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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x14 Whispers.sub

{215}{287}Computer, set heading 410 mark 32.
{291}{379}- Course laid in.|- Maximum warp. Engage.
{426}{524}- Time to Parada system?|- 1 hour, 14 minutes.
{658}{739}Open a new file, computer.
{743}{855}O'Brien, personal log.|Stardate 47581.2.
{991}{1115}l've got to set the record straight|about the last 52 hours.
{1150}{1233}l don't know who's going to hear this.
{1237}{1303}l don't even know if l'll be alive
{1307}{1368}by the time this log is recovered.
{1404}{1488}l figure they'll be coming after me.
{1492}{1545}lf l'm right about this,
{1549}{1625}they won't want me to warn|the Paradas.
{1657}{1764}Coffee, Jamaican blend.|Double strong, double sweet.
{1796}{1875}l wish l could tell you who they are,
{1879}{1987}but that's part of the puzzle|l haven't figured out yet.
{1991}{2062}Part of the puzzle, hell.
{2066}{2169}None of this whole damn thing|makes any sense.
{2306}{2442}l'm trying to remember the first time|l noticed that things were wrong.
{2474}{2569}lt seems to me it

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x15 Paradise.sub

{55}{149}Station log, stardate 47573.1.
{153}{239}To respond to questions|about setting up colonies,
{243}{331}Chief O'Brien and l are surveying|nearby star systems.
{335}{426}- lf it's an imposition...|- No, sir, it's fine.
{458}{519}- You're sure?|- l'm sure, Commander.
{523}{605}l'll enjoy working with Jake.
{609}{666}Don't make it easy for him, Chief.
{670}{742}He has to know what it takes|to make it in Starfleet.
{746}{822}l'll have him up to his elbows|in thorium grease.
{826}{937}He placed in the lower third|of his group in mechanical aptitude.
{941}{1013}- Good for him. So did l.|- You?
{1017}{1076}- Come on.|- No, it's true.
{1080}{1159}lt wasn't until l got to the front|l found talents
{1163}{1217}l never knew l had.
{1221}{1326}l had to get a field transporter|operational in 10 minutes
{1330}{1403}or wind up a Cardassian|prisoner of war.
{1407}{1514}l didn't know a transporter|from a turbolift in those days,
{1518}{1635}but in 9 minutes, 53 seconds|l got that thing to

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x16 Shadowplay.sub

{82}{190}Science officer's log,|stardate 47603.3.
{194}{273}l am going to investigate|an unusual particle field
{277}{324}beyond the wormhole.
{328}{437}Odo has come along,|hoping to find clues to his origin.
{441}{529}So Ensign Manwaring spent|two weeks avoiding the Assay Office
{533}{585}thinking Freyla loved Lieutenant Strek,
{589}{650}but Strek was seeing|Security Officer Seelee.
{654}{737}And Freyla was waiting|for Manwaring to ask her out.
{741}{810}Officer Seelee has seemed|distracted at work lately.
{814}{899}l'm going to have to|talk to her about this.
{903}{1003}l didn't tell you that story|to get Seelee in trouble.
{1007}{1107}l fail to see any point in your story at all
{1111}{1209}except to illustrate the foolish|humanoid preoccupation
{1213}{1262}with romantic coupling.
{1266}{1410}The point is that sometimes we don't|see love when it's staring us in the face.
{1430}{1495}How fascinating.
{1499}{1552}Let me give you another example.
{1556}{1590}You know Lysia Arlin

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x17 Playing God.sub

{272}{364}- lf there's anything l can do...|- You've already helped.
{368}{447}Just hearing about Dax|makes me less nervous.
{451}{528}Don't be nervous.|Jadzia will be a wonderful host.
{532}{656}That is, she is a wonderful host|in a Trill manner of speaking.
{660}{756}She sounds very different from|the other Daxes l've heard about.
{760}{881}When l was told that Jadzia Dax|had been designated my field docent,
{885}{968}- l asked for reassignment.|- You're joking! Why?
{972}{1038}Because Dax is famous|for breaking initiates.
{1042}{1119}- Breaking them?|- l looked up the records.
{1123}{1164}Over the past 200 years
{1168}{1286}Dax has personally eliminated 57|host candidates from the programme.
{1312}{1443}- ls it too late to introduce myself?|- No. She's a night owl.
{1447}{1514}Computer, locate Lieutenant Dax.
{1518}{1593}Lieutenant Dax is on|level 7, section 5.
{1597}{1702}Of course. Then take us|to level 7, section 5.
{1727}{1801}That's the computer's way|of saying she's in Qu

