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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x01 The Homecoming.sub

{452}{505}- Not now, Odo.|- We have to talk.
{509}{594}- lt'll have to wait.|- lt can't wait.
{598}{665}Make it fast.|l have business to attend to.
{669}{755}You remember that Subytt freighter|we were discussing?
{759}{866}The one you claimed was smuggling|defective isolinear rods to Bajor?
{870}{975}- What about it?|- l conducted a little investigation.
{979}{1054}Do you know what l discovered?
{1080}{1154}That l was telling the truth.
{1200}{1297}That's right. l arrested the first officer|and two of the crew.
{1301}{1374}Congratulations.|l knew you could do it.
{1378}{1453}lf you don't mind,|l am needed upstairs.
{1457}{1540}Hold on.|l'm not finished with you.
{1544}{1631}Really, Odo? Sometimes l think|there's no pleasing you.
{1635}{1707}l help you crack a smuggling ring
{1711}{1777}and yet you still treat me|like the enemy.
{1781}{1827}You are the enemy.
{1831}{1916}Then how do you explain|my helping you?
{1953}{1998}That's just it.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x02 The Circle.sub

{44}{101}Last time on Deep Space Nine:
{105}{170}This is the emblem of|the Alliance for Global Unity.
{174}{265}- They call themselves 'The Circle'.|- Why mess up our station?
{269}{370}They're an extremist faction|who believe in Bajor for the Bajorans.
{374}{468}l can't loan you a runabout|without knowing where you'll take it.
{472}{558}To Cardassia lV to rescue|a Bajoran prisoner of war.
{645}{715}Come on.|We have a ship waiting.
{719}{813}What you did today, Major,|was declare war on Cardassia.
{817}{859}They declined the invitation.
{863}{961}What if l told you that l knew someone|who could bring stability to Bajor?
{965}{1057}Someone who could unite the factions|and let us do our job?
{1061}{1130}Bajor doesn't need a man.
{1134}{1227}lt needs a symbol|and that's what you are.
{1231}{1308}The Navarch needed to return|here to assume his new post.
{1312}{1390}He's been made the Bajoran liaison|officer to Deep Space 9.
{1394}{1495}- l already have a liaison officer.|- Not any m

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x03 The Siege.sub

{43}{101}Last time on Deep Space Nine:
{105}{170}This is the emblem of the Alliance|for Global Unity.
{174}{265}- They call themselves 'The Circle'.|- Why mess up our station?
{269}{370}They're an extremist faction|who believe in Bajor for the Bajorans.
{374}{467}l can't loan you a runabout without|knowing where you're taking it.
{471}{558}To Cardassia lV to rescue|a Bajoran prisoner of war.
{645}{714}Come on.|We have a ship waiting.
{718}{816}What if l knew someone|who could bring stability to Bajor?
{820}{912}Someone who could unite the factions,|give us a chance to do our job.
{916}{989}Bajor doesn't need a man.
{993}{1081}lt needs a symbol.|That's what you are.
{1085}{1163}The Navarch returned here|to assume his new post.
{1167}{1245}He's been made the Bajoran|liaison officer to Deep Space 9.
{1249}{1350}- l already have a liaison officer.|- Not any more, you don't.
{1354}{1426}Major Kira is no longer assigned|to this post.
{1430}{1475}She's been recalled to Bajor.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x04 Invasive Procedures.sub

{58}{144}Station log, stardate 47182.1.
{148}{255}DS9 has been temporarily evacuated|due to a plasma disruption.
{259}{353}Until the disturbance ends,|the station has a skeleton crew.
{388}{457}- How are we holding up?|- So far, so good.
{461}{536}The Cardassians built|this place to last.
{540}{611}l've got the Orinoco ready at pad C.
{615}{671}Any word from Chief O'Brien?
{675}{749}He and Odo sealed off the airlocks
{753}{808}and were moving|on to the docking ring.
{812}{873}- Sisko to O'Brien.|- O'Brien here.
{877}{949}- What's your status?|- Almost done.
{953}{1039}We've sealed the airlocks|in levels 21 to 23.
{1043}{1129}We have to check the bulkheads|for crystallisation
{1133}{1246}from the plasma discharges.|lt shouldn't take too long.
{1342}{1405}- Did you hear that?|- Hear what?
{1409}{1487}l could have sworn l heard something.
{1566}{1689}What are you doing here?|You're under orders to stay in the bar.
{1693}{1738}l'm not a prisoner.
{1742}{1810}l volunteered to stay|a

