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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x14 Heart Of Stone.sub

{72}{171}First Officer's log, stardate 48521 .5.
{174}{237}Odo and l are returning|to Deep Space 9
{240}{312}after reviewing security procedures|at Prophet's Landing,
{315}{388}the Bajoran colony|closest to the Cardassian border.
{391}{494}Those orbital sensor platforms should|give the colonists plenty of warning
{497}{585}in case the Cardassians|decide to violate the new treaty.
{680}{766}How did your meeting|with Security Chief Bemar go?
{822}{934}Was he properly impressed|by the depth of your expertise?
{983}{1091}- Odo, is something bothering you?|- What makes you say that?
{1094}{1205}You haven't said five words to me|since we left Prophet's Landing.
{1236}{1326}lf l've done something to offend you,|tell me what it is.
{1414}{1490}- lt's not important.|- Whatever you say.
{1493}{1596}- lt's not worth making an issue about.|- Well, glad to hear it.
{1599}{1636}lt's just...
{1690}{1807}When Governor Avesta|

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x15 Destiny.sub

{44}{136}Station log, stardate 48543.2.
{139}{225}A team of Cardassian scientists|is coming to assist us
{228}{303}deploying a subspace relay|in the Gamma Quadrant.
{306}{410}lt will allow communication|through the wormhole for the first time.
{431}{545}l've assigned these quarters to the|senior Cardassian scientist, Ulani.
{548}{614}Her colleague, Gilora,|has the adjacent room.
{617}{691}lt's warm here. You've reset|the environmental controls?
{694}{799}l also had O'Brien reprogramme the|replicators to provide Cardassian food.
{802}{843}Security measures?
{846}{955}- We're following them at all times.|- Fine, but keep a distance.
{958}{1042}The Cardassians should feel|like guests, not prisoners.
{1045}{1129}There are still elements|opposed to the peace treaty
{1132}{1231}between Cardassia and Bajor.|We have to be prepared for trouble.
{1234}{1355}While the Cardassians are here, l want|the Bajorans to get used to seeing them
{1358}{1450}walking on the Promenade|and eating from thei

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x16 Prophet Motive.sub

{122}{217}- Am l doing it right?|- You don't have to be quite so gentle.
{262}{345}- Tell me again.|- Tell you about what?
{348}{448}- About the stem bolts.|- l have 1 00 gross
{451}{562}of self-sealing stem bolts
{565}{637}sitting in cargo bay 1 1 .
{640}{740}- And they're all mine?|- For only 1 0 bars of latinum.
{743}{819}Quark, you don't know|what this means to me.
{822}{916}- Or to me!|- Those bolts could triple production
{919}{1010}of my family's reverse-ratcheting|routing planners.
{1013}{1065}Glad to be of help.
{1068}{1173}Quark, l can't wait any longer.
{1176}{1295}Why don't you and l go down|to cargo bay 1 1
{1298}{1354}and...sign the contract?
{1402}{1492}No rush. Your family's ship|won't be here for a week.
{1495}{1635}We'll have plenty of time to finalise|the deal before then.
{1668}{1724}That's an unusual attitude|for a Ferengi.
{1727}{1830}l'm a very unusual Ferengi.
{1882}{1949}That must be the Saurian brandy|l ordered.
{2036}{2091}Rom, whe

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x17 Visionary.sub

{122}{197}lt's all right, Chief.|You're going to be fine.
{222}{258}What happened?
{261}{366}You were re-routing a phase inducer|when a plasma conduit blew out.
{386}{478}Easy there. You have a mild case|of radiation poisoning.
{482}{562}l've given you some hyronalin|to counteract the effects.
{565}{665}- He should be restricted to light duty.|- Agreed.
{668}{762}The transport's arrived and they want|permission to dock.
{765}{815}Route them to docking bay 1 2.
{818}{891}Tell the Romulan delegation|we'll meet them there.
{982}{1052}And Chief...|Light duty means light.
{1055}{1169}l don't want you crawling around|looking for power surges.
{1172}{1231}You won't get any arguments today.
{1274}{1319}Ready, Major?
{1813}{1885}{y:i}Du'cha Kovah!|{y:i}Estah!
{1915}{1997}l wasn't aware there were any Klingons|on the station.
{2000}{2070}They just arrived a few hours ago.
{2073}{2135}The main computer on their freighter|was damaged
{2138}{2203}and they need a compl