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x18 Profit And Loss.sub

{94}{127}Definitely Cardassian.
{131}{208}And in trouble.|lts engines are disabled.
{212}{261}Open a hailing frequency.
{291}{369}This is Commander Sisko.|Do you need assistance?
{403}{510}Their life support systems|are on reserve power.
{514}{590}Lock on a tractor beam.|Pull them in.
{594}{662}Tell Mr O'Brien to meet me there.
{985}{1095}Welcome aboard. l'm Benjamin Sisko,|commander of Deep Space 9.
{1099}{1169}My chief of operations, Miles O'Brien.
{1173}{1216}Do you need medical assistance?
{1220}{1277}l think we're all fine, considering.
{1281}{1323}l'm Professor Natima Lang.
{1327}{1394}These are my students,|Rekelen and Hogue.
{1398}{1481}- What happened?|- We were caught in a storm.
{1485}{1559}l'm not much of a shuttle pilot.
{1563}{1620}Can you repair our ship?
{1624}{1695}l'll take a look. Excuse me.
{1740}{1809}We'd like to be on our way soon.
{1813}{1904}Having Cardassians|on a Bajoran station may cause trouble.
{1908}{1951}We don't want that.
{1955}{2038}lf anyon

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x19 Blood Oath.sub

{40}{133}He paid for one hour.|He's been in there for three,
{137}{248}fighting the battle of klachdachbrach|or some such thing over and over.
{252}{391}The Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt|is a Klingon victory over the Romulans.
{395}{540}He's been losing it all afternoon|and he won't come out until he wins.
{544}{609}He sealed himself in.
{613}{715}l threatened to shut off the power,|he threatened to kill me.
{1036}{1154}When did you add ancient Klingon|battles to your holosuite programmes?
{1158}{1241}The captain of a Klingon ship|sold some to me.
{1245}{1342}l know, l know. lt's brutal. lt's violent.
{1346}{1397}lt's bloody.
{1401}{1463}But to the Klingons, it's entertainment.
{1467}{1531}- Shut it off.|- He'll kill you.
{1535}{1628}No, he said he'll kill you. Shut it off.
{2257}{2388}You dare interrupt|the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt,
{2392}{2447}you Ferengi "k'pekt" !
{2526}{2625}lt is over. The people are waiting|to celebrate your victory.
{2629}{2678}They are?

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x20 The Maquis (Part 1).sub

{1060}{1112}The Cardassian freighter, Bok'Nor,
{1116}{1201}is requesting permission|to depart upper pylon one.
{1205}{1292}We have an incoming Bolian vessel.
{1296}{1391}Give the Bok'Nor a clear trajectory|out of the traffic pattern.
{1395}{1445}Feel like getting together for dinner?
{1449}{1511}Can't. l'm having dinner|with Captain Boday.
{1515}{1582}The Gallamite?|You're going out with him?
{1586}{1700}- ls something wrong with that?|- No. Not at all.
{1704}{1801}He's brilliant.|His brain is twice the size of ours.
{1805}{1849}l know. l've seen it.
{1853}{1933}lt's not his fault Gallamites|have transparent skulls.
{1960}{2002}No, it's not.
{2006}{2092}lt's not the view|l want to have with dinner.
{2096}{2207}Sometimes l think you place|too much emphasis on how men look.
{2211}{2288}- What's that supposed to mean?|- Nothing.
{2292}{2402}When l kiss a man|l like to know where l'm kissing him.
{2406}{2485}Seven lifetimes gives me|a broader perspective.
{2489}{2610}l have one life

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x21 The Maquis (Part 2).sub

{39}{107}Last time on Deep Space Nine:
{111}{184}The admirals are worried
{188}{276}the destruction of the Bok'Nor|might jeopardise the treaty.
{280}{346}As the officers|on the Cardassian border
{350}{417}we've been asked to assess the risk.
{421}{520}- l wish to procure weapons.|- l beg your pardon?
{524}{611}Guns, phaser banks,|photon torpedoes...
{615}{707}troop transports and|a number of cobalt-thorium devices.
{711}{740}You're a gun runner?
{744}{844}l'll help you find out|the truth about the Bok'Nor.
{848}{934}- Why help me?|- Because l know the truth.
{938}{1035}l've got people out there killing people.|Should l turn a blind eye?
{1039}{1078}They must defend themselves.
{1082}{1160}- They've crossed the line.|- lf Starfleet is unwilling...
{1164}{1223}They chose to live|with the Cardassians!
{1227}{1333}l didn't! But l lived with them|for 26 years before the liberation.
{1337}{1407}l know what those colonists|are going through.
{1524}{1621}We received a subspace transmiss

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x22 The Wire.sub

{94}{146}What a waste of a morning.
{150}{231}That Galipotan freighter|that was scheduled to be here at 0700
{235}{282}still hasn't arrived.
{286}{355}That's the price for doing business|with a culture
{359}{423}that doesn't acknowledge|the concept of time.
{427}{493}But they make magnificent sweaters.
{497}{566}- l hope l'm not boring you.|- Not at all.
{570}{664}- l was up late last night.|- Entertaining one of your lady friends?
{668}{708}Unfortunately not.
{712}{795}No, l was reading|'The Never Ending Sacrifice'.
{799}{843}lsn't it superb?
{847}{936}Without a doubt the finest Cardassian|novel ever written.
{940}{1039}- l'll take your word for it.|- So you didn't enjoy it?
{1043}{1105}Well, l thought it was interesting.
{1109}{1177}Maybe a little dull in parts.
{1181}{1229}Oh, wonderful!
{1233}{1309}At this rate, we'll finish lunch|just in time for dinner.
{1313}{1365}Well, there's always Quark's.
{1369}{1461}l'm not in the mood for noisy,|crowded, and vulgar today.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x23 Crossover.sub