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x05 Cardassians.sub

{380}{440}Tarkalean tea again, Doctor?
{444}{510}Yes. And you're drinking|Rokassa juice, Garak.
{514}{634}- The odour is unmistakable.|- So it is.
{638}{712}Rokassa juice soothes my nerves.
{716}{803}l had a very demanding customer today.
{807}{913}A Bajoran engineer who comes|to the shop just to plague me.
{917}{986}l've always wondered about that.
{990}{1075}l can't imagine Bajorans|frequenting a shop run by a Cardassian.
{1079}{1179}l like to think that my expertise|and willingness to serve
{1183}{1281}overcome any general resentment|my clientele may have.
{1285}{1393}Perhaps your expertise|and willingness to serve
{1397}{1477}establish a certain trust|between you and your customers?
{1481}{1520}Trust is important.
{1524}{1628}Once they trust you,|they're much more open with you
{1632}{1686}and they tell you things.
{1690}{1791}Really, Doctor, must we always|play this game?
{1795}{1884}l'm no more a spy than you are...
{1888}{1933}A doctor.
{1937}{2032}You do allow your imag

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x06 Melora.sub

{59}{153}Medical log, stardate 47229.1 .
{157}{274}Chief O'Brien and l are prepared|for the arrival of a cartographer.
{278}{375}Ensign Melora Pazlar|is the first Elaysian to join Starfleet
{379}{452}and requires special accommodations.
{456}{535}l haven't seen one of these|in 300 years.
{539}{605}l'm surprised it was even on file.
{609}{718}lt isn't. Ensign Pazlar sent me|the specifications.
{722}{841}Her normal anti-grav unit|isn't going to work here.
{845}{935}Cardassian construction|isn't compatible.
{939}{1038}The Yellowstone has just docked|at airlock 14, Doctor.
{1042}{1096}We're on our way.
{1184}{1277}Just think what it must be like|to adjust to our gravity
{1281}{1359}after living on a planet|with low gravity.
{1363}{1469}We've done the best we can|with the ramps.
{1473}{1595}l've modified the vertical clearance|of the chair three centimetres.
{1599}{1655}lt still leaves places|she can't access.
{1659}{1714}Can't we use the transporter?
{1718}{1819}She sent word that i

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x07 Rules Of Aquisition.sub

{123}{244}You know the rules, Morn.|No sleeping on the Promenade.
{855}{913}Come on, come on, come on.
{1548}{1602}The risk is to you, Lieutenant.
{1606}{1694}l could think better|without your hand on my thigh.
{1698}{1760}How did that get there?
{1804}{1921}What's it going to be?|Confront, evade, acquire, retreat?
{2096}{2190}- Doesn't she ever lose?|- How did you learn to play tongo?
{2194}{2253}Curzon played it all the time.
{2257}{2357}So it's Curzon whose beating us,|not this female.
{2361}{2471}- This female is a better player.|- And a prettier one, too.
{2475}{2565}Maybe, but l still prefer|a Ferengi female.
{2569}{2645}One who never wears clothes,|never talks back
{2649}{2692}and never plays tongo!
{2696}{2795}ls that how you prefer your women?|Naked and submissive?
{2799}{2902}- You find such a lifestyle appealing?|- Don't you wish?
{2906}{2988}l do. l really do.
{2992}{3069}The opening risk is at five strips|of latinum.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x08 Necessary Evil.sub

{172}{260}l didn't kill him, you know.
{264}{369}A lot of people believed it was me.|That shape-shifter thought so.
{373}{471}- But he was wrong.|- lt was a long time ago.
{515}{643}Say what you will about Cardassians.|They could keep the power on.
{664}{735}- Would you like more ice?|- l'm fine.
{739}{829}You were always very kind.|You made life a little easier.
{833}{932}l ran a black market.|Never thought of myself as kind.
{936}{1033}There was always extra ginger tea|for me, wasn't there?
{1037}{1141}You didn't call me to Bajor|to talk about tea.
{1221}{1295}- l need a favour.|- For old times' sake?
{1299}{1390}- l'm still as kind as ever.|- l can pay you.
{1394}{1504}My husband had a strongbox in|our shop on the station. Bring it to me.
{1508}{1591}- What's in it?|- Nothing anyone would value.
{1595}{1661}- Except you.|- Sentimental reasons.
{1665}{1760}Why not take a sentimental journey|back to the station?
{1764}{1860}l couldn't stand being in the shop|wher

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x09 Second Sight.sub

{86}{199}Personal log, stardate 47329.4.
{203}{299}l've realised why l've had trouble|sleeping the last few nights.
{303}{406}Yesterday was the fourth anniversary|of the massacre at Wolf 359,
{410}{484}the fourth anniversary|of Jennifer's death.
{488}{572}l'm not sure what bothers me more:|the date itself
{576}{665}or the fact|that it almost passed unnoticed.
{756}{838}Dad, what are you doing up?
{842}{963}- l was about to ask you that.|- l had a weird dream.
{967}{1053}Get some hot chocolate|and tell me about it.
{1057}{1127}lt's nothing.
{1131}{1232}Come on.|Tell me about this weird dream.
{1236}{1301}- lt's stupid.|- Maybe so,
{1305}{1432}but if you talk about dreams,|they kind of go away faster.
{1436}{1519}- OK, but don't laugh.|- l promise.
{1633}{1730}l was on the station somewhere.
{1734}{1783}l'm not sure where.
{1787}{1913}l was trying to get back here,|but l couldn't find my way.
{1917}{2010}Every time l saw a familiar corridor,
{2014}{2081}it led in some other direc