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x18 Distant Voices.sub

{43}{103}Can l interest you|in some Yigrish cream pie?
{106}{163}Thank you, Doctor. l'm quite full.
{166}{269}- You barely touched your food.|- l'm trying to lose a little weight.
{272}{356}Hemming women's dresses|provides me with an income,
{359}{424}but not with exercise.
{427}{505}l could help you set up|a holosuite-exercise programme
{508}{632}l might take you up on that,|and speaking of holosuites...
{635}{671}Happy birthday.
{674}{799}lt's a few days off, but l wanted|to give you your present early.
{802}{864}lt's a Cardassian holosuite programme.
{867}{945}An adaptation of one of Shoggoth's|enigma tales.
{948}{990}l see.
{993}{1111}You sound disappointed.|l thought you liked mystery novels.
{1114}{1214}l do.|Human mystery novels.
{1217}{1312}The trouble with Cardassian enigma|tales is that they end the same way.
{1315}{1387}All the suspects are always guilty.
{1390}{1502}Yes, but the challenge is determining|who is guilty of what.
{1623}{1730}ls Lieutenant Dax throwing yo

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x19 Through the Looking Glass.sub

{162}{252}l found 27 voles in his storeroom.
{255}{370}Vole infestations are common|on this station. Ask Chief O'Brien.
{373}{491}He and Morn were painting|numbers on the voles' backs.
{495}{544}We were just...
{547}{616}counting them to see|how many we'd caught.
{619}{729}- You were preparing a vole fight.|- A vole fight?
{732}{841}l'm appalled. Do you really think|that was what Morn was up to?
{844}{934}l want the voles confiscated|and removed from the station.
{937}{1028}You can't confiscate Morn's voles.|They're like his pets.
{1031}{1097}l'll see if l can get him some goldfish.
{1100}{1220}Now gentlemen,|if you'll excuse me, it's late.
{1260}{1338}Poor Morn.|This is going to break his hearts.
{1418}{1475}Ops is yours, Lieutenant.
{1551}{1603}Going somewhere, Chief?
{1606}{1672}Sir, l need to talk to you.
{1675}{1742}- lt's kind of private.|- We were just leaving.
{1745}{1817}Come on,|let's go break the news to Morn.
{1820}{1912}- Do you want to talk in my

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x20 Improbable Cause.sub

{152}{235}l just don't see the value|of this man's work.
{238}{318}Shakespeare is one of|the giants of human literature.
{321}{409}l knew Brutus was going to kill Caesar|in the first act.
{412}{484}Caesar didn't get it|until the knife was in his back.
{487}{596}That's why it's a tragedy.|Caesar's best friend plotted to kill him.
{599}{706}Tragedy is not the word l'd use.|Farce would be more appropriate.
{709}{833}This man is supposed to be|a leader of a great empire
{836}{956}yet he can't see what's going on|under his own nose.
{959}{1059}- Are you in a hurry?|- l've got a lot of work to do.
{1062}{1139}You're fortunate.|l have too much time on my hands.
{1142}{1192}You could finish those trousers|l dropped off.
{1195}{1312}Tomorrow. You're going to|give yourself indigestion.
{1315}{1395}lf you hadn't been late|l could have enjoyed lunch.
{1398}{1462}You always rush through meals.
{1465}{1531}You never savour your food.
{1534}{1598}lt's a human characteristic.|Look over there.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x21 The Die Is Cast.sub

{39}{90}Last time on 'Deep Space Nine'...
{93}{165}Medical emergency on the Promenade.
{168}{254}l find it odd that a conduit|behind Garak's shop
{257}{309}should happen to overload.
{379}{468}Why would the Romulans destroy|the Flaxian's ship?
{471}{549}The Romulans hired the Flaxian|to kill Garak
{552}{620}and then killed the Flaxian|when he failed.
{623}{722}- Why do the Romulans want to kill you?|- l have no idea.
{749}{795}You are investigating
{798}{887}a very insignificant piece|of a much larger puzzle.
{890}{938}What do you mean?
{941}{1024}There's been a great deal|of unusual Romulan activity.
{1027}{1118}You dragged me into this.|Now you're going to co-operate.
{1121}{1186}Dragged you in? l don't know...
{1189}{1257}You blew up your own shop, Garak.
{1295}{1381}- lt's a Romulan warbird.|- ln Cardassian space?
{1384}{1448}You're going to attack the Dominion.
{1451}{1560}You're going to strike them before|they come into the Alpha Quadrant.
{1563}{1694}l'm asking you to

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x22 Explorers.sub

{470}{601}Excuse me.|You're Dr Bashir, aren't you?
{604}{658}- That's right.|- l'm Leeta.
{661}{769}l've been meaning to come by|the infirmary to see you.
{818}{915}Oh, dear. How long have you had|that cough?
{918}{993}A few days now.
{1022}{1079}May l?
{1109}{1172}Cough for me.
{1254}{1307}ls it serious, Doctor?
{1310}{1438}No, but we need to start|your treatment immediately.
{1441}{1507}Bring me a Fanalian toddy,|very hot.
{1510}{1589}Make that two. l'm feeling a cough|coming on myself.
{1592}{1678}l'm sorry to hear that, Doctor.
{1681}{1746}No, please. Call me...
{1749}{1817}- Julian.|- Hi.
{1844}{1912}- l'm Jadzia.|- Leeta.
{1915}{1966}Before l forget...
{1996}{2082}here's that immunological data|you asked for.
{2150}{2239}How nice of you to put it together|for me so quickly.
{2242}{2317}l think l'll go over it right now.
{2362}{2497}Oh, by the way, l hear the Lexington's|docking here for a few days.
{2500}{2539}The Lexington?
{2644}{2728}Excuse me for just one second.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x23 Family Business.sub

