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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x01 The Search (Part 1).sub

{50}{126}Last time on 'Star Trek -|Deep Space Nine'...
{129}{221}lf you could do any science project|you wanted to, anything at all...
{224}{269}Visit the Gamma Quadrant?
{551}{604}We've never heard of the Jem'Hadar.
{607}{660}Then you've been fortunate.
{663}{738}Negotiations with the Dominion|can be dangerous.
{800}{882}The Dominion will no longer|allow ships from your side
{885}{935}to violate our territory.
{938}{988}Starfleet's orders are simple.
{991}{1037}No traffic through the wormhole
{1040}{1105}until we can investigate|the Jem'Hadar's threat.
{1108}{1177}- What about Benjamin and the others?|- Don't worry.
{1180}{1230}Commander Sisko's return|is a top priority.
{1233}{1295}lf you're going to rescue them,|we're coming.
{1549}{1604}Here they come.
{1785}{1848}A Jem'Hadar ship is making|a direct run at the Odyssey.
{2022}{2085}The Jem'Hadar wanted us to escape?
{2088}{2154}You have no idea what's begun here.
{2195}{2281}She'll be back. The question is|who she'll bring

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x02 The Search (Part 2).sub

{51}{149}Last time on 'Star Trek -|Deep Space Nine'...
{152}{218}We must go into the Gamma Quadrant
{221}{304}and find the leaders of the Dominion,|the Founders.
{307}{393}What is wrong with Starfleet?|How could they do this to him?
{396}{446}This has been a long time coming.
{449}{501}Starfleet has never been happy|with the Constable.
{504}{580}l want him to stay as much as you do,|but he has to want to stay.
{583}{666}Ever since we've come|into the Gamma Quadrant
{669}{779}l've had this feeling|of being drawn somewhere,
{782}{839}to a specific place.
{879}{923}The Omarion Nebula.
{1360}{1410}The last time l saw the Defiant
{1413}{1535}she was dead in space|and surrounded by Jem'Hadar ships.
{1538}{1668}- Sisko? Bashir?|- l don't know.
{2009}{2052}Welcome home.
{2105}{2175}And now the conclusion.
{2402}{2490}You really are just like me, aren't you?
{2722}{2791}You're saying this is where l'm from?
{2794}{2847}This is your home.
{2865}{2919}l wish l could r

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x03 The House Of Quark.sub

{279}{356}Now l know we're doomed.
{359}{409}Why, brother?
{412}{545}Rule of Acquisition 286 -|'When Morn leaves, it's all over.'
{589}{664}- There is no such rule.|- There should be.
{667}{728}l know business is bad,|but that's no reason to...
{731}{772}Bad? Bad!
{775}{838}lt's 21 00 hours, the bar's open,
{841}{934}there's a sale on synthehol,|and no one's here.
{937}{1064}You, Ferengi!|Another blood wine. Now.
{1067}{1117}At least someone is still here.
{1120}{1183}- How many has he had?|- A dozen.
{1197}{1255}l should've gone into insurance -
{1258}{1348}better hours,|more money, less scruples.
{1351}{1406}- lt's all Sisko's fault.|- Sisko?
{1409}{1524}Right. lf he'd handled the Dominion|better, none of this would've happened.
{1527}{1596}They want a foothold|in the Alpha Quadrant?
{1599}{1654}Cut a deal,|make a few arrangements,
{1657}{1708}give them something for their trouble.
{1711}{1769}But no, he had to play it tough,
{1772}{1846}so now everyone's afraid|of the Dom

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x04 Equilibrium.sub

{163}{213}l don't know about you|but l'm starving.
{216}{286}- Me too.|- Here you go. Enjoy.
{383}{469}Now, Constable, the secret|of a good souffl is consistency.
{472}{531}You have to be careful|not to over-whip it.
{534}{614}- l see.|- l hope l'm not boring you.
{617}{677}Just because l don't need food,
{680}{760}doesn't mean l'm not|interested in its preparation.
{763}{881}l'm fascinated by the humanoid|preoccupation with eating.
{884}{954}- May l?|- By all means.
{1174}{1222}Nice and smooth.
{1233}{1315}That's it...|it's all in the wrist.
{1354}{1401}Where did you learn all this?
{1404}{1454}ln my father's restaurant|in New Orleans.
{1457}{1502}What are we having?
{1505}{1582}Blackened redfish with creamed|spinach and sauted beets.
{1647}{1715}You don't like beets, Doctor?
{1718}{1784}They're not|a personal favourite of mine.
{1787}{1872}That's because you've never had them|prepared properly.
{1916}{1997}Beets are a very|misunderstood vegetable.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x05 Second Skin.sub