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x10 Sanctuary.sub

{299}{410}- You'll have it in the morning.|- That's what you said yesterday.
{433}{520}- l spent the whole day yesterday...|- Talking to Minister Rozahn
{524}{648}- about irrigating the Trilar Peninsula.|- How did you know?
{652}{773}lt's hard to keep a secret in ops|when you shout at a monitor.
{796}{906}- l thought it was an angry whisper.|- Let's say your voice carries.
{927}{996}Every time l talk to a minister,
{1000}{1088}l promise myself|l'm not going to lose control.
{1092}{1170}But then they give me some|stupid bureaucratic excuse
{1174}{1297}- for why something isn't done and l...|- Get frustrated.
{1301}{1409}l am way beyond frustrated.|Bajor is in trouble.
{1413}{1519}- l just want to help.|- l can understand that.
{1523}{1622}You can shout at the provisional|government all you want,
{1626}{1747}as long as it doesn't interfere|with your duties on the station.
{1751}{1843}You're right.|l'll get on that report right away.
{1970}{2072}Major, Quark's been looking for you.|He

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x11 Rivals.sub

{204}{287}When my husband was alive,|we ran the business together
{291}{418}and l managed to put away a bit|of latinum every year just for myself.
{422}{548}Now he's gone, well...|l've got quite a little sum.
{552}{608}That's important.
{612}{673}lt's not enough,
{677}{753}not for the way l want|to live out my retirement.
{757}{826}So l've decided to invest it all in...
{868}{925}l can't believe l'm telling you this.
{929}{1051}l just met you|but l feel like l can trust you.
{1055}{1106}lt's like l've known you forever.
{1110}{1195}When hearts are in sympathy,|time collapses.
{1199}{1286}l'm taking everything l saved|and l'm purchasing
{1290}{1372}the mining concession|on the entire Vlugta asteroid belt.
{1376}{1443}How ambitious, and such|an adventurous undertaking
{1447}{1533}for a woman of your|delicate sensibilities.
{1537}{1599}Prospecting can be risky.
{1603}{1700}Not this time.|My father was a stellar cartographer.
{1704}{1827}30 years ago he conducted|a mineral analysis

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x12 The Alternate.sub

{46}{103}l am merely a businessman.
{107}{202}lt would take an orator|like the late, great Plegg himself
{206}{286}to sing the praises|of the late, great Plegg.
{290}{414}What Ferengi could resist owning some|of the man that took a computer chip
{418}{521}and turned it into|the modular holosuite industry?
{525}{622}A small piece of the man that brought|holographic entertainment
{626}{686}to remote parts of the quadrant,
{690}{751}creating profit centres from societies
{755}{816}that could barely afford|to feed their people.
{820}{872}How much are you asking?
{876}{947}As l was about to tell my good friend,
{951}{996}just three strips of latinum.
{1000}{1081}And l'd be taking a loss at that price.
{1127}{1184}OK, for you, two strips.
{1261}{1335}- Thank you very much.|- Three strips?
{1339}{1417}- That's a fair price.|- So you're interested?
{1421}{1484}Humanoid death rituals are my interest.
{1488}{1562}- Death rituals?|- Everybody needs a hobby.
{1566}{1620}Some species burn t

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x13 Armageddon Game.sub

{75}{141}Chief Medical Officer's log,|supplemental.
{145}{236}Chief O'Brien and l are helping|the T'Lani and the Kelleruns
{240}{302}eliminate their stockpiles of harvesters,
{306}{362}biomechanical gene disrupters
{366}{450}used by both sides|in their centuries-long war.
{470}{533}Dr Nydom, how's our muon charge?
{537}{588}Coming up to full power.
{890}{1032}Computer, this is harvester|test sequence number 375.
{1036}{1106}Muon generator now at full power.
{1110}{1196}l hope this works|because l'm running out of ideas.
{1200}{1322}We've only been trying to eliminate|the harvesters for a week.
{1326}{1398}lt feels like more than a month.
{1402}{1499}l've never seen a nanobiogenic weapon|so resistant to radiation.
{1503}{1606}lt's a matter of finding the right|combination of muon frequencies.
{1610}{1687}lt should be simple,|but it's not.
{1691}{1791}Start the sequence|or we will be here for a month.
{1795}{1829}Right, Chief.
{1869}{1953}lntroducing the harvester|into the genetic

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