{565}{613}- Hey, Dad.|- Jako.
{616}{677}Dinner's almost ready.
{680}{780}You've convinced the Peljenites|to exchange ambassadors.
{783}{835}How do you know that?
{838}{957}You only cook Hungarian food|when you're in a really good mood.
{960}{1040}l always said that you are|a smart child.
{1043}{1105}Runs in the family.
{1196}{1307}l have some good news, too.|Captain Yates is back on the station.
{1349}{1425}Kasidy Yates, the freighter captain|l told you about.
{1428}{1488}The one you want me to meet?
{1491}{1571}l could invite her over.|How about tomorrow night?
{1574}{1662}We're getting a little ahead|of ourselves here.
{1665}{1737}l know you want me to meet her|and l will.
{1740}{1843}- Let me handle it my way.|- You're going to like her, Dad.
{1900}{1947}You never know.
{2162}{2226}The place is packed.
{2229}{2304}- Where's Nog?|- l gave him the night off.
{2307}{2400}He's studying for his Starfleet exams.
{2403}{2499}He's a disgrace to his family|and to Ferengi everywhere.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x24 Shakaar.sub

{110}{185}Got you this time, Chief.
{427}{477}Sorry, Commander.
{480}{552}Don't apologise.|That makes it worse.
{555}{649}l guess l'm in the zone today.
{652}{768}The feeling that l can put the dart|exactly where l want it.
{771}{845}- You know the feeling.|- Not today.
{848}{910}- Dax to Sisko.|- Go ahead.
{913}{1005}Priority message from the Bajoran|provisional government.
{1008}{1073}On my way.
{1076}{1194}Fortunately, duty calls.|You'll have to find another victim.
{1285}{1372}- ls Chief O'Brien in here?|- He's back there...
{1375}{1437}in the zone.
{2014}{2104}- l didn't mean to interrupt.|- That's all right.
{2107}{2184}lt's called a duranja,|a lamp for the dead.
{2187}{2285}l was praying for Bareil.|What can l do for you?
{2288}{2358}This may come as somewhat|of a shock,
{2361}{2439}but l wanted you to hear it from me.
{2442}{2534}The First Minister of the provisional|government has died.
{2537}{2624}- Kalem Apren? How?|- Heart failure.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x25 Facets.sub

{82}{133}The Cardassians are still closing.
{136}{205}They have powered|their weapons systems.
{298}{389}They have established weapons lock.
{542}{617}Weapons lock broken.
{620}{698}Going to warp.
{797}{921}Get out of here, Jake.|l'm in the middle of a simulation.
{924}{1006}Computer, end programme.
{1028}{1103}- You OK?|- Look what you made me do!
{1106}{1179}You shouldn't end a programme|sitting down.
{1182}{1298}- Why did you come in here?|- You were supposed to meet me.
{1301}{1380}l didn't realise it had gotten so late.|Sorry.
{1383}{1482}- Don't worry. How's it going, anyway?|- Pretty good.
{1485}{1606}l've improved my reaction time by 20%.|l've got to get it up another five.
{1609}{1737}ls that the cut-off point for getting into|the Academy Preparatory Programme?
{1760}{1834}- You'll get there.|- l'd better.
{1837}{1958}Because if l don't, l'll never be|admitted into the Academy next year.
{1961}{2057}Six weeks of summer classes|will make the difference?
{2060}{2135}l hav

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 3 - Eng/3x26 The Adversary.sub

{51}{160}Commander's log,|stardate 48959.1 .
{163}{269}lt is with mixed emotions that l record|my final Commander's log.
{272}{377}The last three years have been|my most demanding and rewarding.
{380}{475}l only hope that the future will hold|even greater challenges.
{478}{568}There's something l've wanted|to say to you for a long time.
{571}{695}Now that l have the chance,|l'm going to make it short and simple.
{792}{874}Congratulations, Captain Sisko.
{982}{1087}Does another pip on your collar mean|l can't disagree with you any more?
{1090}{1191}- lt just means l'm never wrong.|- We'll see about that.
{1194}{1282}Curzon would have been proud of you,|but not as proud as l am.
{1285}{1359}That means a lot to me, Dax.
{1393}{1501}Though l don't fully understand|this obsession with rank and title,
{1504}{1573}if anyone deserves to be promoted,|it's you.
{1601}{1639}Thank you, Constable.
{1658}{1762}As someone who is obsessed with rank,|congratulations, Captain.
{1765}{1838}That goes

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