailing us.|- Open a channel.
{819}{856}On screen.
{859}{919}Welcome to DS9. l'm Major Kira Nerys.
{922}{978}This is the Kobheerian Freighter|Rak-Minunis
{981}{1029}requesting permission to dock.
{1032}{1127}- Docking port six is clear for approach.|- Thank you.
{1130}{1207}We have a passenger on board|requiring medical assistance.
{1210}{1310}- What's wrong with your passenger?|- lt's a condition called Kalla-Nohra.
{1313}{1396}lt's chronic|but he doesn't have his medication.
{1399}{1510}- Beam him directly to our infirmary.|- Thank you, Commander.
{1513}{1546}Rak-Minunis out.
{1569}{1636}- Dax to lnfirmary.|- This is Bashir. Go ahead.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 1 - Eng/1x20 In The Hands Of The Prophets.sub

{88}{164}- Try one. You'll like it.|- Too early for me.
{167}{220}- You sure?|- lt's so sweet.
{223}{319}lt's a natural sweetness|from the sap of the jumja tree.
{322}{373}lt's full of vitamin C.
{376}{450}Since when were you such an expert?
{453}{523}- Neela told me.|- Did she?
{548}{636} she working out|any better than the last one?
{639}{690}Who? Neela? She's terrific.
{693}{744}She's even taught me a thing or two.
{747}{827}l'm glad her expertise|doesn't end with jumja sticks.
{830}{895}No. She's a really good engi...
{922}{972}- Hold on.|- What?
{975}{1026}'re not thinking?
{1047}{1134}- Well, Keiko!|- Just keeping you on your toes, O'Brien.
{1137}{1187}Oh, very funny.
{1190}{1244}Be careful who you share your jumja with.
{1533}{1610}Now, as we discussed|in yesterday's lesson
{1613}{1748}the wormhole was found by Commander|Sisko and Lieutenant Dax this year.
{1751}{1844}Does anyone know|what makes this wormhole so unusual?
{1877}{1932}- Jake?|- lt's stabl

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