{51}{97}Medical log, supplemental.
{101}{200}Major Kira and l have|opened the hospital on New Bajor,
{204}{267}a Bajoran colony|in the Gamma Quadrant.
{312}{371}- Could you take it?|- Sure.
{375}{467}- Can l listen to music?|- l want to meditate.
{472}{564}Of course.|l didn't know you meditate.
{568}{612}Every day.
{616}{728}l studied meditation with lsam Helewa|when l was at college.
{732}{781}He took me under his wing.
{785}{853}He was a master at rhythmic breathing.
{857}{937}- Give me a few tips some time.|- Gladly.
{941}{1063}And l'd like to learn any Bajoran|techniques you might show me.
{1067}{1164}We usually just like to sit...
{1520}{1583}What are you doing?
{1637}{1694}Bellows breath. lt's quick intakes
{1698}{1769}followed by one long intake of air.
{1828}{1900}lncreases the energy flow.|Let me show you.
{1904}{1995}- How about some music?|- What's your pleasure?
{1999}{2068}My musical knowledge|is limited to Bajoran

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x24 The Collaborator.sub

{1075}{1170}Vedek Bareil! Want to play?
{1259}{1308}Help me.
{1421}{1465}All right.
{1675}{1734}Who is it?
{1821}{1891}- lt's Prylar Bek.|- No, it's not.
{1966}{2023}lt's you.
{5653}{5705}Good morning.
{5709}{5777}l thought you'd sleep till noon.
{5833}{5912}Sh. You're supposed to be relaxing.
{5916}{5977}l'm very relaxed.
{6037}{6089}How are you feeling this morning?
{6149}{6210}l wish you could stay here longer.
{6214}{6271}All right, l will.
{6275}{6325}l'll stay a few more days.
{6329}{6379}- You can't.|- Why not?
{6383}{6434}Because in two days
{6438}{6523}you are going to be elected Kai.
{6559}{6615}Oh, that!
{6655}{6707}There's no guarantee l'll win.
{6711}{6813}Of course you will.|The people need you.
{6893}{6983}Are you...going to vote for me?
{7049}{7148}ls that why you spent|the last three days here?
{7172}{7258}To get my vote?
{7262}{7333}l know you don't agree|with many of my v

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x25 Tribunal.sub

{136}{262}And l've downloaded the new docking|procedure checklist for bay 6.
{266}{348}- That's the only bay using it.|- Got it.
{352}{451}Monitor the power fluctuations|in the secondary fusion core.
{455}{580}- There are some kinks.|- l will care for it like it was my child.
{584}{646}When l get back l'll run a diagnostic...
{650}{748}We are capable of running|this place by ourselves for a week.
{752}{810}You can reach me on subspace.
{814}{906}Go on vacation and get out of our hair.
{1012}{1097}Miles. Have a good time.
{1101}{1173}Right. Thanks, yeah.
{1177}{1231}l feel relaxed already.
{1313}{1369}- ls he gone?|- Finally.
{1373}{1435}Good. He's been driving me crazy.
{1496}{1604}l forgot to tell you|l added a new subroutine...
{1608}{1656}- Chief O'Brien.|- Yes, sir?
{1660}{1740}You're on leave.|Please disembark the station.
{1744}{1791}Aye, sir.
{2002}{2039}lt's OK.
{2180}{2235}Miles O'Brien.|We served on the Rutledge.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 2 - Eng/2x26 The Jem'Hadar.sub

{283}{358}Hey, Jake. What's all this?
{362}{407}My science project.
{411}{460}l'm growing Bajoran katterpods
{464}{516}to see which hybrid|yields the biggest root.
{520}{582}You're just going to watch it grow?
{586}{631}Yeah. Pretty neat, huh?
{635}{761}Not bad, but don't you think|it's a little low-tech?
{765}{845}l'm a low-tech kind of guy, Dad.
{849}{944}l still think you can do|something more challenging.
{948}{1017}lf you could do any|science project you wanted to,
{1021}{1066}anything, what would it be?
{1110}{1159}Learn how to pilot a runabout?
{1163}{1264}That's not exactly|a science project, is it?
{1313}{1378}Second choice.
{1382}{1469}- Visit the Gamma Quadrant?|- What would you do there?
{1473}{1530}l don't know. l...
{1534}{1592}l could do a planetary survey.
{1596}{1659}Not bad.
{1663}{1729}- All right. Let's do it.|- Really?
{1733}{1800}lt will be like a working vacation.
{1804}{1859}That's great! Thanks, Dad.
{1863}{1931}- We'll have a great time.|- We will.

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