{207}{329}- Tell your Uncle Quark all about it.|- What are you talking about?
{332}{457}You're late for your holosuite booking|and you've had that drink a while.
{460}{525}You got stood up, didn't you?
{528}{604}lf you must know,|l'm waiting for Major Kira.
{607}{707}We were going antigrav sailing, but you|know how she feels about holosuites.
{710}{762}They're a waste of time.
{765}{867}Anything worth doing in a holosuite|can be done better in the real world.
{870}{946}You haven't been|in the right holosuite program.
{949}{1062}- But if you'd like, l could...|- You could, but you'd live to regret it.
{1111}{1168}Maybe some other time.
{1196}{1290}Sorry l'm late. We had to revise|the crew rotations again.
{1293}{1346}- You're not cancelling?|- No.
{1349}{1435}l'm kind of looking forward to it,|except for crashing.
{1439}{1484}You won't crash.
{1487}{1552}We'll start out with an easy simulation
{1555}{1649}like sailing across the Great Erg|on New Mecca.
{1652}{1702}You'll see, it'l

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x06 The Abandoned.sub

{868}{907}You aren't leaving?
{910}{1023}- Well...|- Come on. Aren't you feeling lucky?
{1026}{1113}All right, then, one more time.|Let it ride.
{1545}{1651}Wait a minute there.|My name is Okalar. What's yours?
{1963}{2044}- You are evil.|- Who, me?
{2047}{2107}He was going to walk away a winner.
{2110}{2223}The first rule of dabo is,|'Watch the wheel, not the girl.'
{2236}{2315}So, what's on the menu|tomorrow night?
{2347}{2408}Tomorrow night?|Dinner with your father?
{2411}{2470}- What?|- He didn't tell you?
{2473}{2556}He came by and invited me|to dinner tomorrow night.
{2559}{2650}- He said it was your idea.|- My idea?
{2684}{2795}l might have mentioned something|about having you over.
{2798}{2901}- l thought he forgot.|- lt is all right, isn't it?
{2914}{2993}l mean, you don't mind, do you?
{2996}{3096}Oh, no. No, of course not.
{3117}{3209}lt'll be great.|

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x07 Civil Defense.sub

{315}{365}How's it going, Jake?
{368}{448}Fine. l've deleted half|the Cardassian files.
{451}{550}l can't believe how many subroutines|it took to run this ore processor.
{553}{607}lt used to be a large operation.
{610}{704}The Cardassians|processed 20,000 tons a day.
{707}{785}- That's a lot of ore.|- lt must have been hell.
{788}{881}l heard stories the temperature|reached 55 degrees Celsius.
{884}{964}How could|the Bajoran workers survive that?
{967}{1035}A lot of them didn't.
{1038}{1134}Delete those files, then l'll show you|how to download the new system.
{1137}{1229}You think we can convert this place|into a deuterium refinery?
{1232}{1345}Absolutely. lt'll take us three,|maybe four weeks at the most.
{1348}{1441}l hope you're planning on eating|during the next four weeks.
{1444}{1545}- l lost track of the time.|- We're almost finished, Dad.
{1548}{1627}Chief, l'm having|a problem deleting one of these files.
{1630}{1707}Have you tried reformatting|the data cluster?

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x08 Meridian.sub

{367}{426}- Too hot?|- A little.
{447}{522}Why don't you specify|a lower temperature?
{525}{622}No, no. Coffee should be|too hot to drink right away.
{681}{801}lt slows down the experience,|gives you time to savour the taste.
{804}{887}Ah, yes, taste.
{890}{1032}Odo, l know you don't need to eat,|but did you ever try it anyway?
{1099}{1241}Once, not long after l was first|able to assume the humanoid form.
{1321}{1487}And since l don't have taste buds,|it was very unsatisfying...
{1510}{1574}not to mention messy.
{1577}{1688}- Messy?|- l'd rather not talk about it.
{1691}{1827}- Major Kira, how nice to see you again.|- Tiron.
{1830}{1916}You left Quark's last night|when l was about to buy another round.
{1919}{2000}l was devastated|that you didn't say goodbye.
{2003}{2066}We had such a pleasant conversation.
{2069}{2151}As l recall,|you were the one doing all the talking.
{2167}{2228}Then you have me at a disadvantage.
{2231}{2310}You know all abo

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x09 Defiant.sub

{54}{127}We have six Byzatium transports|coming in.
{130}{237}- l need more cargo space.|- Off-load them into cargo bays 3 and 4.
{240}{310}We're pushing|our storage capacity as it is.
{313}{368}That reminds me we got a message
{371}{488}saying the Byzallians want to move up|their conference by a week.
{491}{566}l haven't had a chance|to read last night's reports.
{569}{640}- Anything else l should know?|- Well...
{735}{832}Starfleet wants a report|on our computer calibration subroutine.
{835}{967}- The whole subroutine? When?|- Tomorrow.
{1157}{1237}The scheduled transport has been|delayed.
{1240}{1288}l need those medical supplies|this week.
{1291}{1369}We don't have a runabout|to go to Vulcan right now.
{1372}{1425}l'm supposed to set up a field hospital
{1428}{1493}for a new colony|on Campor lll next week.
{1496}{1602}lf l don't get those supplies,|the schedule could be set back by...
{1605}{1705}Listen, you can't have a runabout,|you can't get your medical su

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x10 Fascination.sub

{258}{313}l didn't expect to find you here.
{316}{383}l thought you'd be|on the Promenade helping Mardah
{386}{454}with the decorations|for the Bajoran Gratitude Festival.
{457}{507}That was the plan,
{510}{586}but it turns out l don't have|much to be grateful for.
{589}{668}- lsn't that the earring you...|- l bought for Mardah.
{671}{759}You want it? You could give it|to Major Kira for her birthday.
{762}{857}All right... Tell me about it.
{929}{979}Mardah's gone, Dad.
{982}{1050}She got accepted to the|Science Academy on Regulus lll.
{1053}{1157}- That's a good school.|- lt's 300 light years away.
{1160}{1250}You're 1 6.|Take my word for it, you'll survive.
{1253}{1315}Sooner or later,|you'll find someone else.
{1318}{1419}Who knows? Maybe you'll|find someone tonight at the Festival.
{1422}{1481}Yeah, sure.
{1484}{1577}The point of the Festival|is to make a new start.
{1580}{1647}l could use one.
{1655}{1730}- OK, l'll go.|- That's the spirit.
{1733}{1803}But l'm not going to

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x11 Past Tense (Part 1).sub

{85}{160}Commander's log.|Stardate 48481 .2.
{163}{257}My staff and l have been asked|to address the Starfleet Symposium
{260}{324}on the situation|in the Gamma Quadrant.
{327}{452}l'm looking forward to the opportunity|and to visiting my sister in Portland.
{455}{513}Entering Earth orbit.
{516}{635}- l never get tired of looking at this.|- The seas could be more purple.
{638}{732}- They're not green enough.|- lt's true what they say.
{735}{833}'There is no place like home.'|No matter what colour the water is.
{836}{935}We should get ready, Benjamin.|Dinner tonight with Admiral Drazman.
{938}{1012}Droner Drazman, the commander|of the Proxima Maintenance Yards?
{1015}{1097}You're welcome to come along.|The senior staff was invited.
{1100}{1196}Full dress uniform, fine table linens,|a different fork for every course?
{1199}{1273}No thanks.|That's why l stayed an enlisted man.
{1276}{1350}They don't expect me|to show up for formal dinners.
{1353}{1432}- Major, Constable, will you jo

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x12 Past Tense (Part 2).sub

{39}{100}Last time on 'Star Trek -|Deep Space Nine'...
{103}{189}l know what happened|to Commander Sisko and the others.
{192}{265}The transporter beam was redirected.
{268}{336}- Redirected where?|- Not where. When.
{339}{460}Ever hear of the Bell Riots? lt was one|of the most violent civil disturbances.
{463}{551}lt happened right here.|San Francisco, Sanctuary District A,
{554}{604}the first week of September 2024.
{607}{654}That's only a few days from now.
{657}{762}The Riots will be one of the watershed|events of the 21 st century.
{765}{815}Gabriel Bell will see to that.
{818}{925}- l still haven't found my friends.|- Might they be in a Sanctuary District?
{928}{1001}lt's possible.|l might have wound up in one.
{1004}{1062}This place is about to explode.
{1065}{1149}Most of us live here|because they promised us jobs.
{1152}{1209}l haven't been on any job interviews.
{1212}{1307}That man|who just got killed trying to help us,
{1310}{1383}that man was Gabriel Bell.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x13 Life Support.sub

{317}{382}Jake! Hi.
{385}{502}- Leanne. l thought you were on Bajor.|- l came back early.
{505}{617}- l was just thinking about you.|- Really?
{620}{710}Yeah. l passed the Klingon restaurant|where we had dinner with Orak.
{713}{810}And you ordered the "gagh."|How is Orak?
{813}{896}We stopped seeing each other|a few weeks ago.
{899}{940}- Oh?|- Yeah.
{1030}{1116}So, are you doing|anything tomorrow night?
{1119}{1187}l'm supposed to play dom-jot with Nog.
{1232}{1337}But they're not really firm plans.|l was thinking of cancelling them.
{1340}{1418}Really? lf you cancel,|would you be interested in dinner?
{1421}{1478}- Sure.|- Great.
{1481}{1565}- 1 800 at the Klingon restaurant?|- l'll be there.
{1568}{1668}- But this time we'll skip the "gagh."|- Definitely.
{1671}{1751}- l'll see you then.|- OK.
{1848}{1906}- Move aside!|- Look out!
{2113}{2185}- What have we got?|- Bajoran transport coming in.
{2188}{2248}- They had an accident.|- They're do

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